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Chapter 2973: A Child

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Because it was so quiet, everybody heard the thump.

Ssss —

They all sucked in their breaths.


That was…



“Am I hallucinating?”

“She’s wearing the Imperial College armband, isn’t she?”

“That’s right! She doesn’t have a military rank yet because she hasn’t graduated!”

“Does that kick look like she hasn’t graduated?”

Everybody fell silent.

Chen Ziyun was pleased.

Senior Brother Min knew Chen Ziyun, so he asked, “Who is she?”

Senior Brother Min graduated two years ago, but he was still an intermediate Spiritual King.

He was the top student of his year, which just showed how difficult it was to become a Level 2 Spiritual King.

But now —

“Is she really a current student?” Everybody asked Chen Ziyun because they knew he was the current top student.

Chen Ziyun smiled. “That’s right. Xiao Wu only joined the War Academy six months ago, and she skipped four grades in that time. She also joined the seeded team and led our team in the compet.i.tion, where she defeated the Military Academy team.”

“What? We won?”

“Aren’t you the top student? Why did she lead the team?”

Chen Ziyun gloated. “Why couldn’t she lead the team? She’s only 14, but she’s already a Level 2 Spiritual King. How about that? She has my utmost admiration.”

The crowd was speechless.

Although they didn’t like Chen Ziyun’s tone…

14 years old?

A Level 2 Spiritual King?

Was she even human?

“She’s only 14?!”

“She does seem young, but a Level 2 Spiritual King?”

“We’ve graduated for so long, and I’m still… Gosh, I want to kill myself!”

These people had always considered themselves geniuses, but when they compared themselves with Feng Wu, they felt like hanging themselves.

Hearing all the discussion, Zuo Qingluan felt humiliated.

She was older than Feng Wu.

She took a deep breath and told herself to calm down. Feng Wu was going to turn herself into a laughing stock!

She was only the fourth contestant. Once she lost, Zuo Qingluan would go up and save the day!

That was Zuo Qingluan’s wish, but would things turn out that way?

Feng Wu ignored all the noise.

What they said didn’t concern her.

She just wanted to win and save Jun Linyuan.

She never knew she could care so much about someone who wasn’t her beautiful master.

Since when did she care about Jun Linyuan as much as she did Qiuling, who had grown up with her?

Feng Wu cleared her mind and looked up.

The Dongsang Kingdom had sent their third contestant.

It was a teenage girl.

Dressed in a leather jacket and a leather skirt, the girl had a tiny waist and amazing curves.

Her face looked rather young.

Her att.i.tude was quite arrogant the moment she walked onto the stage.

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