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Chapter 1561: Sefiro’s Provocation (1)

“Do you really want to see my big brother?” Jun Wuxia feigned a worried look.

“Of course! I like your big brother!”

Princesses of the gra.s.sland were all straightforward like that.

Jun Wuxia said, “My princess, I’m glad to hear that. You’re so beautiful and lovely; I’d love to have you as a sister-in-law.”

Sefiro played with her braid shyly when she heard the compliments.

Jun Wuyu and Dugu Yamo were with Jun Wuxia.

Dugu Yamo had kept a low profile since the immortal flower festival, and this was the first time she had come out of her carriage to hang out with Jun Wuxia.

Something fierce flickered in her eyes when she saw the shy look on Sefiro’s face.

Sefiro couldn’t hide her excitement. “Do you really think I’ll be a suitable sister-in-law for you?”

Jun Wuxia needed Sefiro’s help to kill Feng Wu, so she had to make her very happy.

“Of course! No one can be a better sister-in-law than you! I won’t say that to anyone else! You’re my favorite!” Jun Wuxia said solemnly.

Sefiro was so happy that she couldn’t stop smiling.

Dugu Yamo and Jun Wuyu both had indescribable expressions in their eyes.

“But —”

Jun Wuxia finally revealed her true purpose.

“But what?” Sefiro frowned and looked perplexed.

“I really hope that you can become my sister-in-law, but my brother may not think that way…” Jun Wuxia looked concerned. “As you may know, my brother isn’t the most approachable guy in the world.”

“I’m prepared for that.” Sefiro waved her hands casually. “He’s not close to anyone, anyway, right?”

“Ahem —” Jun Wuxia suddenly cleared her throat.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” Sefiro looked confused.

“It’s true, my brother used to be very distant from everyone, but things are different now…”

“How so?” Sefiro suddenly had a very bad feeling.

“Well — have you heard of Feng Wu?” After much foreshadowing, Jun Wuxia finally revealed her purpose.

“Feng Wu? That’s a nice name. But who’s she?”

“Well, Feng Wu…” Jun Wuxia smiled wryly. “Technically, she’s the fifth daughter of the Feng clan, and the daughter of the second branch of the clan…”

“Wait, you don’t mean that Feng Wu, do you?! The one who lost all her ability?”

“My princess, you’ve heard her name?”

“That’s why it sounds so familiar! It’s her!” Sefiro grunted. “Why are you bringing her name up? She’s useless.”

Jun Wuxia smiled bitterly. “She’s not useless anymore. She got her ability back and has resumed her cultivation. She’s a junior Spiritual Elder now.”

Sefiro snickered. “A junior Spiritual Elder? As if that’s something worth showing off! Don’t make me laugh!”

As the pearl of the gra.s.sland, Sefiro was one of the most talented cultivators here and was exceptionally bright.

Why was Jun Wuxia so reluctant to run into her? It was because Sefiro was actually very capable.

“So, what about that Feng Wu? What is she to His Royal Highness?” Sefiro didn’t think much of the “useless” Feng Wu at all.

“Well, Feng Wu is quite a piece of work.” Before Jun Wuxia could answer, Dugu Yamo chimed in.

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Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 1561 - Sefiro's Provocation (1) summary

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