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Chapter 179th Return (1)

Qi Xia chuckled and said: “I didn’t say it’s not.”

Then tell her why would a small team whose purpose is just to kill time actually have to conceal their strength. Shen Yanxiao retorted in her heart but did not continue on with the topic. Qi Xia accidentally saved her out of the danger so she was naturally happy. She always felt it was strange for Ling Yue to ask those questions before.

Anyway, caution is the parent of safety. Shen Yanxiao decided to be well-behaved for a while, observe things for several days before making some plans again.

As a G.o.dly thief, skills and eyesight are important. But having a cautious observation is way more significant.  

If not for that, she wouldn’t have been able to sit tight in her previous organization as the number one thief.

“You came at the right time. I haven’t had much to eat these few days, let’s call the others and then we’ll grab some meal.” Qi Xia tidied up the clothes and said with a smile.

“Tang Nazhi just went to sleep.” Shen Yanxiao doubts whether Yang Xi and Yan Yu have already rested. Yan Yu’s body is not looking very good, seven days of rus.h.i.+ng around is enough for him to endure.

“Then, let’s just forget about him.” Without considering even a little bit of friends.h.i.+p, Qi Xia directly kicked out Tang Nazhi out of his plan.

Shen Yanxiao was also a little hungry so she followed and left the tent with Qi Xia.

When the two people appeared in the encampment, a series of comments immediately sounded.

“See, Shen Jue that little trash is really holding his thigh. What a shameless guy. They had just come back to the station and he’s currying favor with Qi Xia again.”

“This is what having a clear vision is. He knows that he has no ability so of course he’ll find a few thick thighs.”

“And Qi Xia is thickest thigh to hug.”

“Jokes. We didn’t have a thin thigh, but Yang Xi is proud by nature and he didn’t want to pay attention to such flattering goods.”

“Yo..yo..yo.. When did Yan Yu became *vegetarian? His legs can topple both your thighs.”

[tl: *weak, powerless, yielding, coward]

“We priests……”

“Us knights……”

“Magicians are the kings……”

The series of remarks finally evolved into an argument as whose ‘thigh’ is thicker between the top names of the three branches. The encampment which had turned peaceful just a while ago started to boil up once more.

The archer, swordsman and pharmacist students are indifferent to the other three branches’ plight. However, that does not prevent them from despising Shen Yanxiao’s thigh-hugging behavior.

Several students from the pharmaceutical branch were deliberately humphing loudly a few times when they brush past Shen Yanxiao.

The results of the test are related to their cla.s.s a.s.signment. Even if the pharmacist has no fighting prowess, the students also wanted to rely on the strength of their teammates to climb up. Unfortunately, their luck is not as good as Shen Yanxiao. A few pieces of badge are already very much. Just thinking about how Shen Yanxiao came back with badges full of gold glitters all over her body is enough to make all the pharmacist students grind their teeth.

He’s only a freshman; they really do not know what kind of dog s.h.i.+t he had done to climb on the four young masters of the five great clans. If it were not for him holding their thighs, with his ability, he would have been eliminated from the test early.

“Shameless.” One student of the pharmaceutical branch secretly mocked her when pa.s.sing by.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and moved her fingers slightly.

But soon she relaxed.

Ten years is not too late for a gentleman’s revenge. These bear children should just wait for her. Sooner or later, she’s going to steal the underwear out of this group of guys, hang them in the Holy Roland School and make them flutter in the wind!

Shen Yanxiao breathed out a sigh. He followed Qi Xia away from the crowd, not feeling anything.

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