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They could do the same Shatter Cut, and their swords were three meters long, but the length of this stinking boy’s sword was actually seven meters...

Did you use fertilizer to grow it? Otherwise, how is your sword four meters longer than ours? Is this fellow really a Swordmaster who just reached the Second Stage Profession? Could it be he’s really a Great Swordmaster who is hiding his strength and deliberately toying around with us?

Tang Nazhi gripped the giant sword in his hands; the Shatter Cut could not satisfy his bold and unrestrained heart anymore. He roared and swung up his giant sword. Like a raging whirlwind, he directly smashed the Swordmasters of the Broken Star Palace.

Tang Nazhi was like a meat grinder as he whistled through the crowd, sweeping his sharp sword through the people from the Broken Star Palace. Everyone hastily retreated, saving themselves from being ground into minced meat by his "giant pinwheel".

As a Magic Archer, the vigilance of Li Xiaowei’s eyes and ears had reached the peak. He never had less than five arrows on his bowstring, no matter which Magister wanted to chant, or whichever Archpriests attempted to sneakily give their companions a s.h.i.+eld, he would quickly greet them with an attack. Even if there were two people at different positions about to act at the same time, this guy would pull the bowstring and let two arrows rush in different directions.

The people of the Broken Star Palace silently questioned the Heavens. Is this group of aberrants really the same level as us?

How come their skills were so aberrant to this point?

The were all Second Stage Professionals, why was the gap between them so big?!

The face of Senior Brother Qian had changed from white to green, from green to purple... until it turned black.

He was certain that among the five, except Qi Xia, everyone had just broken through the second stage, and their skills should be just the same as theirs. But it didn’t look like that right now, and what was even more frightening was that their professional characteristics seemed unbounded. The effect of this kind of amplification was practically devastating.

Why did they have such a bizarre change? Even if Senior Brother Qian split open his head, he still could not figure out. The only thing he knew very well was that the reason for the current chaos was the Ice and Snow Rainfall that Qi Xia cast in the beginning, which slowed down everyone from the Broken Star Palace. The gap in their speed had already reached the point where it was already difficult to fill.

So despicable!

Senior Brother Qian secretly clenched his fist. He did not expect that the moment Qi Xia had shot, he had already calculated their next countermeasures.

The Broken Star Palace was now dragged into a pa.s.sive situation, continuing this way would only increase their strength consumption.

Senior Brother Qian, who initially did not intend to join the battle, finally made a shot. He held up his staff, and after two seconds, cl.u.s.ters of flames melted down the ice covering the ground. The people of the Broken Star Palace finally recovered their normal speed.

"First, kill their Archpriest and Magic Archer, as for the Great Magister, leave him to me!" Senior Brother Qian narrowed his eyes slightly. The name of the Broken Star Palace must absolutely not be tarnished. However, he truly did not expect that the other party, despite having only five people, could force him to fight.

"Gee, you want to kill me? Come try it." Qi Xia suddenly got up from the chair. All his magic before had been cast while he was leisurely sitting in the chair.

"d.a.m.nable brat. You’re too naive. I will let you realize that even if we’re both Great Magisters, there is a huge gap between us!" Senior Brother Qian sneered, and at his command, the people of the Broken Star Palace split up into four groups. Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi, who rushed into the crowd, were both trapped. All the Magisters and Magic Archers aimed at Yan Yu and Li Xiaowei.

The battle officially began at this moment. Their first battle as the Phantom members kicked off.

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