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With great difficulty, they were able to escape from being reincarnated and managed to get together again just a moment ago. They hadn’t had the time to a.n.a.lyze their mistakes yet when an invisible oppression nailed them in place.

The leader of the group was battered and exhausted after being chased by the Phoenix, so when that pressure began to oppress him, he almost fainted. However, in his heart, there was only one major thing he was thinking about.

He had never seen this powerful force before. Why did such a powerful person suddenly appear here? Could it be that the information about the Phoenix egg had been leaked?

No matter what these people thought in their hearts, the top of the mountain was now not a great place for them to set their foot in.

Shen Yanxiao was still sweating profusely. Xiu slightly narrowed his eyes. His current strength was not enough to condensed his whole ent.i.ty, and just this illusory image already consumed quite a lot of his strength. At the same time, his appearance also used up a lot of Shen Yanxiao’s mental and physical energy .

If he went on like this, he was afraid that with Shen Yanxiao's strength, she wouldn’t be able to take the burden soon.

Can only resolve this quickly!

Xiu made up his mind to quickly settle things down with these two Phoenixes.

If anyone knew what he was thinking, they would probably be wailing at his feet, begging for mercy.

But those two Phoenixes were Mythological Beasts, ah!

How many people yearned even in their dreams to have such treasures? Yet unexpectedly this big uncle didn’t even blink an eye to put them to death —truly such a great way to waste resources recklessly.

It had to be said that before Xiu’s eyes, Mythological Beasts were not that rare. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate on his decision.

The two Phoenixes could clearly feel the aura that was exuding from Xiu’s body had traces of killing. This murderous intent was so strong that it was almost suffocating. They immediately became nervous; they had a hunch that once this mysterious man called the shot, the two of them would have no chances of surviving!

The moment when Xiu was preparing a heavy hand to destroy the beasts, a soft sound suddenly broke the grim atmosphere.

"Chirp~" It was from the little Phoenix who was kept in the arms of its parent. No one knew when it had regained its consciousness, but it suddenly came out from the feathers on its mother’s back and looked around the place. At last, it saw the injured Vermillion Bird lying on the ground.

Although the figure was completely different, this little guy could feel a sense of closeness at first sight when he saw the beautiful bird.

[Raz-P: “when he saw the beautiful bird… the beautiful bird.” (ノ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ︵┻┻ ]

Hence, this little Phoenix with a serious mindset of a chick didn’t care no matter how bad the situation was right now, and with its two thumb-sized wings, it directly jumped out of its mother’s body.

The Phoenix was flying in mid-air a hundred meters away from the ground. If it fell at this height, then the little Phoenix would probably fall to its end.

This big move that the Little Phoenix made really frightened both its father and mother.

Seeing that the little guy would soon fall and become meat patty, the two Phoenixes didn’t have time to deal with Xiu’s threats as they quickly dove down to save their child.

However, the round and bulging body of the little Phoenix that was falling mid-air didn’t fall directly to the ground. Instead, he desperately tried moving his two mini-wings, dangerously stabilized his chubby body to slowly go towards the direction where Vermillion Bird was .

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