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The Paladin’s death represented the complete destruction of the Broken Star Palace’s strategy. Among the eight of them, only one was a Paladin, so they basically just lost their last line of defense. Lan Fengli advanced boldly all the way. His ten fingers impressively extended and his nails that were sharper than a dagger cut the throats of the two Swordmasters in an instant.

One in the left and one in the right; red-hot blood instantly spurted out from the cut wounds on the necks of the two Swordmasters, and the bright red blood splattered on Lan Fengli’s body.

At this very moment, he was like a devil that came from a blood pool of h.e.l.l, making everyone scared witless.

From the nine people of the Broken Star Palace fighting against Lan Fengli, four had already died; the remaining five people were clearly not the opponents of Lan Fengli. They were like an arrow at the end of its flight. Under Lan Fengli’s gaze, they were all retreating in horror.

They wanted to shout at their Senior Brother Zhou to help out, but when they turned around and looked back, they saw Shen Yanxiao’s figure like a ghost hanging above. Vermillion Bird, who was in front of Senior Brother Zhou attracted all his attention. At this moment, Shen Yanxiao’s mouth curved up into a cold smile, then an arrow flew toward the back of Senior Brother Zhou.

"Be careful!" The other five people from the Broken Star Palace screamed in unison.

Senior Brother Zhou evaded Vermillion Bird’s attack and then instantly flashed to the left side the next second, sneaking away from Shen Yanxiao’s attack.

Just when everyone thought that Senior Brother Zhou was safe, a silver light flashed through everyone’s eyes.

In the blink of an eye, an arrow ran through the fragile neck of Senior Brother Zhou.

Until the end of that very second, Senior Brother Zhou had not realized what happened, and it was feared that he would never get a chance to figure out where that deadly arrow actually came from.

Senior Brother Zhou fell straight into a pool of blood, bringing the remaining five people of the Broken Star Palace into the pit of despair.

Shen Yanxiao had already landed on the ground, and the Purple Baron she held in her hands was equipped with five arrows aimed at the five astonished Second Stage Professionals.

Behind them, Lan Fengli was also approaching step-by-step.

Despair hung over each and every one of them. They had never imagined that this Twilight City mission would bring them such a catastrophe.

What they had to deal with was clearly just a Magic Archer who had just broken through the second stage, how come...

They actually lost a Great Swordmaster and four Second Stage Professionals?

"Shen Yanxiao, you... do you really want to go against the Broken Star Palace?" One of the remaining Second Stage Professionals asked with a deathly pale face as he looked at Shen Yanxiao in horror. At this moment, they were no longer like when they initially came. Their hearts right now were full of fear. Even though the man’s words still had the same content, his voice was trembling at this time.

Shen Yanxiao hooked her lips up and tilted her head sideways, looking at the five people who now appeared like dogs without their master.

"It’s not me who’s trying to go against you. You are the ones going against me. If people don't offend me, I won't offend them either. You clearly won't let me off, then should I just wash my neck clean and wait for you to kill me?" She was a peace-loving person, alright? 

"No! We don't mean to go against you! There must be some misunderstanding! The elders did not allow us to kill you, but just to warn you, it’s... it’s only Senior Brother Zhou, he hates you because of Ruan Yingzhe’s death. That’s why he wants to kill you! The Broken Star Palace... the elders of the Broken Star Palace really didn’t want to kill you!” What dignity? What expert’s demeanor? Now that things had reached this stage, all these had been thrown aside by the five Second Stage Professionals. They just wanted to live, so they pushed all the blame to the dead Senior Brother Zhou.

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