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It could be said that The Rising Sun City’s final team were in a critical position. Perhaps in this group battle, they would not even be able to stand in the ring for a long time.


Elder Wen could still recall that day when Shen Yanxiao showed up along with that person named Qi Xia. Although he was not that familiar with Qi Xia’s ident.i.ty, he knew that that guy had a Mythological Beast in his hands as well.

That youngster had not partic.i.p.ated in the previous two games. Could it be that Shen Yanxiao had arranged for him to join in the group battle? 

This was also good in a way. He speculated that Shen Yanxiao’s only powerful subordinate was that youngster who also had a Mythological Beast. And with him to oversee the match, he believed that it would be very difficult for the Blizzard City’s team to win this match. In the end, both team would give all they had to win the match, which in turn would become very beneficial towards their Twilight City.

Elder Wen suddenly felt very happy.

That group of formidable people from Blizzard City was already enough to surprise the crowd; however, when the members of Phantom along with Nangong Mengmeng entered the ring, everyone in the venue was dumbfounded.

"Don’t tell me that The Rising Sun City is only sending out six people to fight? And they are all just youngsters? G.o.d! There is even a woman. What is Shen Yanxiao’s deal?!” Everyone could not understand the process of Shen Yanxiao’s thoughts. 

In such a game, it was absolutely natural to let as many people as possible join in, to have more combat power; however, The Rising Sun City had only sent six people to play this game.

This was really going against common sense.

And besides that...

These six people also looked very young; they looked around sixteen or seventeen years old. Furthermore, what made them vomit blood even more was that there was even a girl who looked too innocent and too fragile; it seemed that she could easily break with just a slight touch! 

Although these six people were so attractive and good looking that it looked like they came out of a painting, this was a battle!

It was more about one’s strength than appearance! 

Could it be that Shen Yanxiao wanted to use a honey trap? 

Was it fine for you to make such a wild decision?!

Everyone was completely speechless.

They looked at the ten seemingly ironclad men of Blizzard City.

And then looked at The Rising Sun City’s five extremely handsome n.o.ble young masters and extremely pretty girl. The former did not, in any way, resembled the latter. 

The visual disparity was too big!

However, when Qi Xia and the other five people went into the ring, Wu Run, who was just in front of them had a black face. 

"Big Brother Wu Run, long time no see.” Qi Xia greeted Wu Run beaming with smiles.

Wu Run’s mouth twitched as he looked at Qi Xia and in a stiff way said back, "Third Young Qi, I trust you have been well since we last met..” 

Qin Qiong looked strangely at Wu Run. During that time when Long Fei went on a journey to The Rising Sun City to seek help from Shen Yanxiao, Qi Qiong had not come; it was only Wu Run who had followed along. So it made sense that Wu Run was acquainted with the people from The Rising Sun City, but... 

Why was his expression so distorted?!

"What's wrong?" Qin Qiong, in a low voice asked. 

Wu Run face was still black as he opened his mouth and said to Qin Qiong, “Tell me, what‘s the strength of this boy who is talking to me?” 

Qin Qiong looked at Qi Xia, but found that he could not see his strength; there were only two possible explanation for this situation.

First, Qi Xia was just an ordinary person that had no dou qi nor magic in his body.

Second, Qi Xia’s strength was above his own.

Qin Qiong was already at the peak of the first stage profession, just right under the Second Stage Profession. If this person was stronger than him, then that meant...

"You… don’t tell me, this Third Young Qi is a Second Stage Professional…” 

Wu Run gloomily nodded.

Qin Qiong suddenly felt like dying! 

Must the people of The Rising Sun City be so aberrant as h.e.l.l? It was not enough to have a fourteen-year-old City Lord that not only possessed a dual-cultivation ability but had also broken through the Second Stage Profession at such a young age. Now, they actually sent out a sixteen or seventeen-year-old youth who had also already broken through the second stage to fight in this game. Such an astonis.h.i.+ng thing made them not want to live anymore!

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