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Chapter 839: Profound Uses of the Bloodline

A sailboat filled with spirit materials floated in the clouds.

In the following days, Qin Lie and the others used the spirit pills and medicines they had ransacked to recover from their wounds.

Usually, the higher the cultivation and the stronger the martial pract.i.tioner, the more difficult it was for them to recover.

This also applied to Lu Yi and Lin Liang'er.

While they used all kinds of medicine like the "Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pills," "Blood Jade Pills," and "Soul Nurturing Pills," the two still recovered slowly.

Lu Yi only recovered his vital energy. His complexion remained frail. He still lack spirit energy and his body wounds had not completely healed.

Lin Liang'er was about the same.

In contract, Qin Lie was better day by day, but his broken shoulder and arm bones were still giving him aches.

"This body is still not strong enough. Helian Zheng managed to crush my bones, the path of body refinement is a long one, as expected..." he murmured in a low voice.

At the side, La Pu jerked the corners of his mouth and smiled. "Helian Zheng possesses Imperishable Realm cultivation and has created a one-level Soul Altar. When cras.h.i.+ng your bones he also used spirit energy, how could you fight back? You think that he did this with just the power of his fingers?"

"I still do not feel I am strong enough." Qin Lie smiled.

"You only have Fulfillment Realm cultivation." La Pu shook his head and said, "One day when you reach Imperishable Realm and create a one-level Soul Altar like Helian Zheng, your body will be five times stronger than his!"

After La Pu said this, Qin Lie realized that his understanding was incorrect.

It was inappropriate for him to compare himself to Helian Zheng. He should compare himself to Fulfillment Realm martial pract.i.tioners.

These Turin Cave Fulfillment Realm martial pract.i.tioners would be turned to pieces if they met him.

Even if he didn't move, just with the pure physical power of his body, he could take on their full-power charges.

When he thought like this, his mood immediately became better. He felt that he had burrowed into a dead end.

"Give me three days, three days later, when I gather enough lifeblood essences, I can help free you from the gold and silver coins," Qin Lie said.

"No problem, I've been imprisoned for so long that a day or two is nothing." La Pu's expression was relaxed.

"I'll try to be faster," Qin Lie said.

"In the last few days, I saw you eating dried spirit beast meat, and consuming pills to recover your energy, how much has... your bloodline recovered?" La Pu lowered his voice.

At this time. Lin Liang'er and Lu Yi were at a distant location. Because of the severity of his wounds, Lu Yi had been focused on cultivation with his eyes closed with no attention to spare for other matters.

La Pu clearly did not want other people to know that Qin Lie possessed the bloodline of the G.o.d race.

"My bloodline is recovering, it feels good," Qin Lie responded softly.

"As far as I know, the bloodlines of ancient experts are extremely beneficial to the recovery of physical wounds." La Pu lowered his voice even more and said, "Spreading the aura of the bloodline into the flesh may quicken the recovery of wounds. You should try."

Qin Lie's mind moved upon hearing this.

A while ago, when his bloodline power had been strong, he had once activated his bloodline power. He saw countless blaze divine characters turn into surging power that entered his blood, flesh and bones. He had immediately received an astounding wave of power.

But during that process, he felt as though his body would transform.

He had to forcibly stop.

"When the power of my bloodline enters the flesh and bones, it seems to cause a certain transformation, I'm afraid..." Qin Lie spoke of his worries in a low voice.

La Pu listened intently. A moment later, he suddenly said, "Do you remember I once told you that I was trapped for seven hundred years when I searched for the traces of the ancients. It was to get the corpse of a G.o.d race?"

"I remember." Qin Lie nodded slightly.

"Then I will tell you that I did get that G.o.d race corpse and studied the structure of the body in great detail," La Pu said with a small smile.

Qin Lie immediately became interested. "How was it?"

While he had the bloodline of the G.o.d race, he had never seen a member of the G.o.d race before. In truth, the G.o.d race had become a myth in the present Spirit Realm. Almost no one knew what the G.o.d race looked like.

"If I said that the corpse of that G.o.d race did not look very different from humans based on outer appearance, would you find it extremely surprising?" La Pu slowly said.

"How is it possible?" Qin Lie was astounded.

"There is nothing impossible." La Pu's expression was intent. "That G.o.d race corpse looked extremely similar to humans from the outer appearance, I could not see many evident differences."

Amid Qin Lie's astonishment, La Pu continued, "Yet in terms of the internal structure of the body, the G.o.d race and humans have enormous differences!"

"Oh?" Qin Lie looked solemn.

"That G.o.d race has three hearts!" La Pu took a deep breath. "The heart is the source of blood, the power that pushes it through the veins, the place where the blood channels gather, and the base of ancient experts’ power. That person didn't just possess three hearts, his blood vessels were extremely thick! The blood vessels in his body connected to the three hearts. If he was still alive, those three beating hearts would cause the bloodline power in his body to erupt and release endless bloodline power!"

"The heart is the core of power for many ancient experts and monsters!"

"Especially the races with bloodline power. For them, the heart is more important than the spirit sea, it is the source of bloodline power!"

"This means that one more heart is an additional bloodline source, and twice the bloodline power!"

Qin Lie paled.

"In my opinion, you do not need to worry that activating the bloodline power would cause an enormous transformation." La Pu smiled slightly.

Qin Lie stilled for a while before gently nodding and saying, "I understand."

Following this, he focused under La Pu's encouraging gaze, and tried to activate his bloodline power.

Wisps of burning light floated out of his blood and spread like fragmented stars into his body.

A wondrous feeling suddenly rose in his mind. He seemed to clearly see, the power that came from his bloodline flew to the places where he was heavily wounded.

Gradually, the bloodline power wrapped around the crushed bones in his shoulders and arms like a film.

Surging bloodline power released.

He seemed to hear the bones coming back together, being refined by golden fluid and metal water, and become even stronger.

This was a profound experience.

A long time later, when he felt slightly tired, he stopped and retracted his bloodline power.

Then, much to his shock, he found the pain in his arms and shoulders had disappeared long ago.

He instinctively moved his shoulders.


He suddenly stood up and twisted his arms like snakes in front of La Pu.

Everything was normal!

"Do you feel the same as before you were wounded?" La Pu asked with a smile.

Qin Lie nodded seriously. "I don’t feel anything strange!"

La Pu took a deep breath. He had a serious expression. "This is the terrifying nature of an ancient race's bloodline!"

Another few days pa.s.sed.

On this day, Qin Lie's physical wounds had mostly recovered. He had gathered dozens of lifeblood essences and started breaking down La Pu's restraints.

His lifeblood essences burned with small blaze divine fire and dropped on the gold and silver threads.

The gold and silver threads that penetrated La Pu's body gradually melted under the burning of the blaze divine fire.

When the hundreds of gold and silver threads melted, La Pu took a deep breath. He suddenly shouted.

The gold and silver coins were forced out of his body.

When the coins left, La Pu could move his joints. He had a tired expression but his eyes flashed with the joy at escaping death.

"I'm fine." He sighed deeply in relief.

"Take these medicinal pills." Qin Lie shoved over bottles of medicinal pills they had taken from Turin Cave and piled them in front of La Pu.

La Pu smiled. He did not refuse. He took some that were of benefit to his body and swallowed them. Then, he sat down. "I will recover soon. The Ghost Eye Race recovers much faster than... humans."

He looked intentionally at Lin Liang'er.

After Qin Lie, Lin Liang'er also recovered quickly from her wounds.

Among them, only Lu Yi seemed sluggish.

"Qin Lie, the lifeblood essences you form with the Blood Refinement Art... are not the same as ours." Seeing La Pu released, Lu Yi who had been paying attention said casually with a strange look in his eyes.

"My cultivation is heterogeneous, I use all kinds of spirit arts. Maybe it’s because my lifeblood essences contain powers of different attributes, that I am able to melt the gold and silver threads," Qin Lie explained.

He naturally would not tell Lu Yi about his bloodline, so he made up a random excuse.

"After returning this time, I will give my resignation to Miss, and then... I will join Flaming Sun Island as a foreign delegate," Lu Yi suddenly said.

"What?" Qin Lie exclaimed.

"I can be considered to have repaid my debt to the Mo Family after so many years." Lu Yi's expression was calm. "This time, you saved my life in Turin Cave, and helped me get the Moon Crown, so that the Moon Demon would not kill more members of Moon Wors.h.i.+pping Cult. I thought about this and found that there is no other way I can repay you. Therefore, I can only join Flaming Sun Island as a foreign delegate, hoping to pay you back."

"There's no need." Qin Lie grimaced. "If Senior Xue Li and Senior Mo knew that I stole their elder, wouldn't they die in anger?"

"This is my personal decision, I will explain it to them, do not worry." Lu Yi's expression was aloof.

This  meant that he had made his decision and Qin Lie's persuasions would be useless.

"Not good, this is not good, I think... maybe you shouldn’t?" Qin Lie's expression was conflicted.

He and Blood Fiend Sect had always been close, their partners.h.i.+p enjoyable.

He did not want to cause a conflict because of Lu Yi.

Yet Lu Yi closed his eyes and did not listen to Qin Lie's urging.

He clearly had already made up his mind.

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