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The next morning Anjum Khan steered the Ram pickup towards Thompson’s mansion, while Xia Lei and Tsukino Kyoko camped outside by the hilltop.

Anjum Khan came up to the main gate, made clear his intention and Thompson promptly dialled up the middlemen agency and cancelled their deal. That way he could save a great sum from the broker fees.

The deal quickly came to a conclusion, with Anjum paying five-hundred grand American dollars while Thompson handed over the proprietor certificate and the housing contract. After the deal was done and dusted, Thompson and Alice began packing their luggage.

Thompson and Alice displayed a final dramatic moment when Alice offered to hold the suitcase but was decisively rejected by Thompson. It was a ‘low’ point of the overwhelmingly pleasant morning.

“Money sure has its magic on people,” Over at the sand dunes, Xia Lei reactively remarked.

Tsukino Kyoko added, “Thompson is almost fifty now while Alice is still so young. What else could she want from him other than his money? If Thompson wouldn’t give her what she wanted, Alice would surely reconsider their relations.h.i.+p. With that said, tonight is going to be interesting.”

Xia Lei nodded. After all, even if Alice and Thompson remained comfortable with each other, he was still confident that he could get to Alice.

Knowing full well the kind of person Alice was, he could win her away in mere minutes. The difference between Thompson and himself was drastic.

Thompson and Alice hailed a private car and left the venue. Right then, Anjum Khan went to the backyard by the swimming pool and waved to the two by the hill.

Catching his signal, Xia Lei and Tsukino Kyoko carried their individual utility backpacks and skidded down the sand dune and sprinted across the desert. Before long, they made it into Thompson’s old home, which was now evidently Xia Lei’s first freehold property in the States.

Xia Lei took a quick shower and began setting up the study for the real deal.

The target was still the Las Vegas traffic security system. His mind already had the 3D map of Las Vegas up and running and with it as a reference, he could instantly identify any subtle change in the cityscape.

Even if a new vehicle or a suspicious person were to appear, he would notice in no time.

He began by singling out the particular street that Lobo Negro had mentioned.

The Hattori family-owned V Science Corp was just right up that street. From the security cameras, nothing stood out in particular. But it was exactly that bringing about an ominous feeling radiating from this particular corner of the city.

Nevertheless, Xia Lei decided against entering the V Science Corp’s office building. If he could not guarantee that the CIA had not activated the Divine sky system. A brash attempt to infiltrate the target address would lead the opponents to their location.

An hour later, Xia Lei exited the traffic security monitoring system and began reading through j.a.panese news updates.

j.a.panese media were still closely reporting on the incident that has befallen the Hattori clan. Since yesterday more than a dozen of the clansmen have been

Not just that, even the lives of important members of the V Science Corp were mysteriously taken. Now the entire clan were paranoid and had avoided their office building, even reluctant to leave their own homes.

The current de-facto leader of the Hattori clan, Hattori Wendy had requested for police protection and had entire squads of policemen and defence forces positioned right outside her household.

Hattori mei’s mother was an American. Michael Wendy was her maiden name until she got married to Hattori Masao that she obliged to j.a.panese culture and took on his last name. Now that her daughter was now dead, Hattori Wendy had taken the seat on the throne with the entire clan under her control.

The j.a.panese police deduced that it was a terrorist attack on the clan, but much of the details were still under investigation. The spokesperson of the police force utilized the media to denounce the perpetrator as a coward.

Xia Lei chuckled at that remark. But when the Hattori family, along with the samurai clansmen brought explosives to a hospital to murder my wives and kids, it’s an act worthy of the warriors?

Identical plans were executed yet one was branded as a coward? As for if he would be forgiven, it hardly mattered to him. Since when do I yearn for their forgiveness anyway?

After scrolling through the news, Xia Lei sent out an email.

A bounty reward of twenty million American dollars for whoever succeeds in murdering Hattori Wendy. If caught alive, double the reward. With an additional video clip, topped with an additional five million bonus. Bounty duration, 72 hours.

The email was then sent to Giovanna’s inbox.

In the world of, the highest bounty was typically only in the range of a million. Their targets were almost always military leaders, key political figures and the like, putting whoever interested in immensely high risk.

Many of such missions would end with a majority of the losing their lives before they could even get to the reward. But now out of nowhere, a bounty of over ten million was published. Their target was just a n.o.blewoman. It was like Christmas came early.

Once the email was sent out, the Hattori clan would be up for a snowstorm. Who would ultimately make it through was a tough call for anyone to guess.

Once the ‘send’ b.u.t.ton was clicked, Xia Lei closed his eyes and began researching on the fleets of fighter jets and bombers under the Thunder Horse Organization.

Even under such soothing environments, he was unwilling to let his guard down.

The day went by just like that, and at seven that evening, the Ram truck appeared near a street by Hawaii theatres. The car door flung open and down came Xia Lei.

“We’ll be close by to back you up, watch out boss,” Tsukino Kyoko reminded.

Xia Lei nodded, closed the door and went towards the cinema. Strolling down the walkway, with a Patek Philippe SA watch, LV belt by his waist, all eyes were on him.

Seeing how Xia Lei was alone, many American girls were even smiling and winking at him. Superficial women were everywhere. In a materialistic country like this one, it was very simple for Xia Lei to hook a woman. But Xia Lei was not interested in any of these girls. He wouldn’t even bother to offer a glance at their direction.

By the entrance of Hawaii theatres, Alice was nowhere to be seen. After a thorough look around the area, there she was in a Ford. Through the car window, she was staring at the cinema entrance.

Xia Lei, upon noticing her, moved out of her field of vision and went straight to the entrance. But he did not lose his sight on her. He chose to observe her through the reflection of the reflector towards the Ford by the car park, and from there her every action.

If Alice were to do anything suspicious, he would signal the nearby Tsukino Kyoko and Anjum Khan in hiding and they would promptly shoot her dead.

Nevertheless, Alice did not make any acts they would consider suspicious, but instead proceeded to apply her lipstick and perfume down her armpits. That could only mean she was ready for the ‘battle’ that lies ahead.

Xia Lei waited for nearly ten minutes before Alice left the Ford and made her way towards him.

‘My bad, the traffic was pretty bad today,” Alice remarked.

“I walked here actually.”

“You don’t own a car?” Alice was rather surprised as she asked.

Xia Lei replied, “I work in the Middle East. I travel by plane.”

Alice’s pupils instantly dilated at the exposition.

Xia Lei then added, “Well it sure is inconvenient without a car around here. You don’t happen to have a driving license now do you?”

“I do.”

“Great! Then let’s head to the showroom tomorrow. I’m thinking of buying a car but you’ll have to drive it. How’s that sound?”

“Perfect.” Alice held onto his arm positively gleaming at the fact.

The couple entered the cinema and Xia Lei went to buy the tickets along with some snacks. The movie he deliberately chose was Fifty Shades of Grey.

Even after the movie started rolling, Alice was not paying it any attention. Bringing herself close to Xia Lei’s ear, she asked, “What’s your name? I don’t even know that.”

“James,” Xia Lei replied.

“I’m Alice.” She grinned. “Your name’s pretty nice. 007 is also called James.”

“You mean Daniel Craig?” Xia Lei added. “Oh, I just had tea with him last week. He’s pretty busy these days. His latest installment is coming real soon. You heard it here first.”

“ know Daniel Craig? The main protagonist in 007?” Alice was exhilarated.

Xia Lei replied, “Why are you so surprised? I know James Cameron too. He’s currently working on Avatar 2.”

“My G.o.d, you must be an angel.” Alice was mesmerized. “Can you introduce me to Daniel Craig or James Cameron? I always wanted to venture into the film industry but I just never got the chance.’

“You act?”

“Of course I do. I majored in cinematography while I was studying in France. I...I can perform for you personally if you like,” Alice seemed rather hasty.

Xia Lei solemnly replied, “Let’s finish the movie first shall we?”

Alice could not hide her anxiousness and dismay, but she ultimately calmed herself down. After a few minutes of silent, yet relentless viewing she added, “Why me?”

“Do you believe in that feeling? That…” Xia Lei appeared to be in deep thought, before he continued, “When two people that have never met meet for the first time feel an instant connection. Like where has this person been their whole life?”

“Love at first sight you mean?” Alice did her best to restrain her joy. “Is that the term you’re looking for?”

Xia Lei nodded, “That’s exactly what I meant.”

“Let’s say the feeling is mutual,” Alice brought herself forward, her hands on Xia Lei’s cheeks as she gave him a tight smooch on the lips.

Love, or what it was mostly defined as was exactly that.

On the screen, the male protagonist was whipping the female protagonist, teasing, m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic yet sensual, leaving the audience aroused.

After their frenching session came to a temporary stop, Alice shyly grinned with her hand over her mouth as she tested the waters. “James, do you enjoy these games?”

Xia Lei nodded.

“Well, I guess I have just the answer for you. Let’s go to my house,” Alice held onto Xia Lei’s hand. “The movie is kinda lame, to be honest. I can do much better.”

Xia Lei chuckled as he proceeded to follow her lead.

Alice was alluring and really smart. She knew exactly what men wanted and gave them exactly that.

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