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At the entrance, Shen Yanxiao arrived quietly together with more than forty students.

Unlike Luoqiu's quiet entrance, Shen Yanxiao's appearance made the whole arena boil in an instant.

All the students stretched their heads and watched the mysterious mentor from the rumors.

Various pairs of eyes full of curiosity and mockery all focused on Shen Yanxiao at this moment.

This was not applause, by any means; rather, there was discrimination.

Along with these intricate eyes came the undisguised mockery. Sharp words like the tip of a knife heartlessly filled the ears of Shen Yanxiao, Zhanye and the rest.

Under such an atmosphere, the students walking behind Shen Yanxiao clenched their fists as they lowered their heads and felt sour in their hearts.

However, Shen Yanxiao, who was walking in front, never halted her mountain back. One could not see a trace of fluctuation on her delicate little face. She reacted coldly and indifferently to these negative opinions as though it had nothing to do with her.

Iry in the stands watched this mentor's calm and waveless face, and his lips formed a smile.

That expression was just like that time when they were being chased by the Mole Beast. That day, she arrived with such an indifferent expression on her face, as if nothing in the world could shake her at all.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao was not as n.o.ble nor unconstrained as Iry imagined. It was just, she had encountered this kind of situation many times. From Holy Roland School to the Barren Land, no kind of ridicule nor discrimination could shake her half a step.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao could actually understand this group of cynical children.

The hierarchy in the world of the undead was very cruel. In the eyes of these purebred undead teenagers, she looked just like a primary student while they were already high school students. Imagine, a primary student suddenly becoming a teacher for high school students; this kind of situation was really not acceptable to ordinary people. She reckoned that these naughty brats must be thinking inside that their dean was crazy.

It was even more impossible to calmly accept her level as a primary student.


Who cares whether they accepted her or not?!

Let's talk about it after the fight!

Shen Yanxiao, with an extremely fierce att.i.tude and a group of small followers, entered the martial arts arena bravely and vigorously. Her calm expression and free and easy posture made the group of students waiting to see Shen Yanxiao and others make a fool of themselves completely uncertain.

"Does this fellow have a bit of shame?" Watching a low undead use her ident.i.ty as a mentor to emerge in such a magnificent manner, a group of purebred undead teenagers whose mental endurance was very low thoroughly blew their tops.

Do you dare keep a low profile? Should you not feel embarra.s.sed?! Don't you have any understanding that you are a low undead?!

The purebred undead were indignant. On the other hand, the two hundred resurrected undead students showed a trace of surprise when they saw Shen Yanxiao.

As a resurrected undead, they must live with their heads down. Not to mention raising their heads and sticking out their chest in front of a group of high undead, if they didn't flee with lightning speed afterwards, they were already bold.

But Yan Di was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. Such indifference, such a condescending manner, it could not help but make these resurrected undead, who were oppressed by hierarchy, harbor a trace of expectations in their hearts.

This small mentor was just like them: a low undead. But, she had the courage to challenge Luoqiu. This courage surprised them and also made them feel envious.

They subconsciously began to pray for Shen Yanxiao's victory in this compet.i.tion.

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