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A faint red light enveloped the entire hilltop of Mount Ku Luo, and as far as they could see, the red light was more intense at the top of the mountain. This red light contained powerful fire elements that gradually spread to the foot of the mountain.

Surrounded by such strong fire elements, everyone’s breathing became rapid, and the air in their lungs became warmer.

"Soon, we’ll see the Phoenix. I hope everyone can join forces and do their best to a.s.sist us in winning over the Phoenix. I just need the Phoenix’s heart, so you can distribute the other stuff with one another confidently.” At this crucial moment, the leader came out and put out a great temptation in front of the crowd.

For these mercenaries, the most captivating thing in this mission was the rank eight magic nucleus. This wasn’t your average magic nucleus; this was a nucleus that came from the legendary magical beast Phoenix, so its value would surely surpa.s.s the other high level magical beasts’.

"Please rest a.s.sured. Since we’ve received the task, we will naturally do everything we can to complete it," one mercenary head said with a righteous and stern face, yet his flickering eyes that contained excitement exposed his true thoughts.

"In that case, I will humbly thank everyone here in advance. I pledge that as long as you can help me get the Phoenix’s heart, each mercenary corps will be paid an additional 20% this time." The mercenary heads were now lost in this alluring temptation. The group of mercenaries were immediately fired up. The rewards of this task were already really very generous, but now the employers actually increased it by 20% more. This mission was simply too profitable!

All the mercenaries geared up to prepare for the battle, and they marched energetically towards the summit of Mount Ku Luo.

Human beings would die for riches, just as birds would for food; for the sake of those gold coins, they would charge forward!

Thousands of teams sped up, and at an astonis.h.i.+ng pace, they advanced towards the hilltop of Mount Ku Luo.

And those mercenaries, who had long been captivated and attracted by such temptation, had never even noticed that as they charged forward, there was a cruel and contemptuous smile on the employer’s face.

However, the main leader’s facial expression had still fell into someone’s eyes.

Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes at the employer and his group who were walking behind the crowd. Although the leader had regained his calm at this time, the expression he had just revealed shouted a warning to Shen Yanxiao.

She had a hunch that these people wouldn’t be joining them to deal with the Phoenix, and that their purpose was likely to be something else.

“Head Du, at the time we’re about to meet the Phoenix, let all the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps be at the rear. Do not confront the Phoenix head on, and if you are unable to fight anymore, then you have to immediately withdraw along with your men from the hilltop,” Shen Yanxiao quickly walked over to Du Lang’s side and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

Du Lang was slightly surprised for a moment. Shen Yanxiao’s instructions were too strange —for them not to confront the Phoenix head on and to immediately leave the hilltop if they feel that the situation is amiss? Could it be that she discovered something?

"Huo Xiao, do you know something?” Du Lang asked in a low voice.

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. The purpose of those employers wasn’t clear yet. If their goal was not the Phoenix, then she should pay more attention to their movements. But Du Lang was at the side where there were a lot of people. If they withdrew this time, she was afraid that it would arouse others’ suspicions. After all, they had yet to see the Phoenix, if they were already having cold feet, wanting to withdraw from the fight and run away, she was afraid that this might cause a fatal blow to the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ reputation.


Shen Yanxiao hesitated over and over again before she decided to give Du Lang a wake up call.  

"The Phoenix on the top of the mountain is definitely not just a high level magical beast. It might even already be in the level of Mythological Beast. With our team’s strength, it would be impossible to rival it.”

Shen Yanxiao's words were like a heavy bomb that burst Du Lang's heart open. He was originally skeptical that the information they received wasn’t true, but he didn’t dare to affirm it. But now that he heard the information from Shen Yanxiao’s mouth, his heart immediately sank to the bottom.

"I understand. I will let others pay more attention. If the mission failed because of false information, then even the employer isn’t qualified to pursue in looking into it.” Du Land nodded, his heart was very grateful for Shen Yanxiao’s reminder, otherwise, he was afraid that with his temper, he will definitely let his team take the front in battling with the Phoenix, then, when the times comes and something went wrong, it would be too late to retreat anymore.  

Shen Yanxiao: I’m glad that you un- UGH I keep on forgetting my lines!

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Shen Yanxiao: I know but, can’t I just keep quiet and just smile?

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