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Chapter 595: Zhao Yu Makes His Move (3)


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

” Can dignity be eaten?!”

” Can your dignity allow you to live better?!”

” If you don’t enter the camp due to your dignity, you will die within a year. Can you resist this rule?”

“You can’t!”

His series of words resonated with many people.

Li Hu and the others were especially emotional.

It was as if they had thought of the past when they first came to this world. They were also filled with pride like Ji Wu Shuang.

However, after being hit by reality, they gradually accepted their fate. This was why Li Hu did not even think about it when he was scolded by Yu Tie Jun. He directly admitted his mistake.

The chance to live was in other hands. Whether the owner of the camp gave it or not depended on his mood. Li Hu and the rest of the overlords would either die standing or kneel and beg for life.

There were only two choices. Those who would rather die standing would either die before the time was up or die a long time ago.


The rest…It was all here.


“To me, I’d rather die than have my freedom taken away!” Ji Wu Shuang sneered.

After saying that, she was too lazy to argue with Huo Zhen Wu. She turned to look at the two factions, but she realized that no one was speaking up for her.

She could tell from everyone’s eyes that they all hoped she would agree.

Because as long as she agreed, it meant that they also had the opportunity to enter the camp.

It was really…

Ji Wu Shuang felt a little tired and suddenly felt that it was meaningless to stick together.

” Ji Wu Shuang, I think Huo Zhen Wu is right. Staying outside is a death sentenced to all of us. If we go in earlier, we can live…”

“Yeah, can dignity be eaten? If we had dignity, we would have fought them head-on when the camp gate opened…”

The people around them tried to persuade her.

“Ji Wu Shuang, even if you don’t think about yourself, you should think about all of us as our leader, right?!”

“That’s right. If you don’t go in, what if the camp owner takes his anger out on us?!”

All the chatter gathered into a sea, making Ji Wu Shuang’s heart stronger.

Her gaze was still the same as before. She swept her gaze across the crowd, but she could not find anyone who agreed with her.

No, there should has someone with her!

Her gaze lingered on Pan Yi Ting for a moment. This woman was still in pain.

She thought that Pan Yi Ting might be like her now…

“We have different paths, so we can’t work together. Everyone, I don’t owe you anything. See you again!”

Ji Wu Shuang said lightly and left quickly.


As Ji Wu Shuang flee, Huo Zhen Wu became anxious and began to channel his energy, intending to chase after her.

At this critical moment, Pan Yi Ting suddenly stood out and forcefully stopped him.

“What are you doing, Ting Ting?!”

Huo Zhen Wu was both shocked and angry, watching as Ji Wu Shuang disappeared from his sight.

“Haha, don’t call me Ting Ting; it makes me sick to hear it!”

Pan Yi Ting also glanced around at the people present: those who loved a spectacle and didn’t mind stirring trouble, those with l.u.s.tful eyes, and those whose eyes were filled with venomous jealousy.

Most importantly, she had given up on Huo Zhen Wu.

Caring too much about love, to be betrayed in the end, the outcome needed to be concluded in a tragic manner.


Pan Yi Ting laughed, a laugh that was unsettling to hear.

Under everyone’s gaze, she started walking towards the camp.

“What are you doing?!”

Huo Zhen Wu hastily moving to block her path.


“I let Ji Wu Shuang go so I’ll go in her place…”

“You… this…”

Huo Zhen Wu hesitated, only to be met with disappointment and despair time and time again.

Pan Yi Ting bypa.s.sed him, continuing her walk towards the camp.

Huo Zhen Wu followed but never managed to get ahead of her.

In his heart, he was also torn.

He had messed up; Ji Wu Shuang had not only failed to enter the camp but had also escaped.

The only thing that might appease the anger of the higher-ups, in his view, might just be another beautiful woman…

There were some beautiful women in the place, but the only one who was a warrior was Pan Yi Ting.

Moreover, Pan Yi Ting was his woman…

With this status, he thought, perhaps the camp’s owner would spare him?!

Maybe, if Pan Yi Ting became favored, he too could rise with the tide…

In an instant, countless thoughts flashed through Huo Zhen Wu’s mind.

Unexpectedly, Pan Yi Ting suddenly stopped, nearly causing him to into her.

They realized they had unknowingly reached the entrance to the camp.

“Brother Wu, do you still remember the wish we made under the shooting stars?!”

Huo Zhen Wu appeared dazed, as if recalling a night from many years ago.

“To die as winged companions is no regret, not envying immortals!”

Pan Yi Ting took the initiative to recite, murmuring, “You said, we are like mandarinfish, must be together to live, separated and we die…”

She slowly lifted her head, looking at Huo Zhen Wu, noticing his evasive gaze, already awakening from his memories.

“Stepping forward from here, you and I, in this life, will be cut off from all kindness and righteousness…”

Pan Yi Ting was making one last attempt at reconciliation, but seeing Huo Zhen Wu remain indifferent, she silently closed her eyes, and at the moment she turned around, tears silently fell.


Not once did she receive the warmth of those hands, even as she pa.s.sed through the barrier and entered the camp’s gates.


Behind her, Huo Zhen Wu watched Pan Yi Ting’s figure enter, and for some reason, he laughed, even feeling a sense of relief..

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