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Chapter 596: Zhao Yu Makes His Move (4)


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Then, he followed her in.

Behind him, everyone was shocked.

“This Huo Zhen Wu is really a ruthless person…”

“Yes, Ji Wu Shuang didn’t go in. He sent his own woman in…”

“What else? How can a normal person publicly slander their own woman for being with another man?!”

“Tsk tsk, I’ve learned, I’ve learned…”

In the camp.

Huo Zhen Wu had just walked in, and before he could see the situation clearly, a slap suddenly came.


Then, he realized that Hao Yu Wei was glaring at him.



Huo Zhen Wu was shocked and quickly knelt down to apologize. “Lady Seven, please spare my life. I’m doing this for your sake…”

Unfortunately, he had already walked in completely. The people outside the door could not see what was happening inside. The people outside were still immersed in the emotions of Huo Zhen Wu sending his lover off.

Huo Zhen Wu was beaten up, but Pan Yi Ting was indifferent. She was even expressionless and her heart was calm.

After taking that step, her heart had already died and she had completely severed all ties with this person.

Yang Hui Yan and the others were also in the hall at the moment. They hugged Pan Yi Ting and patted her back gently.

As a woman, who wouldn’t yearn for a sincere love?

Seeing Pan Yi Ting’s plight, they couldn’t help but think of how they had been abandoned by Li Tian Ba.

In the past, they had thought that Li Tian Ba was just a playboy who had split his love and spread it to many people.

Later, they realized that it was not love, but pure possession.

They felt Pan Yi Ting’s suffering as if they could empathize with her.

Hao Yu Wei let out a long sigh of relief. She turned around and glanced at Pan Yi Ting. Then, she requested Yang Hui Yan and the others, “You guys take her upstairs first…”


Yang Hui Yan and the others supported Pan Yi Ting upstairs.

Upon seeing this, Huo Zhen Wu heaved a sigh of relief.

In his opinion, as long as he successfully sent the girl, he would be able to appease the anger of the camp owner.

Little did he know that the owner of the camp he thought was long gone. The real owner of the camp now was this Lady Seven in front of him.

After Pan Yi Ting and the others left, Hao Yu Wei said coldly,” Where’s Ji Wu Shuang?!”

“She ran away…”

Huo Zhen Wu quickly apologized in fear, indicating that the other party was very tactless and complained all kinds of things.


Hao Yu Wei was too lazy to talk to Huo Zhen Wu.” Go and bring Ji Wu Shuang back in one piece. If you can’t, don’t come back!”

“Ah?” Huo Zhen Wu was stunned. Ji Wu Shuang’s Lightfoot skill was faster than his. Moreover, the inner circle was so big, how could he find her?

“What are you waiting for? Get lost!” Hao Yu Wei shouted coldly.

Huo Zhen Wu was so frightened that he did not dare to say anything and hurriedly left.

After he left, Hao Yu Wei turned around and walked upstairs.

Naturally, they had seen what happened in the square. When they found that Ji Wu Shuang had left, they were quite panic.

Unexpectedly, Pan Yi Ting had already arrived at the door and said something that shocked them.

That was why Yang Hui Yan and the other girls pulled Pan Yi Ting into their arms.

“However, it seems that this ending is not bad…”

Hao Yu Wei thought to herself that Ji Wu Shuang might not be able to come back after leaving.

According to Ji Wu Shuang’s reaction at that time, she was too stubborn and would rather die than submit.

Thinking of this, she hated Huo Zhen Wu so much that she gnashed her teeth. Why would he say that the camp owner had taken a fancy to Ji Wu Shuang?

However, she was also very helpless. It was impossible for her to tell Huo Zhen Wu about the selection of the new leader of the camp, which caused such a misunderstanding.

After this incident, Hao Yu Wei was very sure that Ji Wu Shuang was the most suitable person to be the new leader of the camp.

The only pity was that she might not be able to come back.

However, with Pan Yi Ting was here, there was an alternative plan.

After all, in their understanding, their potential and talent would be stronger than theirs. Moreover, Pan Yi Ting was a woman. Even if she brought them to the Second Tier camp, she was not afraid of Li Tian Ba using this event to find trouble.

” At the very least, my interaction with Pan Yi Ting is perfect…” Hao Yu Wei smiled.

Coincidentally, Pan Yi Ting had lost her old love, and now, they could give her warmth and deepen their relations.h.i.+p.

In particular, from Pan Yi Ting’s pa.s.sionate love, it could be seen that this woman was also a sentimental person. It was obvious that she valued relations.h.i.+ps very much.

This way, their chances of success would be greater.

Of course, she had to confirm that Ji Wu Shuang would not be able to return before deciding on Pan Yi Ting.

In her heart, Ji Wu Shuang was more suitable to be the leader.

“Huo Zhen Wu came out again?!”

Before the crowd’s discussion had even subsided, they suddenly realized that Huo Zhen Wu had walked out of the door again.

“Wait, where’s Pan Yi Ting?!”

“She doesn’t seem to have come out…”

“From the looks of it, it should have been accepted by the owner of the camp…”

“Tsk tsk…”

“Did you guys notice that there seems to be a palm print on Huo Zhen Wu’s face…”

“Hey, he must have been slapped!”

Seeing Huo Zhen Wu getting beaten up, the people were gloating and laughing secretly.

Huo Zhen Wu couldn’t care about anything else. After thinking for a while, he had an idea.

“Everyone, quiet down. I have something to say!”

Following his shout, the entire place gradually quieted down..

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