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"Interrupt that Magician’s chant!" The Magical Fantasy City’s members immediately shouted loudly, and all the melee professionals immediately ordered their own magical beasts to rush to the chanting Demon Wolf.

However, the seven mid-level magical beasts, headed by Du Lang's Liger Beast, stood at the side of Demon Wolf and blocked all the oncoming attacks. Otherwise, the enemy could have closed this half-step s.p.a.ce. The seven strongest magical beasts of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps became the last line of defense of Demon Wolf. At this moment, all members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had also madly and tenaciously tied themselves to their opponents so that the other side wouldn’t have the opportunity to close in on Demon Wolf.

The ten high-level magical beasts were blocked by less than a hundred low-level magical beasts. Even though they were stronger, they could still not clear a path to make their way through in such a short period of time.

The Archer from the Magical Fantasy City immediately launched an attack at Demon Wolf from a distance. Mild Wolf, who was guarding in the rear, raised his staff and put out a huge light s.h.i.+eld to protect Demon Wolf.

After fifteen seconds, Demon Wolf finally chanted the last word.

The next second, a huge flame rushed toward the man who had been cornered by Du Lang and others.

Du Lang, Vicious Wolf, and Gray Wolf evacuated a second before the flame could reach them, and then the elite who had been hit was directly blasted out of the ring by the flames, becoming the first person in the game to be defeated. 

As he fell outside the ring, his magical beast was automatically withdrawn from the entanglement inside the ring.

From ten high-level magical beasts down to nine.

The perfect cooperation of the seven wolves attracted amazement from the entire venue. No one thought that the first person to fall out of the ring would be from the Magical Fantasy City.

The huge reversal had made everyone feel incredulous.

But only Du Lang and others knew how much they had sacrificed for this seemingly perfect blow.

Over this short minute or less, many of their low-level magical beasts had been killed or injured.

"Next!" Du Lang immediately identified their next target.

The seven wolves did not make any mistakes every time they shot, and those who possessed high-level magical beasts were beaten by them one after another. The number of high-level magical beasts inside the ring constantly diminished.

However, above the ring, fifty or sixty magical beasts of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had already fallen.

Blood stained the entire ring red, and the death of their magical beasts provoked the rage of the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. They helplessly watched as their own magical beasts died on the battlefield. Their eyes reddened as they fought the enemies in front of them at close quarters.

Du Lang launched an attack on the people of the Magical Fantasy City in a self-destructive manner, damaging one thousand enemies yet hurting eight hundred comrades.

Their low-level magical beasts were almost exhausted; the seven mid-level magical beasts were also on the verge of collapse under the bites of the opponents’ magical beasts. The back of Du Lang’s Liger Beast had been torn apart by countless wounds, and its pale bones were already exposed to the air. However, it still did not leave Demon Wolf’s side by even half a step.

After the seventh high-level magical beast was expelled from the ring, the low-level magical beasts of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had all been killed. The bodies of these low-level magical beasts were scattered everywhere in the ring, and the seven mid-level magical beasts of the seven wolves had already been dying and could not stand anymore. The ground beneath them was already dyed red by their blood.

Whether it was the seven wolves or the rest of the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, each of them was already covered in blood. Only Demon Wolf was intact under the protection of everyone. But the high-level magic skill that he was constantly chanting was about to exhaust his strength. His fingers holding the staff had become faintly whitish and were trembling unceasingly.

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