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Chapter 102- A Good Child Don’t Gamble Part 2


Shen Yanxiao was secretly astonished—what had Tang Nazhi said just now? Qi Xia’s ident.i.ty she was already aware of, but could it be that the other two people at the betting table were also members of the 5 large clans?

As Qi Xia’s vision swept past Shen Yanxiao, who was beside Tang Nazhi, he stared blankly for moment, before he immediately smiled slightly at her. His vision then turned once again towards Tang Nazhi.

“Tang Nazhi of the Black Tortoise Clan?” Qi Xia slightly raised his eyebrows. With a light smile he said, “What? You finally pa.s.sed the pharmaceutical exam this year? It looks like your luck isn’t bad. Since your luck is this good, do you perhaps want to come down here to test your luck?”

Qi Xia’s voice carried a trace of detachedness, but no matter who it was, they were able to hear the provocation within his tone of voice.

On the surface, the 5 large clans of the Long Xuan Empire appeared to be a still breeze with quiet waves, but internally, it was like waves tumultuously surging forth—and this was a matter known by practically everyone in the entire nation.

Everyone was naturally interested, in a nosy manner, as to what kind of spark would be produced when the Qilin Clan’s young master went up against the Black Tortoise Clan’s young master.

“Why not?” Sneering, Tang Nazhi pulled up a chair and sat on it before the betting table.

“Oh? In that case then, I’m not sure whether or not you’ve brought sufficient capital.” Qi Xia slightly raised his chin as if he was an arrogant kitten.

Tang Nazhi snorted and said, “You can rest a.s.sured. Although my Black Tortoise Clan’s capital isn’t as robust as your Qilin Clan’s, this little drop of money is still something that can be taken out.” Tang Nazhi, who was speaking, had opened a number of high-ranked storage rings that could be counted with one’s fingers. Bright golden dazzling coins were continuously poured out from his storage rings onto the betting table.

In just the time it took to blink, the betting chips in front of Tang Nazhi were already not inferior in any respect to the other three people.

Exactly how richly-provided the 5 large clans of the Long Xuan Empire had always been was a thing that other people had discussed enthusiastically about. However, from these four people today, just from them making a simple move, every one of them had heaps of wealths before them—enough to buy a small town. There was no need to talk about the students who were to the side, even the banker of the casino was dumbstruck when he saw the four golden mountains that had been placed on the betting table.

Local tyrants! These four guys were simply all local tyrants!

Tang Nazhi’s partic.i.p.atation caused the atmosphere, which had originally already been so fired up that it gave off the illusion of burning smoke, become even more intense.

Very wisely, Shen Yanxiao hidden herself away within the crowd, to prevent being excessively eye-catching.

At the same time, she also learned many things regarding these ‘local tyrants’ that were on the betting table.

“Tsk tsk, this is truly a rarely seen scene. Apart from Shen Yifeng of the Vermillion Bird Clan, the other four clans’ peak talents have all congregated together.”

“Exactly! From what I’ve heard, Yan Yu, the young master of the White Tiger Clan that was always conducting himself with a low-profile, has also appeared today. It has to be known that he’s indeed one of the rising stars of the priest branch, which is most accepted by the tutors. Just by being in the priest branch for a year, he’s already s.n.a.t.c.hed the chief representative priest’s position.”

“Do you guys know about that Yang Xi of the Azure Dragon Clan? From what I’ve heard from the people in the knight branch, before he left last semester, he fought a duel with the person who was recognized as the strongest of the third years students from the knight branch, and had the number one of the knight branch, who was already steadily sitting upon his position, hand over the chair.”

“Your sources aren’t too effective. Let’s not talk about Yan Yu and Yang Xi now. The Qilin Clan’s third young master, Qi Xia, has already had the student who, at the time was ranked first in the magician’s branch, beaten into submission—the day after he’d just entered the magician branch!”

“The people from the five large clans are all sick! Did they specifically come here to oppress our mental states?”

“Savage! It’s just too savage already! Having these few aberrants keeping watch, how can we, the students of these few branches, still mingle? As of now, apart from the sword scholar branch and the warlock branch, all of the other branches have been occupied by the 5 large clans!“

“Who even knows when that aberrant person from the sword scholar branch is going to return. And Iis there anyone even still alive that’s left in the warlock branch? Please, they ha’ve all died out!”

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