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Chapter 318: Chapter 195: Ghost Dome King on the Peak


Translator: 549690339


Opening its huge, cave-like rocky mouth, a roar followed by a murky gust of sandy breath burst out, much like a wild sandstorm, relentlessly slamming against the Ice-Feathered Spirit!

“Chu Mu, I’ll handle the others. Use your Ice-Feathered Spirit to deal with this one.” Ye Qingzi saw that the Level 8 Guaiyan Guardian had targeted the Ice-Feathered Spirit and spoke to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded. According to his estimation, although the Guaiyan Guardian belonged to War General Level Soul Pets, its combat power could compete with that of Level 8 Commanders. In the past, the White Nightmare Demon and Mo Ye had been the only ones capable of handling it.

Now that the Ice-Feathered Spirit had already reached Rank 7, and its control over Ice Element had outperformed that of Peak Commanders, it had the ability to fight against this Level 8 Guaiyan Guardian!


As the Level 8 Guaiyan Guardian challenged the Ice-Feathered Spirit, the latter showed no fear. The spiraling Xuan Crystal Cold Ice aura emanating from its body suddenly sharpened, and the entire plank road on the mountain peak seemed to be an ice-sealed valley. The snowstorm raged wildly, causing the mountain to clang noisily!

“Ning, Crushed Ice Domain!”

Chu Mu issued a command to the Ice-Feathered Spirit!

As the ice slag covered the area, Ning released her Crushed Ice Domain, causing all the surrounding ice-crysstals shards to come alive and float around the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body.

All the crushed ice gathered together, spinning wildly around the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body. Accompanying its long chant, all the ice shards transformed into a ma.s.sive ice storm reaching up to thirty meters high. Like a hideous ice and snow Mad Python, it twisted its body and charged at the Level 8 Guaiyan Guardian!


The Guaiyan Guardian let out another angry roar, its long claws digging deep into the cliff. Suddenly, the entire rocky mountain underwent a bizarre transformation, as if it had been given life!

A huge rock hand emerged from the mountain, its arm reaching twenty meters and its width extending ten meters. Controlled by the Guaiyan Guardian, the colossal rock hand brought down an immense amount of rock, striking it directly onto the ice storm formed by the Ice-Feathered Spirit!

The ice storm seemed like an ice and snow Mad Python, but as the giant rock hand struck it, the ice python’s structure was distorted, eventually only becoming a gust of wind mixed with crushed ice that slammed onto the Guaiyan Guardian’s body.

“This Guaiyan Guardian’s defenses are very close to Level 8. In order to break through its defenses, a powerful skill must be used.” Chu Mu furrowed his brow.

The Ice-Feathered Spirit had only two skills with Level 8 power. The first one was the Xuan Crystal Ice Sword Array which, when stacked, had even stronger power, possibly dealing a heavy blow to this Guaiyan Guardian whose defense was almost at Level 8.

The other was the recently comprehended Level 7 skill, Cold Crus.h.i.+ng Mark. The casting time of Cold Crus.h.i.+ng Mark was quite long, and its area of effect attack, although powerful at a quasi-Level 8, was unlikely to affect the Guaiyan Guardian with quasi-Level 8 defense. After all, the defense of the Rock type could counter all attacks except those from the Dark Attribute.


The Level 8 Guaiyan Guardian prepared to counterattack. The Rock Soul Pet quickly chanted its spell, rapidly completing the incantations while the Ice-Feathered Spirit paused for a moment!

Rock Crystal Break!

Tiny, sand-like rock crystals silently floated around the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body. As their numbers increased, these sand-like rock crystals began to combine together.

Every ten rock crystals that merged would cause the energy contained within them to explode violently!!



With hundreds of rock crystals hovering around the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body, every group of ten crystals would explode, instantly blasting several particle-breaking forces on the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body!!

The power of each Rock Crystal Break reached Level 7. With over a dozen Rock Crystal Breaks, the attack alarmingly reached Level 8!

Like a rock shattering from the inside, countless rock shards sprayed out after several Rock Crystal Breaks. “Tatatata” echoes filled the air as they pierced through the mountain, embedding themselves on the peak or flying beyond the mountain.


The Ice-Feathered Spirit let out an angry cry, its crystal-clear body suffering numerous holes and cracks from the explosion!

Ning’s defense was also at the quasi-Level 8, so this level of attack couldn’t seriously injure it.

“Ice Chain Array!”


While chanting the spell, it only took the Ice-Feathered Spirit one second to complete the Ice Chain Array incantation under the Elemental Will. It didn’t get obstructed by the several Guaiyan Guardians’ claw blade attack, quickly executing the Ice Chain Array incantation!

With ten long ice-locked chains forming crosswise under the incantation, they suddenly fell sharply from above the Guaiyan Guardian’s head!

“Clang clang”

With the ice chains locked in place, tightly adhering to the side of the mountain’s cliff, the Guaiyan Guardian found it impossible to move!

“Ice Sword Array!”

After a brief rest, the Ice-Feathered Spirit began to chant the incantation of the Xuan Crystal Ice Sword Array the next second!

The incantation of the Ice Sword Array required two seconds, and the Ice Chain Array held the Guaiyan Guardian for three to four seconds. The Ice-Feathered Spirit’s Ice Sword Array was released without hindrance!

Twenty-three ice-locked longswords appeared suddenly and, due to the mountain cliff’s interference, they appeared to be suspended on the extremely steep rock, exerting an invisible pressure on those below!



The 1-second stacking spell was quickly completed, and the Ice-Feathered Spirit swiftly completed its chant, as twenty-three more ice swords eerily appeared among the original twenty-three!

Forty-six ice swords, each ten meters long!

Such a magnificent chilling aura caused the lower-level Guaiyan Guardians to cry out in terror!


As the long chant was emitted, the forty-six sealed ice swords trembled and shook, emitting the hum of ice crystals. They detached themselves from the mountain, their tips all aimed at the eighth-rank Guaiyan Guardian that had just escaped from the Ice Chain Array!

“Shua shua shua shua shua”

The sealed ice swords swept past the cliff, densely smas.h.i.+ng into the body of the Guaiyan Guardian. It didn’t even have time to use its defense skills before it was immediately baptized by over forty sealed ice swords!

“Bang!!! Bang!!! Bang!!!!!!!!!!”

Each ice sword left a long, sword-shaped pit in the rocks below the plank road. The eighth-rank Guaiyan Guardian was bombarded all the way down from its position on the plank road, dragging a deep sword mark tens of meters long on the stone wall below, its body constantly being smashed into smithereens…


Finally, with a loud boom, the bombardment of the forty-six sealed ice swords came to an end.

The eighth-rank Guaiyan Guardian’s body collapsed into countless icy shards and gravel on a protruding drum rock, its soul core not even preserved and turned to powder.

“Ning ning”

With the leader killed by the Ice-Feathered Spirit and being praised by Chu Mu, the Ice-Feathered Spirit let out an excited cry, its body slowly floating in front of Chu Mu.

“This isn’t a solution. As we keep going up like this, we’ll always encounter the obstruction of these soul pets, and the people of the Elemental Gate can simply pa.s.s through because of our clearing.” Ye Qingzi glanced down below and said to Chu Mu.

“Yeah, indeed tricky, we have to fight them fair and square, but we have to choose a location that is very advantageous to us.” Chu Mu couldn’t think of a better way to solve it now, so he could only engage them in battle, using the half-demon power again, if needed. Anyway, with Ye Qingzi around, he should be able to deal with any severe side effects and help him control the demon flame’s burning.

Ye Qingzi nodded, raising her head to look at the higher mountain body, trying to find a suitable place for battle.

The clouds had risen a bit higher, and when her gaze reached, she could vaguely see the top of this peak.

At the halfway point between the mountain peak and the plank road, Ye Qingzi found a place similar to this cliffside plank road…

Faint mist drifted past there, and while Ye Qingzi was staring at it, she suddenly noticed a moving black arm that seemed to be slowly walking towards the edge of the mountain.

“Chu Mu, look!” Ye Qingzi immediately pointed at the creature on the high point of the mountain peak hundreds of meters up and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu raised his head and immediately spotted the soul pet standing on the edge of the towering mountain!

Chu Mu’s first impression was that it was a giant with a burly figure, standing tall and overlooking from a high place, giving a sense of awe-inspiring presence, like a king standing on the highest point, overlooking this vast territory!!

“That is…” Chu Mu was stunned, his body even trembling slightly with joy!!

“Ghost Dome King!! Young Master, that’s the Ghost Dome King!!!”

Master Li’s shrill voice echoed in Chu Mu’s mind, and the old fellow couldn’t help but exclaim, unable to control his emotions.

Ghost Dome King!!

A Monarch Level soul pet combining the power, defense, and rock techniques of the rock and ghost types!

On either side of the entrance gate of Colorful Dome City, there were statues of the majestic and domineering Ghost Dome Kings. Many soul pet trainers who pa.s.sed through the gate would look up to this Monarch Level soul pet, showing longing and desire!

When Chu Mu entered Colorful Dome City and saw the Ghost Dome King statue, he too felt a surge of emotion in his heart because he was in need of such a powerful and defensive soul pet.

What Chu Mu didn’t expect was to actually find a Ghost Dome King here on Sky Crystal Peak, a Ghost Dome King below Level 6!

Monarch Level soul pets below Level 6 could potentially be captured. After Level 6, it would be extremely difficult for them to submit. Chu Mu was sure that the Ghost Dome King standing on the edge of the mountain was not fully developed and could potentially be captured!!

His blood boiling with excitement, at this moment, Chu Mu’s body was trembling with excitement!!

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