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“Naturally. I don't know about others, but when I introduce someone, especially someone from another country, I make sure I'm introducing someone good. Can't accidentally introduce a spy, after all. These two really did run away frmo their country, though. Still, it's pretty amazing that you noticed something was off about these two.” [Grisiera]

“I thought our disguise was pretty good, though.” [Leelin]

“Only the guid master and you have found us out so far. Boss, you're not just a normal person, are you? That makes one really curious.” [Fei]

Leelin-san looked depressed, but Fei-san just asked that lastquestion with a faint smile.

“I don't have sharp eyes like the guild master does, but I've studied martial arts for a long time, so I can tell when someone is strong or weak. Besides…” [Ryouma]

“Besides?” [Fei]

“I noticed you were carrying some hidden weapons on you.” [Ryouma]

“Fei! Leelin! You brought stuff like that without you!?” [Grisiera]

“Oh, wow… You noticed that too?” [Fei]

“Stuff regarding hidden weapons was beaten into me really badly in the past. The scariest creatures in this world are humans. They use their heads, trick people, and when your guard is down, they strike. What allows people to do that are hidden weapons. If one wishes to defend against those, then one needs to study hidden weapons, or so I was often told…” [Ryouma]

It's just my real dad I'm talking about here, but now that I think about him, it sure feels nostalgic…

“I was attacked a lot. Sometimes when we pa.s.sed by each other in the house, and sometimes when I was just minding my own business.” [Ryouma]

“Just how in the world did you live your life?” [Grisiera]

“You sort of feel like our kind of people, but you feel different.” [Leelin]

“You're like us, but it seems you only learned the techniques.” [Fei]

They can tell that much just by my aura? That's amazing…

“My master thought me my skills, but I only started using them 3 years ago against bandits.” [Ryouma]

“So it's the difference in years. We've taken plenty of jobs to take bandits or traitors. Lots of wars break out in our country, so the public order is really bad. If people like us don't go around offing people here and there, it's hard to manitain order. That part about being a merchant wasn't a lie. We normally work as peddlers.” [Fei]

“Our boss lost in the war and our work and our country became meaningless, so we came here. We haven't done any jobs worth being proud of. Will you still hire us despite that?” [Leelin]

“Since the guild master acknowledged you, then I'll accept you so long as you do your job properly.” [Ryouma]

If they don't cause problems and work properly, then the past doesn't really matter. Everyone has a secret or two, right?

“Really? We thought for sure no would want us once they came to know of our past.” [Fei]

“We even prepared to run away.” [Leelin]

“Please don't run away. My store really needs help right now, and there's no one left ot hire… Anyway, what matters is the now. Your past doesn't really matter, so please come work at my store. Also, would it be possible to also ask you to work as bodyguards?” [Ryouma]

If the guild master knew of their situation and still chose to introduce them, then it's probably fine. She has better eyes than me, after all.

From time to time, it even feels like she knows I'm actually already past 40… I hope it's just my imagination.

“We'll work hard.” [Fei]

“Leave the security to us.” [Leelin]

“I'll hire you officially then. I look forward to working with you.” [Ryouma]

After we exchanged bows, the guild master spoke.

“Done? Then go. A carriage has already been prepared.” [Grisiera]

“Thank you, guild master.” [Ryouma]

“Something like this… Don't mind it. Fei, Leelin, make sure to work hard, aright? This kid's store is really promising. And next time, don't carry hidden weapons on you!” [Grisiera]

“We can't keep calm without them.” [Leelin and Fei]

“How long are you planning to act like!? You're merchant's now, ain't ya!? …Although they're like this, they're not bad people. They've never committed any crimes either. Please take care of them.” [Grisiera]

“I will.” [Ryouma]

“Take this too. It's their resume. They have experience working in the military. Show them to those two from Serge's.” [Grisiera]

“Alright… Wait a moment, wouldn't it have been better if you just handed this to me from the start?” [Ryouma]

“Hee hee hee. This old granny here just wanted to see how good your eyes are. I wanted to see the quality of the workers you end up choosing when choosing blind. It was a bit shocking seeing all those other guys leaving just like that, but these two are the real deal. They can definitely do the job. Oh, and your eyes aren't bad. Although I'm not sure if they're very good from a merchant's perspective. Well, either way, do your best.” [Grisiera]

“Thank you.” [Ryouma]

I left the guild with Fei-san and Leelin-san, then we went back to the store with the carriage that the guild master prepared.

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