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"So strong!" Shen Yanxiao marveled. Just how brilliant was that record?

"But, the last G.o.d who had survived, it seems that it’s not him?" Shen Siyu did not look like a War G.o.d who could pull a wide-scale killing in all directions, and he was also not that aloof!

Vermillion Bird pouted his small mouth and seemed to dislike this question very much.

"The difference between the number of the G.o.d Race and the Devil Race is too great. Even for him, it was impossible to fight against the million devils of the Devil Race. I heard from the representatives of other races that in the last battle of the battle of G.o.ds and devils, the War G.o.d fought against the Devil Lord..." Vermillion Bird said and added, "The Devil Lord’s status in the Devil Race is equal to the Ruling G.o.d of the G.o.d Race."

"..." So ferocious!

"The Ruling G.o.d of the G.o.d Race did not partic.i.p.ate in the battle of the G.o.ds and devils?" Letting a Superior G.o.d directly confront the Devil Lord, this was really...

Vermillion Bird shook his head, "At that time, the Ruling G.o.d did not appear. And before that, hundreds of years ago, the Ruling G.o.d had disappeared and there is no G.o.d in the G.o.d Race who knew where the Ruling G.o.d went. So in the battle of G.o.ds and devils, the Ruling G.o.d didn’t appear at all. It was the group of Superior G.o.ds who led the G.o.d Race and other races.”

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly, "So did the War G.o.d win in the last battle?"

Vermillion Bird looked at Shen Yanxiao and slowly said,

“Although the War G.o.d was extremely powerful, it was absolutely impossible for him to crush the Devil Lord in a fight. The strength of the Devil Lord is also incomparably tyrannical. The two of them fought each other for nearly a month; many soldiers of both sides had been killed in the battle already. The final result of the battle between the War G.o.d and the Devil Lord was that both of them were defeated and wounded. In order to prevent the Devil Lord from fleeing, the War G.o.d used his power that enables him to devour the devils’ power... to swallow... the Devil Lord…”

"Swallow..." Shen Yanxiao’s expression was completely horrified.

Vermillion Bird scratch his head and said somewhat helplessly, "It’s not that kind of swallow you are thinking. He just swallowed the power of the Devil Lord, not ate him. He devoured the soul of the Devil Lord because the Devil Lord is too powerful, he’s almost an immortal. The War G.o.d is the only one in the G.o.d Race that can integrate with the power of the Devil Race, so he could only use his speciality to devour the soul of the Devil Lord, but the Devil Lord's soul is too powerful. Although the War G.o.d could swallow it, it would be impossible to completely destroy the soul of the Devil Lord inside his body even after tens of thousands of years. Therefore, the War G.o.d, until the end, used his own remaining power and froze himself inside black ice. Since he can’t destroy his soul, he decided to seal himself along with the Devil Lord forever.”

Black Ice!!!

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath. She was now very sure, Xiu... she feared that he was the War G.o.d.

He did not die in that war in the past, but used his own power to enclose himself and the soul of the Devil Lord in the black ice...

In other words, those people had later mistakenly regarded him as the last G.o.d and then used him as an experimental product?

"What is the name of the War G.o.d, do you know?" Shen Yanxiao felt that her heart was beating vigorously. And she could feel that as she asked and listen to Vermillion Bird, Xiu who was in her heart lake had also been listening.

Xiu did not stop her, but acquiesced in her uncovering.

Vermillion Bird thought for a moment until his little face resembled a dumpling. In the end, he finally remembered the name of the War G.o.d.

"He is called... Asura, the War G.o.d Asura."

When the word ‘Asura’ came out from Vermillion Bird’s mouth, Shen Yanxiao immediately noticed the strong spiritual fluctuations from her heart lake.

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