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As soon as the match began, the ten people from Blizzard City immediately summoned their own magical beasts. The ten of them were elites selected from the Blizzard Mercenary Corps. Everyone’s magical beast was high-level.

Ten Advanced Professionals with ten high-level magical beasts, this lineup was nothing but spectacular.

Although the Mythological Beasts were powerful, they were not just rotten cabbage that could be found everywhere. As such, high-level magical beasts were already considered very good.

The Blizzard City’s side was all ready; on the other hand, the six people from The Rising Sun City had been slow to act.

The five handsome teenagers smilingly stood in the same place. There was not the slightest hint of summoning their magical beasts.

"What are they doing?" Many people could not guess Qi Xia and the others' plan.

Qi Xia and the others did not move to summon their magical beasts. Qin Qiong and Wu Run had long embraced the healthy mentality of "Don't lose too badly". They were waiting for the other party to summon their magical beasts; they were also very distressed, ah.

"That, Third Young Qi, why don’t you summon your magical beasts first?" Wu Run quite politely looked at Qi Xia, and kindly reminded them to summon their magical beasts.

If they would not summon their magical beasts, their previous plan would be ruined at once, okay? They did not believe that their own high-level magical beasts could be an opponent to these six people.

Come on, at least let two magical beasts out to play along with us, don't let us be beaten too miserably ah!

Wu Run was roaring in his heart but his face had a smiling expression.

"No, we’re good." Qi Xia faintly smiled and spread out his hands.

"..." Blizzard City's people were completely speechless.

These six people really didn’t plan to summon their magical beasts, ah!

"Wouldn’t this be a bit inappropriate? This tournament allows the summoning of magical beasts. Why not summon a few out?" As an opponent, Wu Run had a look saying "I am doing good for you, hurry and do it." He could not wait for his magical beast to have a friendly fight against the magical beasts of The Rising Sun City.


The five animals simply did not have such an intention.

"No need, deputy head, let's start." The five animals had firmly decided in their minds. They would absolutely not allow their own magical beasts to grab this opportunity away from them.

Qi Xia had already clearly stated their intention, and the other side could only brace themselves.

Despite knowing that the strength of the other side had exceeded the limit they could bear, Wu Run and Qin Qiong still had no choice but to let their high-level magical beasts attack Qi Xia and the others!

In the audience stands, everyone was dumbfounded by the actions of the six people from The Rising Sun City. They actually did not summon their magical beasts in such a game? The people really did not know whether they were too overconfident or just too ignorant.

"G.o.d is indeed fair. He gave them looks but did not give them brains. A bunch of embroidered pillows, impressive-looking but useless! I would like to see if they can withstand the attack of ten high-level magical beasts." Some busybodies disdainfully snorted. They could not wait to see Qi Xia and others be beaten to the point that their teeth would scatter on the ground.

However, only Wu Run and their team who were standing inside the ring knew that these six animals did not need to use more power.

Ten high-level magical beasts roared and rushed toward the six people from The Rising Sun City. They were like a pack of wild beasts, as if the next second they would tear their targets into pieces.

Yan Yu raised his lips at this moment. He raised his both hands forward and muttered some cryptic incantation. The next second, his palms connected and a beautiful silver light shone from his palms. A totem the length of an arm was then suspended in the air.

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