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Chapter 3289: Going Their Own Ways

Ancestor Yan’s eyes lost their colour rapidly, becoming hollow. Bai Yurou’s strike had already shattered his soul.

Meanwhile, Bai Yurou’s sword-wielding hand trembled away. With a pained expression, she said gently, “Ancestor Yan, I didn’t want this. I really didn’t want to kill you. After all, you have always been a well-respected senior in my eyes. However, if you don’t die, all of us will have to die.”

“It’s fine if I die, but I can’t let so many clansmen perish together with me, much less allow the White Emperor to suffer at your hands while he’s heavily injured.”

Bai Yurou shut her eyes painfully as if she was rather reluctant to see ancestor Yan’s fate. She retracted her sword from ancestor Yan’s forehead in one stroke.

Ancestor Yan’s corpse fell towards the ground in freefall, hitting the earth heavily.

In the sky, the fifteen surviving G.o.dkings were all bloodied and injured. At this moment, they all gazed at ancestor Yan’s corpse with mixed expressions. They felt fortunate that they could survive, but everything seemed so surreal.

Who would have thought that they would actually be able to kill their way out of dire straits after several dozen G.o.dkings ambushed them?

And who would have thought that the Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime ancestor Yan would come in person, intending to serve as the final safeguard in the operation of intercepting and killing them to prevent anyone from slipping away?

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But in the end, someone as powerful as ancestor Yan had actually died in such an effortless fas.h.i.+on.

Afterwards, under Bai Yurou’s lead, the remaining G.o.dkings all bowed towards the sky deeply, gratefully thanking the mysterious expert who had secretly interfered.

However, all of them had doubts. They wondered who the mysterious expert was and why they had saved them from danger twice.

The mysterious expert never appeared, nor did he say anything else, so these G.o.dkings of the White Emperor clan could only attribute this matter to the White Emperor.

Perhaps the mysterious expert was an old acquaintance of the White Emperor and had only watched over them secretly after learning that the White Emperor was in danger.

After a simple regrouping, Bai Yurou and the others set off once more. They gathered all of the corpses of the black-robed G.o.dkings, as well as ancestor Yan’s corpse and Bai Changjie who they had captured alive. Then they boarded a new s.h.i.+p and continued towards the imperial city.

The rest of the journey was extremely peaceful. They did not encounter any more setbacks. Very soon, they left the vicinity of Death Valley, and the s.h.i.+p glided over a barren gra.s.sland swiftly.

At this moment, in an extremely simple room within the s.h.i.+p, Jian Chen sat on the ground with his legs crossed, fiddling around with a piece of metal.

During the battle before, he had conveniently gathered some saint artifacts before casually molding them around in his hand. The saint artifacts were completely deformed, becoming a ball of metal composed of all sorts of materials.

At this moment, Jian Chen molded the ball of metal into various shapes. It seemed like he was playing around with a ball of dough.

Very soon, it turned into a delicate little sword in Jian Chen’s hand. It was only the size of a hand, but it seemed extremely sharp.

The moment the sword took shape, sharp Laws of the Sword were immediately channeled into it, such that the sword was no longer anything ordinary.

It could not be regarded as a saint artifact. Instead, it was a container for the wisp of the Laws of the Sword, holding its power.

At this moment, the cabin door was opened. Chu Tianxing appeared in Jian Chen’s room with Bai Yueye and Bai Changlin.

Chu Tianxing had yet to recover from his injuries. His face was a sickly-white, while his face seemed haggard.

However, Jian Chen noticed with a single glance that as a Wood Spirit, Chu Tianxing’s injuries were constantly healing. Even when he did not intentionally tend to them, they would naturally recover.

That was the advantage of Wood Spirits. As long as their foundations or their souls were not injured, any wounds to the body were no issue to them.

“We’ve already left Death Valley, so we’ll drop you off here,” Chu Tianxing said to Jian Chen as soon as he entered the cabin before seeing Jian Chen’s petrified legs. Surprise immediately flashed through his eyes.

“What’s happened to your legs? Need any help?” Chu Tianxing asked.

Jian Chen shook his head. “Something just happened during cultivation. It’s not a problem. I’ll recover before long. Thank you for your help though, elder Chu.”

As he said that, Jian Chen had already climbed onto the spiritual beast’s back, about to leave this place.

“Elder Chu, I found this in Death Valley. Let me give it to you as thanks.” In the end, Jian Chen pa.s.sed the sword he had just molded over to Chu Tianxing.

Chu Tianxing did not pay too much attention to it. He waved his hand subconsciously, wanting to turn him down, but he seemed to sense something. His eyes narrowed as he stared straight at the sword in Jian Chen’s hand.

He could clearly sense a power that belonged to the Laws of the Sword from the small sword.

However, the power was hidden extremely well, such that even he had almost missed it despite being a G.o.dking.

“Did you really pick this up in Death Valley?” Chu Tianxing looked at Jian Chen sternly.

Jian Chen nodded. He was not lying. He had indeed found it in Death Valley, except what he found were some saint artifacts that he further processed.

“This item should be of some value. Are you really going to give it to me?” Chu Tianxing asked.

“No matter how much it’s worth, it won’t be as much as the kindness you’ve shown by saving my life. Speaking of which, its value in my hands is probably nowhere near as great as the value in elder Chu’s hands,” Jian Chen said flatly.

Chu Tianxing was rather tempted by the small sword that contained the Laws of the Sword. After slightly hesitating, he took out a s.p.a.ce Ring and pa.s.sed it to Jian Chen. He said, “So be it. I’ll accept this. This s.p.a.ce Ring contains resources, so let’s just say I’m exchanging it with you.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen bade farewell to Chu Tianxing and Bai Yueye, leaving the White Emperor clan’s s.h.i.+p on the spiritual beast that Chu Changlin had captured.

On the barren gra.s.sland, Jian Chen advanced aimlessly on the back of the spiritual beast that only possessed the strength of a Saint Emperor. During this time, his eyes remained fixed on the green sun in the sky.

“There’s an invisible seal in the depths of the sky. This seal comes from the sovereign G.o.d artifact of the Wood Spirits, the Source of Life. It’s extremely powerful, and it can’t be bypa.s.sed through force.”

“As a result, if I want to approach the sovereign G.o.d artifact, regular methods won’t work.” Jian Chen dazed off as he stared at the sovereign G.o.d artifact.

“I need to find a place to settle down first. Once my strength has recovered a bit, I’ll find a way to see if I can approach the sovereign G.o.d artifact,” Jian Chen thought. His current state was horrendous. His body contained the Dao Union Saint’s curse, and his wounds were contaminated with the laws from the Wood Spirits World. Even his soul was still in fragments.

The cracks in his soul could be slowly healed through heavenly resources, but he could not resolve the injuries to his body or the curse.

If he wanted to completely recover from his injuries, he would probably need the sovereign G.o.d artifact of the Wood Spirits.

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