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Chapter 733: That Incident Back Then!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“There were two seniors who supervised the operation: Xiao Zhuo and Xiao You—the two there. But they didn’t do anything as the ten of us were enough; they only tagged along just in case, but everything had proceeded smoothly, so they weren’t put into use.” Xiao Zhen pointed at the two old men who had turned deathly pale and s.h.i.+vering. They had just let out a sigh of relief, thinking that they were safe!

“Very good! I want to know how it all happened… especially… my father. How did he die?! He… whose hand did he die in!” Jun Mo Xie felt a wave of fury that stemmed from the grievance in his heart as he looked upon the bunch of people before him.

Ever since he integrated into this world and blended into this family, he completely accepted that he was Jun Mo Xie; every time he remembered the names—Jun Wu Hui, Jun Wu Meng, Jun Mo You, Jun Mo Chou—and thought of his closest kins that he had never met, his heart ached with a pain that was indescribable.

Yes, a sharp pain!

A legendary general, a heroic man of his time, to die tragically in the hands of mere crooks! Wronged for ten whole years, only to get an explanation right now!

He protected hundreds and thousands of Tian Xiang civilians. After he met with harm, the people were distraught and angered, but almost no one sought revenge for him!

He was no longer around, and his family clan had begun to decline, becoming weaker by the day and turning into the target of all the enemies. While everyone was adding insult to injury, no one stood to speak up for their justice!

When the Dongfang family tried to seek revenge, almost the entire pugilistic world just watched from the sides. They just wanted to see if karma was real! Everyone knew the indignation of the Jun Family, but they all chose to just look on from the sides!

When the Dongfang Family’s influence was greatly reduced, and they were forced out of the pugilistic world and forced to make an oath that was impossible to break, still no one chose to stand up for them!

What was the “morality and justice” in the pugilistic world was all about?!

Jun Mo Xie felt his heart turn cold.

When Jun Wu Hui was around, Tian Xiang was at peace with his protection, and everyone took it for granted. But after he was gone and those people experienced the taste of being invaded, humiliated, then would they speak gratefully: “Who would dare behave like this if the General in White was still around!”

Every time he recall such things, Jun Mo Xie felt resentful, felt livid!

Even beasts knew how to repay kindness, but humans, ironically, did not!

Pathetic, truly pathetic.

Regardless of whether heroes created history, or history created heroes, only when the heroes left the world did people remember their good! Was death the only thing that would make people remember the heroes who had given everything for them? And merely remember them!

Jun Mo Xie had often questioned his heart: his father, Jun Wu Hui, sacrificed his life to protect so many people, but was it truly worth it? What rights did those ingrates have to be protected? The soldiers were bleeding and risking their lives on the frontlines to protect dignity and peace, but the people were still drinking away, fooling around, gambling away! Those who were corrupted continued in their acts, and those who were unfaithful continued to be unfaithful!

They continued to chase fame and status, still leading their buffudled existence.

Even the commoners, leading their regular lives happily—who would think of those soldiers who were miles away, fighting stained in blood, struggling in despair? Even when the last drop of blood was shed from their body, their eyes were looking at the home they could never return to!

Home—the place those soldiers dreamed of daily, the motivation for them to keep on battling—and also the place that abandoned them as they were fighting with their lives!

Looking at the eleven members of the Xiao Family before him, Jun Mo Xie’s eyes were filled with rage, a fury, that could not be quelled!

After he made that statement, the Xiao Family people lowered their heads, even Xiao Zhen was in deep thought, trying with much difficulty to recall the scenario back then.

It wasn’t certain whether too much time had pa.s.sed, making the incident hard to recall, or they had simply never taken a ‘small matter’ like killing the General in White to heart. No one answered.

“Say it!” Jun Mo Xie thundered.

“That year…” Xiao Zhen frowned, clearly trying very hard to recall. “… I recall that we had informed Great Elder and followed Xiao Han down the mountains. We traveled for almost a month before we finally reached Tian Guan Lin… There, the two large troops were battling and security was very tight. Looking at the tents that occupied such a vast land, we all felt powerless. How easy could it be to kill the General with all these troops? We were all Sky Xuan, and the two seniors were only at their peak of Sky Xuan; even if a Spirit Xuan had come along, it might still have been impossible. But Xiao Han claimed that he had already made preparations, and there was no risk to take…

“That night, Xiao Han had left first, and we had no idea what he went to do—only after a day and a night did he return with a group of men in black following him. In the hand of one man in black was a Golden Arrow Token! That was the token that allowed one to enter in and out of Tian Xiang military base without any obstruction, on the same level of an imperial decree! That person said it was a fake, but at that moment, all of us felt it—it was clearly the real thing. If that was a fake, with the strict control of the General in White, how could we infiltrate the base?! If it was a fake, then we wouldn’t even dare to take the risk…

“Then this man in black took out many clothes for us to change into and pose as his followers, bringing us into the military camp. The entire process was so smooth that it was unbelievable! As long as that Golden Arrow Token flashed, there was no obstruction at all! No one ran any checks, and we made our way straight to the Commander’s tent! This left us baffled, for even if that Golden Arrow Token was the real thing, it was too effective! It was only after that did we learn that the person clad in black had made multiple trips here two months prior with the Golden Arrow Token. To the troops of Tian Xiang, both the token and person were familiar faces, so they had no suspicion. Or else, how would this group of twenty pa.s.s through the military base!

Jun Mo Xie slowly clenched his fists. He could totally guess that it was Xiao Han who had conspired with these people before turning to the snowy mountains for somemorebackup. Which also goes to say that those men in black were members of the Blood Sword Hall, which meant that those imperial troops he killed earlier had already planned to kill his father beforehand! Even if Xiao Han did not make a move, they would still have done it! It was just that there was a higher chances of success to have Xiao Han and the rest do it, with no fear of pursuit from the Jun Family!

To have plotted for such a long time! To use his frequent visits to make the troops lower their guard!

Jun Mo Xie also knew where the magically effective Golden Arrow Token came from!

Because only one person in the world could hand out a token like that: The Emperor of Tian Xiang, Yang Huai Yu!

Only a token that he had handed out personally would not raise any suspicion from the Tian Xiang army!

To the point that no one dared to reveal the whereabouts of that Golden Arrow Token afterward!

But the tragedy was all hidden in this Golden Arrow Token!

“… when we entered the commander’s tent, there were many people discussing how to counter the enemies. Jun Wu Hui was still clad in his armour, donned in white, sitting on the commander’s seat. On his right was Jun Wu Meng. Below were fifteen other generals sitting on two sides. When we entered, the first to notice us was Jun Wu Meng.

“That time, Jun Wu Meng said, ‘Old Meng, why did you change a group of people this time? You sure have quite a lot of underlings.’ ”

“Many other generals who were present started laughing, clearly familiar with this man in black. But Jun Wu Hui was very calm; he kept observing us, but did not say a word. After a while, he said, ‘Since the imperial envoy is here, let’s stop here for today. You also go; I have something important to talk to the imperial envoy about.’ That last line was directed at Jun Wu Meng. Though he had not mentioned any names, it seemed as if Jun Wu Hui had already noticed that we came with ill-intents. Because while he sounded calm and peaceful in his tone, his face had changed a little… thinking back, perhaps he was hoping that we did not recognise Jun Wu Meng and let him leave like that… but we had came to target the two of them; how could we not recognise Jun Wu Meng? Even if we couldn’t recognise him, that Meng fella sure could’ve!”

“Then all the other generals headed out, but Jun Wu Meng remained behind, looking at his elder brother wordlessly. He ignored us, but his expression to change to that of grief and anger. After everyone had left, Jun Wu Meng turned around and stared at us, saying ‘You’re from the Xiao Family’?

“This was when we realized that Jun Wu Hui had noticed something was amiss the moment we had entered. But against us, the regular generals stood no chance, so it would be useless if we were to engage in battle. And those generals held important roles in the military; if they met mishap, all the millions of Tian Xiang soldiers would become without a leader, so he chased all of them out.

“Plus we had already infiltrated the commander’s tent; it was useless even if he intended to trap us within and battle. Furthermore, we had the Golden Arrow Token; if he tried to activate the troops, that would be the same as trying to start a rebellion! They stood no chance of survival now that they were surrounded by so many experts, so why would he implicate the other soldiers? So he could only request to protect the lives of those under him first. Only Jun Wu Meng noticed Jun Wu Hui’s face and the sentence did not mention his name and realized that something was amiss, so he also refused to leave…”

Xiao Zhen had only finished that sentence when a cracking of knuckles could be heard. It was Jun Wu Yi clenching his fists, tears welling up in his eyes.

Dongfang Wen Xin felt herself swaying, but she still forced herself to stand upright. She bit her lips so they started to bleed.

Jun Mo Xie’s expression did not change. If I had entered the wrong body and became Jun Wu Hui in that moment, what would I do?

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