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Chapter 2238 HAHA!

Yet, while this once lofty dukedom patriarch had seemingly lost his mind, the culprit behind all his pain in the last few years sat before him and looked onward as though he was nothing but air.

Seeing this, Patriarch Jones began to laugh uproariously. There was endless pain and sadness in his tone. The way that his hair flew about completely unkempt, the look of his unevenly shaved beard, and the red tint of his eyes… He was clearly a man who had been pushed to the absolute edge.

"I knew that your reaction would be so lukewarm. This is exactly the same expression you had as you watched my Clan collapse. You didn't spare even the women and children. It's a good thing I was mentally prepared, or else I really would have lost my mind completely."

The Jones Clan Patriarch's visage somehow became even more savage in that moment. Under the dim candle lights, he really looked like a demon. Several cuts along his lips, likely caused by his very own teeth, began to drip with blood that flowed to his chin and then to the ground.

"I've sent after Lady Mimi."

Law's gaze narrowed.

"Haha! Finally a reaction out of the ice demon! HAHA!"

The middle-aged man was practically hysterical. Just a minor eye movement caused him to lose his mind in happiness. It was as though the small movement was enough to fulfill his life's greatest wish.

His palms flipped and two brown bags dripped with a liquid that was hard to discern the nature of under the dim lights. However, when he flipped the bags over and two dull thuds fell to the ground, Law closed his eyes as though he didn't want to see anymore.

The man's laughter grew wilder and wilder at this scene.

He kicked the two objects as though they were soccer b.a.l.l.s. By chance, one of them got caught between the bars of the jail while the other rebounded away to the other side of the jungle.

Law opened his eyes once more to see a scene he wished he never had. The object caught between the bars of his cell was a head.

The head wasn't caught upright. Instead, it was upside down. The ghastly cut from its neck dripped downward with thick blood as though trying to cover the face it was attached to in a crimson curtain.

However, even if the face was in a situation a hundredfold worse, Law would still recognize it.

It was his wife. Mimi.

He didn't know exactly what she suffered before she died, however whatever expression was once there was completely ruined by the Jones' Clan Patriarch's kick. Her tongue hung limply toward her nose, her eyes were rolled back, and her once delicate skin had become a ghastly blue color.

The cut at her neck was irregular. It looked as though it had been slowly sawed off. No, it might have been even more accurate to say that it was slowly chewed off.

Law closed his eyes once more. All of his senses seem to have been cut off. The only thing that hadn't stopped working were his ears. They were being repeatedly hammered by Patriarch Jones' hoa.r.s.e laughter.

"Alright, I'm tired of this game. Yin City can be buried with her."

A violent surge erupted from Law's body, causing the bars of his cell to crumble to dust.

"…. HAHA! You want to know how she died?! I brought a group of infant devil ants and allowed them to slowly eat through her neck! HAHA!"

The Patriarch was so lost in his own madness that he hadn't even noticed the change in the situation. Before he could react, the Law everyone thought had no combat process at all had appeared before him.

With a swing of his arms, the expressionless Law severed the limbs of the Patriarch. In an instant, the latter had fallen to the ground, shock clear in his eyes.

Law looked toward the ground and slowly picked up the two heads. One was his wife's and the other was his father-in-law's, it was clear that the both of them had tied terrible deaths.

He held them as though he was handling a newborn. But he knew they were gone. They would never see the light of day again.

At this moment, Law felt a rage building up within him. It swept forward and receded like the tides of an ocean, slowly building up momentum as though it might become a tsunami at any time.

"You… you…"

The Patriarch was completely stunned. Why would Law be held in a prison that was so easy to get out of? Wasn't it precisely because he had no combat prowess to speak of? In the last more than 5 years, aside from using his mind to crack and form schemes, he had done nothing else. Everyone looked at him like a lowly Immortal Essence Realm expert who could be killed with a snap of a finger. It was for this reason that many couldn't stand the sight of him.

In the martial world, strength reigned supreme. Many felt that if Law didn't have the backing of the government faction, or if Yin City fell under martial law due to extenuating circ.u.mstances, he would be pretty much finished.

If they knew he had this much battle prowess, they would have locked him up on the 9th level of the dungeon. Even if their guts were ten times larger, they wouldn't dare leave him here in the 1st level. But who knew that Law had hidden himself to this extent?

Law's rage bubbled over.

Under the Patriarch's astonished gaze, his hair and eyes became a blood red.

A pillar of crimson shot from his body as he roared into the skies. That singular roar was enough for the top of the dungeon to be blown off, causing the pillar to break through the clouds.

In that moment, everyone in Yin City looked toward that directly, their eyes filled with shock. Had one of the top three devil clans – the blood devils – broken into their city? How had they done it? And they had even managed to reach the core of the city at that? Just what was going on?

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