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Chapter 261 - Opening a casino (2)

Looking for more crystallic nucleus, finding and collecting the medicinal herbs that were needed to create the Blood Feast Potion, and have her Archer and Warlock breakthrough the Senior level before the start of the compet.i.tion, these were the current problems that Shen Yanxiao was facing.

And to solve all these problems within six months was somehow difficult.

After returning back to the Holy Roland School, Shen Yanxiao looked for opportunities to contact Qi Xia and others. She ambiguously told the four people that she needed a lot of crystallic nucleus.

Even in the past, Qi Xia knew that Shen Yanxiao needed a lot of crystallic nuclei, but he didn’t asked too much about her purpose.

He had always felt that Shen Yanxiao had a lot of secrets. And if Shen Yanxiao was unwilling to tell him these secrets, then he wouldn't probe into it.

"It’s not difficult to get tens of thousands crystallic nuclei, but only if the method is something crafty." Qi Xia stroked his chin. He was seriously giving thoughts about Shen Yanxiao's problems.

"I know that mercenary corps have a lot of crystallic nuclei on their hands." Yang Xi, who was sitting on the side commented.

Mercenaries often accept the task of clearing demon beasts and magical beasts. Most of the magic nuclei they acquired by killing magical beasts were being taken away by their employees. On the other hand, only a few number of people would want the crystallic nucleus of the demon beast, as this kind of nucleus only had a little value. And most people wouldn't buy them in large quant.i.ties, hence it resulted to mercenaries just h.o.a.rding a lot of crystallic nuclei on their hands and waiting for it to be rid of.

"Purchasing crystallic nucleus from the mercenaries is not a hard task at all. The problem is that we must be secretive about little Xiao's matter when buying the nucleus. If we buy them in the open, I'm afraid that there would be some people who would want to investigate the matter." Qi Xia had also thought of this point. In the whole Radiance Continent, no one wanted the crystallic nucleus. If they bought a lot, they’re afraid that it would arouse the curiosity of some forces, and so it wouldn’t be surprising if these forces would trace the destination of these nuclei.

Qilin Auction House could collect a lot of crystallic nuclei because it was an auction site. No one knew that all of these crystallic nuclei would just end up in one person. Hence, it wouldn't attract any attention. Even so, Qi Xia didn't dare to use all their auction houses to collect the crystallic nucleus for Shen Yanxiao. Otherwise, it would cause him a ma.s.sive headache should trouble arise.

A group of people pondered and tried to find a good way to do it easily.

After a little while, finally, Qi Xia thought of an idea.

"Do you remember the casino that we had won before?"

"I remember. Didn't you say you're going to make that our base?" Tang Nazhi said.

Qi Xia was initially interested in that casino because their "Phantom" group needed a place to gather.

"I had that plan. But now I have thought of a better use for it. Why don't we continue to run it as a casino? But we will change the regulations. The gambling stake will no longer be limited to just gold coins, and instead of being open for the students of Holy Roland School, our targets will be those mercenaries stationed at the Black City." Qi Xia smilingly said.

"And then release the news that the crystallic nucleus could also be used as a wager?" Shen Yanxiao immediately understood Qi Xia’s plan.

"Yes. There are a lot of mercenary corps in the Black City, and the crystallic nucleus in their hands will definitely meet your needs." Qi Xia pointed out. It would indeed save you a lot of trouble when a clever person would help you out.

"I guess this method is possible. However, a lot of students of the Holy Roland School know that the casino had been won by us. If we open it to the outside world, some quick-witted people will soon guess our purpose." Yan Yu had still some qualms about the plan.

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