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Chapter 1374: Panic

Qin Lie, Chen Lin, and the others were still discussing the state of the world and their plans for the upcoming fight.

"Zzt zzzt!"

The teleportation formation on the plaza in front of them flashed with light and gave off clear spatial fluctuations.

"Someone is coming through." Chen Lin's brow s.h.i.+fted.

The people talking narrowed their eyes and looked curiously at the teleportation formation.


A figure flew out of the formation.

"Ji Yao." Chen Lin stilled slightly.

After that, more figures flew out of the teleportation formation.

Ji Yuan, Hua Anyang of Sky Mender Palace, and some experts of the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace had solemn expressions and frowns.

Chen Lin stilled for a while and immediately had a bad feeling. He said, "What happened? Did the six forces attack you prematurely?"

Qin Lie's expression darkened and he said, "Is it because we killed Zu Han?"

He and Chen Lin thought the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace came because the six forces attacked the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace after failing to enter Sky Bearing City.

"It would be good if it was the six forces." Ji Yao shook his head bitterly and said, "The G.o.d Race came early."

Qin Lie and Chen Lin all had shocked expressions that darkened at the words.

"We have spies among the six forces, and we just received news the Profound Ice Family of the G.o.d Race appeared not long ago in Dragon Realm, hunting and killing the dragons of the Giant Dragon Race," Ji Yao explained with a grimace. "Ninth Heaven has exploded, and Affleck of the Giant Dragon Race is most likely going crazy right now."

"The six forces finally managed to realize their plan against the Qin Family, and it has now failed as the Profound Ice Family of the G.o.d Race is here." Hua Anyang's expression was solemn and did not have any schadenfreude. He said, "Based on the old patriarch’s words, the G.o.d Race should only reach Spirit Realm in three years, why did it occur early?"

Chen Lin shook his head. "I do not know."

The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace incomers were on their guard due to the Profound Ice Family invasion.

Qin Lie's expression s.h.i.+fted. He suddenly thought of the Curse Progenitor's words and then mentally called to attempt to ask the Curse Progenitor.

But he did not get any response from the Curse Progenitor.


He suddenly sat down, ignoring Chen Lin and Ji Yao's expression. He attempted to use the Soul Race’s secret arts to get the exact location of the Curse Progenitor.

The skin, flesh, and brain of the Curse Progenitor's body had been inscribed with strange diagrams when refined by the Soul Suppressing Orb.

If he felt with the secret arts of the Soul Race like he felt the eight G.o.d generals, Jiang An and Xue Li, he could lock onto the general position of the Curse Progenitor.

But despite giving it his all, he still couldn’t find the Curse Progenitor’s presence anywhere.

He could not call mentally, and could not feel with his consciousness. This clearly was illogical. When he thought of the Curse Progenitor's previous words, he immediately felt wary.

"Did he do something?" Qin Lie muttered.

"What is it?" Miao Yizi asked.

The other people looked over in confusion.

"The Curse Progenitor first went to my Soul Beast avatar, and said some strange things. He said he could persuade the six forces to lay down their arms, and hopes that the Qin Family can ally with the six forces and face the G.o.d Race together, he also said..." he narrated the Curse Progenitor's strange words.

As everyone became suspicious, he said, "I brought the Curse Progenitor's body back from the Graveyard of G.o.ds. It has a special connection to me. Normally, if the Curse Progenitor was in Spirit Realm or in the surrounding realms, I would be able to sense him. But now, no matter how hard I try, I cannot."

"You suspect something went wrong because of the Curse Progenitor?" Hua Anyang frowned.

"I heard the ancestor of the Ji Family say the Curse Progenitor originally had the surname Ao. He should be the actual ancestor of the Ao Family," Ji Yao said.

"Ao Family? The Ao Family of the six forces?" Qin Lie shouted.

Ji Yao nodded. "He and the ancestor of the Qin Family, Qin Tian, are from the same time. The Ao Family of the six forces can be considered his descendants. However, my ancestor said the Curse Progenitor is completely different from the present Ao Family, and the actions of the current Ao Family go against the plans the Curse Progenitor had back then."

"Since he is the forefather of the Ao Family, why would he suddenly drive the Profound Ice Family to Dragon Realm?" He was confused. "If he really wants to help the six forces, why would he do something like this now? The Profound Ice Family appearing in the Dragon Realm will damage the Giant Dragon Race, and by extension, the six forces."

"I do not understand." Ji Yao was confused.

"He said he would do his best for the races of Spirit Realm..." Chen Lin thought and seemed to catch something. He said, "If the Profound Ice Family's early arrival is related to the Curse Progenitor, then what is the meaning in his actions?”

“I understand!" Chen Lin's body shook and he said, "He is forcing the six forces to stop fighting us! He is forcing the six forces and the other races to gather their present strength and put it towards fighting the G.o.d Race!"

Everyone present was thoughtful hearing Chen Lin's words.

"I need to immediately return to Oldenwarm Realm," Chen Lin declared.

At this time, another door among the Door of Nine brightened.

Qin Ye came out and glanced at everyone. He said, "It seems you already know."

"What happened?" Ji Yao said urgently.

"The early arrival of the Profound Ice Family has to do with the Curse Progenitor. When the Profound Ice Family first appeared in the Dragon Realm, the Curse Progenitor contacted my father and told him of this." Qin Ye's expression was depressed as he said, "But he did not say what he did to let the Profound Ice Family appear in Shattered Ice Realm. Also, he suddenly disappeared after sending the message. My father cannot find him."

"Why is it like this?" Ji Yao said.

Qin Ye shook his head. "When my father was expanding Sky Bearing City, he knew of Curse Progenitor’s ident.i.ty and they made an agreement. According to my father, Curse Progenitor’s actions did not break it. However, the Curse Progenitor hopes that all the experts of Spirit Realm can gather their forces to repel the G.o.d Race invasion."

"For this, he could even draw the G.o.d Race to our realm early to stop our infighting and force us to unite against the G.o.d Race together."

"That’s his way of realizing his righteous dream."

Chen Lin asked, "Then what should we do now?"

Qin Ye sighed and said, "Temporarily stop fighting the six forces and see if the other families of the G.o.d Race come as well."

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