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"Try to look at the few people around him as well." Wu Run was already crying.

Qin Qiong looked at Tang Nazhi, Li Xiaowei, Yan Yu, Yang Xi and Nangong Mengmeng. Apart from the strength of Nangong Mengmeng, which was at the level of a Senior Professional, he also could not see even a little bit of the strength of the other four people.

What did this mean?

Qin Qiong was no longer willing to think any further.

It was no wonder that Shen Yanxiao had only sent six people for the game. Among these six people, five were actually Second Stage Professionals!

Qin Qiong nearly coughed up blood. Even in a country like their Divine Wind Alliance, one could not find a few of these extremely rare super-powerful Second Stage Professionals. Apart from the several Corps Heads in their Brotherhood Alliance, other people who had broken through the Second Stage Profession could be counted with one hand in their city.

How ferocious was The Rising Sun City in the end? Their City Lord was already a Second Stage Professional, and now another five Second Stage Professionals had been brought out. This was simply too heaven-defying.

"This... how should we fight?" Qin Qiong wanted to cry but had no tears as he looked at Wu Run and asked. The strength of the Second Stage Professionals was too ferocious. Advanced Professionals might be experts in the eyes of ordinary people, but in front of the Second Stage Professionals, their fighting prowess was just too meager!

"Would it be too unsightly to forfeit? Otherwise, if we are completely no match for them, let’s just make our magical beasts pa.s.s the trick?" Wu Run swallowed his saliva. This was the only way he could think of.

It was a pity that their magical beasts were only high-level magical beasts. If there were a Mythological Beast among their ranks, they might have some little grasp over the situation.

The match hadn't started yet. Wu Run and Qin Qiong had been talking about how to make themselves lose in a not-too-ugly way.

As for the spectators who were oblivious to the truth, because their distance was quite far from the ring, they could not detect the real strength of Qi Xia and the others. And even if they did discover it, only a few people would believe that such a group of super-strong Second Stage Professionals would jump out of The Rising Sun City.

Shen Yanxiao was only a member of The Vermillion Bird Clan, not some royal family; she was not the relative nor a child of an emperor. Unless his brain had cramps, the emperor of Long Xuan Empire would not invite so many strong people for Shen Yanxiao.

Compared with the tension of Blizzard City, the five animals over there were much more relaxed. The five people who had been watching match after match and had been itching to fight for a while now had gathered up, muttering together.

"Should we summon White Tiger and the others out?" Yan Yu hesitantly looked at the other four people.

"Summon my foot! Don't summon them! If we summon them out, there is no chance for us to fight anymore." Tang Nazhi unusually answered decisively. The opportunity to fight he had long been waiting for had finally arrived; why would he summon Black Tortoise just to cheat him of this chance?

Qi Xia nodded his head in agreement, "I also think that it is more appropriate to not call them out. After all, we still have a good relations.h.i.+p with Blizzard City."

It was not appropriate to let White Tiger and others out to scare them.

"Let’s not call them out then." Yang Xi also nodded his head to express his agreement.

"Well, that’s a pleasant decision!" Li Xiaowei laughingly remarked.

Nangong Mengmeng was standing on the side and had been forgotten by the five animals. Blinking her eyes, she silently decided to just follow the actions of these several other masters of hers.

Magical beast or whatnot, just put it aside for the time being!

Both sides had their own concerns, and the match was finally about to begin.

The people in the audience stands were eagerly awaiting the course of the game. The large part of the people who had distorted hearts could not wait to see that group of young masters from The Rising Sun City to be wrecked by the mighty lineup of Blizzard City.

Your handsome looks could only serve as an eye-candy!

Just a d.a.m.n useless thing if you are without strength.

Fighting was not simply being good-looking!

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