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Chapter 317 - Fake Death Potion (1)

A mentor frowned at Shen Yanxiao and asked, "Your bottle of potion is a failed product?”

Shen Yanxiao smiled and shook her head, "It is a finished product."

A few mentors were somewhat feeling gloomy after listening to her answer.

They examined it again, but didn’t find out anything.

"What potion is it, then?" It was impossible for them to know what this bottle of potion was, so the mentors could only ask Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrow as she smiled and said: "What? None of the mentors actually know it?" Well, in fact, she too didn’t know the name of this potion!

Shen Yanxiao answered their question with a question, causing these several self-respecting mentors’ faces to turn red.

Indeed, they couldn’t judge the ident.i.ty of this bottle of potion, and this was a blow to them. This was a formula used by a freshman student, but they couldn’t actually see the ingredients involved! This was simply too shameful.

The atmosphere on the stadium became somewhat strange. Shen Yanxiao didn’t want to explain more about the origin of the potion, and the mentors were also unable to study it further.

Although they were very speechless, they thought that this freshman kid was actually causing them trouble. After all, no matter what potion he had concocted, beating Shangguan Xiao's Deep Magic Potion was absolutely impossible. But this compet.i.tion was related to Tang Nazhi. If they didn’t give clear explanations about Shen Yanxiao’s defeat, and if Tang Nazhi’s wager was really like what they had heard and left the Holy Roland School, they would be depressed.

Tang Nazhi was a member of the Black Tortoise Clan. If their vague judgments caused him to drop out, the Black Tortoise Clan’s retaliations wouldn’t be easy to handle.

They were just some ordinary mentors, and they didn’t dare confront the Black Tortoise Clan.

So, in order to achieve fairness, several people could only huddle together to discuss solutions.

The spectating students waited for the results for a long time, and those impatient ones stretched out their necks to see the situation in the compet.i.tion area.

"What happened? They aren’t done looking at Shen Jue's potion yet? There’s no news yet?" They originally thought that the compet.i.tion was about to end soon, but it suddenly fell into a deadlock, which really made some students feel incredible.

"I don’t know, it looks like the mentors have no way to judge what Shen Jue created."

"... is that really a potion? I saw him work so sloppily before and thought it was a waste."

"If it’s a waste, the mentors will not hesitate like that."

Some students were curious in their hearts when they saw how the mentors acted.

The potion that a freshman concocted could actually make so many mentors lose face. This  was really strange!

"Have you seen that bottle of potion of little Xiao before?" Qi Xia narrowed his eyes and asked Tang Nazhi.

Tang Nazhi shook his head very decisively.

"Never seen it before. Since she went to Ye Qing, I didn’t know much about the potions in her hands."

Qi Xia touched his chin and didn’t ask again.

The mentors finally made a decision. Since they couldn’t judge Shen Yanxiao's potion and they also couldn’t ask her about it, they could only invite Pu Lisi who came here today.

They would let Pu Lisi, who was a Master Pharmacist, personally determine what potion did Shen Yanxiao created.

These mentors were actually very clever. Knowing the situation, no matter how they announce the result, they were afraid that they would still end up getting on Tang Nazhi’s bad side.

So it was better to hand over the judgement of Shen Yanxiao’s potion to Pu Lisi, and maintain a fair image under the name of the master.

After receiving this invitation, Pu Lisi didn’t hesitate and went directly to the center of the stadium.

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