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Chapter 178th Shameless fellow (3)

Shen Yanxiao stood at the entrance, watching a half-naked handsome youth, stunned.

Qi Xia is currently changing his clothes. The tattered purple robe had been thrown on the ground and he is holding a brand-new robe, ready to change. Who knew Shen Yanxiao will suddenly come in at this time.

He’s bare upper body is completely exposed to the air. The teenager’s slender figure is not as thin as she imagined. That smooth lower abdomen, hard and solid muscles, strong but aesthetically pleasing.

This is not the first time Shen Yanxiao has seen a man’s half-naked body. In the modern society, there are numerous hot-blooded juveniles playing with a ball with their arms fully exposed. But this is her rebirth, her first time witnessing the opposite gender’s skin’.

For a moment, Shen Yanxiao doesn’t know how to speak.

Qi Xia was also stunned for a second, but immediately restored the usual smile on his face and put on the clothes on his hands with ease and graceful manner. Then like a gentleman, he walked over to Shen Yanxiao, raised his hands and rubbed her little head.

“What’s wrong? Envious?” Qi Xia slightly raised the corners of his mouth into a smile and asked.

Envious? Envious of what? Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes, she did not react for some time.

“Rest a.s.sured, as long as you have a good workout in the future, you will also have some.” Qi Xia said with a rea.s.suring smile.

Also have some……

“No need.” Shen Yanxiao’s mouth gave slight twitching. She’s a girl, she doesn’t need to have strong and solid muscles, she doesn’t want to turn into a King Kong Barbie!

Qi Xia just raised his eyebrows.

“What about your roommate?” Her glance swept around the tent and did not find other people.

“Still clamoring outside?” Qi Xia shrugged.

“…..” What a perfect timing!

Since there are no other people, Shen Yanxiao simply walked to the bed of Qi Xia to sit down. Anyway, no one knows that she is a woman so there’s nothing wrong in sitting on a man’s bed.

As the intelligent he is, Qi Xia naturally knows what Shen Yanxiao wanted to ask.

“Were you unhappy that Nazhi robbed you off the limelight?” Qi Xia asked with a smile.

Shen Yanxiao gave him a clear glance.

“Is there a need to compete for the limelight with some fool?”

“…..” Qi Xia was speechless for a moment, he naturally understood who the ‘fool’ she was referring to is.

“The good young master of the Black Tortoise clan had set aside his bright future in other branches, and was dead-set on being in the pharmaceutical branch. Does he actually have some brain issues?” Shen Yanxiao was not stingy at ridiculing Tang Nazhi at all.

“Well.” Qi Xia helplessly smiled, then said: ”I just don’t want to let others know too much about us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Have you forgotten about our small group? I, Yang Xi and Yan Yu, the entire Holy Roland School are basically already aware of our strength. Nazhi is bound to be an object of focus after his admission to school. You will be our Phantom’s secret card, the only one who will be overlooked.  No matter what we encounter in the future, at least, the opponents cannot fully know all of our strength.”

Having a low sense of existence may not provide a good feeling. But in many cases, concealing one’s strength and biding one’s time proves to be a better thing. Unfortunately, the four of them have already lost such an opportunity.

As the young masters of the five great clans, they have the responsibility to show their perfect side for the glory of their families.

“How come I remember you saying that ‘Phantom’ is just a group you have formed to kill some time?” Shen Yanxiao fell silent. The more she heard, the more she felt like this is an illegal organization.

They don’t really plan on taking over the whole school right?

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