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Chapter 232 - Warlock Branch’s student (3)

Yun Qis’ eyes were filled with excitement when he looked at Shen Yanxiao, he asked the little kid: “How many curse techniques have you learned from the sheepskin book?”

Shen Yanxiao replied: "Four."

"Single curse?"

"Uhm... no, it’s a combination curse."

Yun Qi, who was sitting on the chair gasped. No one knew better than him about the combination curse techniques recorded in the sheepskin book. Compared to the general combination curses, the combination curse techniques he had recorded was the essence of all the combination curses in their respective levels and they were also the most difficult to grasp.

How long had it been since the child had taken the sheepskin book? It’s hasn’t been two months and yet the kid had actually learned four combination curse techniques? He remembered that the books she had initially looked at were just some of the basics. At that time, he's afraid that she was just a mere beginner who had just stepped into the Warlock's path.

And the result, after only a short period of one month, she had actually learned four combination curse techniques and one of them was the low-level Illusion technique!

How could Yun Qi not get excited? Maybe the others would not understand what this meant, but how could he not be clear about this?

Generally, for a Warlock to learn two single curse techniques in a month was already considered great, as for combination curses, unless it was the simplest two-level combination curse, it could be learned in just one month otherwise it was absolutely impossible. But not only did Shen Yanxiao accomplished such feat, it was even far beyond the imagination of Yun Qi.

It is feared that in the whole Radiance Continent, one couldn’t find another person with such talent!

"Besides the Illusion technique, what are the other three that you’ve also learned?" Yun Qi’s heart was extremely excited, he was actually able to meet such a rare genius that only appears once for every thousands of years!

“Collapse, Infirmity, Clumsiness technique.” Shen Yanxiao strangely looked at the eyes of Yun Qi that were full of excitement; she have no idea why he looked so elevated.

"Collapse!" Yun Qi stood up from his chair, the way he looked at Shen Yanxiao could not be described as just excited anymore. He looked at her like he had seen a living dinosaur.

"Uh... what’s wrong?" Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes innocently. The number of times she used this combination curse technique was not much; was there something wrong with this combination curse?

"Good one!" Yun Qi popped out from behind the desk then strode forward to Shen Yanxiao’s spot, both of his eyes sparkling unceasingly.

"That's a five-level combination curse technique, you actually spent less than two months to learn it? G.o.d is really helping a lot this time to raise the Warlock’s glory again, ah!"

He thought that Shen Yanxiao, having learned the four-level Illusion technique was already a great thing but he didn’t expect that she would brought him such a big surprise again.

Five-level combination curse technique! Five levels!

Even an Intermediate Warlock who had been painstakingly practicing for many years needs at least half a year to successfully learn the Collapse technique, yet she needed only one and a half month to learn it!

This young fellow was not just a genius, he is more than that, he’s a demonic little genius!

This kind of extremely aberrant innate talent, for one hundred years throughout the whole Radiance Continent, there's absolutely no one to possess such talent!

“Ha! What elite of Dragon Xuan Empire? What about being a d.a.m.n Magician? Just give me six months and I will definitely be able to make a super Warlock that would shock the whole continent!" Yun Qi’s blood had been boiling this whole time. After the silence of the Warlocks for so many years, finally he encountered such a rare aberrant student!

"It's worth it! I didn’t wait for so many years in vain!” Suddenly, Yun Qi had burst into tears.

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