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Chapter 069 Raging Despair

Tang Wanli stood there in absolute shock, his eyes opened wide, his mouth gaping. This sudden sound from the drums of war had caused him to forget about the humiliation and unhappiness that was just roiling about within his heart. His entire being had only one thought: Jun Zhantian has gone mad! This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Why is he going crazy? He is going to go mad while his Jun Family is at its weakest?

“Everyone is to return to the Tang Residence immediately! Those who serve in the military are to return now and report after changing! As for the rest, without my orders no one is allowed to take even a step out of the residence!” Grandfather Tang acted decisively, giving out one order after another in succession.

Instantly, dozens of them ceremoniously saluted before turning around and running away hastily. Their movement speed had exceeded the fastest speed that they could muster.

The moment that the Generals Summoning Drum resounded, it signified that the situation had reached a highly critical point. There was no doubt that any officer who dared to show up late would end up being decapitated! The strictness of Jun Zhantian was known to all in the military. Right or wrong would be decided with a finger!

Those who violate his command, regardless of status, be they royalty, generals, children from the first-rate families, child of a phoenix or even the grandchild of a dragon, all shall be killed without exception!

The sound of horse hooves striking the ground could constantly be heard from all directions. Like the waters of a raging river, all of them surged towards the military field within the city centre. Every one’s armour was distinctly clear, their faces filled with eagerness as they urged their warhorses forward!

“Duke, what do we do with the rest of them?” One of the experts from the Tang Family asked, indicating the remnants of the Northern City Clan.

“Bring them all home and question them all carefully!” Grandfather Tang knew that this would not bear any fruit, but decided to hold on to the hopes of a ‘what if’.

As the warhorses galloped forth one after another, the military forces within and outside the city all gathered within their barracks in a state of urgency. The military trumpets of the barracks were blaring out at full force as every soldier maintained the highest state of readiness. They were ready for their superiors to return and accept their orders. Once their orders were received, they would all move out!

Grandpa Jun has gone mad!

These words were not false in the slightest.

By the time Princess Ling Meng sent someone to the Jun Residence, it had already been half a long hour since the attempt took place. Then, Grandpa Jun was reading in his study, his old face was smiling, expressing satisfaction. His grandson had turned over a new leaf. In addition, the level of strength and perseverance that he had shown was far beyond the Young Masters of the n.o.ble families in Tianxiang City. None of them were worthy of compare!

Seeing such a hope appear at the moment when the Jun Family was slowly dying, how could Grandpa Jun not feel elated?

As he was feeling highly elated, the Housekeeper Old Pang gently knocked on his door. With a heavy face, he walked in and informed that Princess Ling Meng had sent someone to report a matter to the House Master.

Jun Zhantian immediately had the man sent in. But when he met the man, he saw that the man was covered in blood. This caused Grandpa Jun’s heart to thump; seeing the man’s hesitant manner of speech and eyes that darted to the left and right, Grandpa Jun started to feel a sense of foreboding, his face turning ugly. Old Pang who was standing behind him was wearing a strange expression, causing Jun Zhantian to further feel that something was wrong…

Under the constant pressure of questioning, the bodyguard finally said. “The Third Young Master Jun’s corpse had disappeared…”

It was a simple and short sentence! But for Jun Zhantian, it was like the booming sound of ten thousand thunders from the Nine Heavens roaring out in unison! His body trembled a few times, his face turned pale and the atmosphere around him turned silent in an instant!

Old Pang was surprised, but thankfully he was prepared. He immediately pinched and slapped Grandpa Jun on his chest, allowing Grandpa Jun to recollect himself. The bodyguard trembled as he knelt on the floor, not daring to move in the slightest. Everyone knew how important the debauchee, Jun Moxie was in Grandpa Jun’s heart. Any mistake in dealing with him would end up inviting a terrifying disaster!

After Grandpa Jun recollected himself, he coughed out some blood, his face turning greyish white, his pair of eyes turning dim and hazy. However, his mouth did not lose it strength as it asked in a deep voice. “What exactly happened? Tell me everything slowly; do not miss out on even a single detail.” Even though his voice was low, the words carried a heavy feeling to it, akin to a huge mountain, pressing down with immense force.

The bodyguard had already been scared stiff, his face deathly white, he slowly described the details of what happened. As he was talking, Grandpa Jun’s face turned into a scowl, not uttering anything at all. After the bodyguard finished talking, Jun Zhantian weakly waved his hands and said. “You can leave now.”

The guard reacted as though he had just received amnesty and retreated while s.h.i.+vering. He then realized that his whole body had been soaked with his sweat!

In the study, Jun Zhantian closed his eyes and raised his head upwards, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down for a bit. A tear slipped out from his wrinkled eyes…

If Jun Xie had been the same as the original Jun Moxie, an unbearable and misbehaving debauchee, Grandpa Jun would not be in such pain due to this matter. Because he had already given up on him, even if such a tragedy had occurred, so what? The demise of the Jun Family was a foregone conclusion. For it to come earlier was no big deal.

But the problem lied in the fact that Jun Zhantian had just witnessed his own grandson’s incredible transformation, he had finally seen a dazzling light, a brilliant radiance of hope! He had become excited and had begun to imagine how the Jun Family could climb back up when this unexpected news suddenly came, throwing Grandpa Jun into an abyss of despair!

Considering the situation, for Grandpa Jun to not go crazy on the spot was something that required quite the respectable amount of self-control.

Moxie had died for the sake of warning Princess Ling Meng! This was Grandpa Jun’s first inference.

The’s goal was Princess Ling Meng and the only ones with such an outrageous amount of courage would be either the three princes or the hostile forces from the other kingdoms. However, the current position of Crown Prince remained vacant and the three princes were in the midst of competing against one another for it. Under such circ.u.mstances, the other kingdoms would not choose to make such a radical move. Thus, the most probable suspects were the three princes! This was his second inference!

Thirdly, the princess was supposed to be the main target of the attempt. But Moxie had died while the princess did not! This had revealed something strange within this matter. Could it be that it was Moxie’s enemies, the Li and Meng Families? Did they hire the to create such a scenario? Was the attempt on the princess just a camouflage for their real target? This was the third inference.

Moxie had delivered a warning but ended up dying while the princess who was the target of the remained alive. This meant that although Moxie had delivered the warning for the princess, she did not send anyone to protect Moxie and had instead focused on protecting herself. Thus, Moxie had been easily killed! This was the fourth inference!

The more Jun Zhantian thought about it, the colder his face became, and the sharper his eyes shone. Eventually, it had become a ferocious visage!

Why is it that my grandson that went to deliver the warning ended up dying while that d.a.m.ned girl did not?

I, Jun Zhantian joined the army even before I could shave, fought through hundreds and thousands of battles! I ma.s.sacred my way through millions of corpses to become a grand duke, contributing brilliant exploits for the kingdom, unparalleled within the kingdom! I, Jun Zhantian had three sons and three grandsons; two sons died fighting for the country while the youngest one was crippled for life. Of my three grandsons, two left on a war campaign only to never return. Now, my only heir died for the sake of the princess…

Is this how my family of valiant warriors would end? If such is the case, what else do I have to live for? Since it would come to an end either way, I might as well drag everyone who is trying to take down my Jun Family with me!

Jun Zhantian began to laugh, a bitter and sorrowful laughter, louder and louder, his face filled with tears. He suddenly sprang up violently, his eyes emitting sparks of lightning accompanied by a red shade of blood. Glancing coldly at the night outside the window, he turned and walked slowly to stand before the portrait of his late wife. He stood upright, gazing at it for a long while, his mouth moving as though he was about to say something but in the end chose not to. He extended his hand, stroking the air as though trying to feel something, as though he was trying to say goodbye for one last time…

Grandpa Jun narrowed his eyes slightly, as though he was trying to forcibly hold something back. He abruptly turned away and lifted his sword that had been left on the walls for a long time. His white hair flowing in a desolate manner, he strode out without looking back!

The moment he turned away, two drops of tears fell onto the ground, breaking into countless pieces!

On the portrait hanging off the wall was the image of a benevolent and motherly looking old woman, her smile remained everlasting. But her eyes seemed to reveal a sense of sadness. A wind blew into the room through the window, causing the portrait to flip back once, showing how powerless it was…

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