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Posting 6 chapters today because I'm away tomorrow and plus the two extra chapters.. Enjoy~~

No one knew the extent of Qi Xia's current strength in the end. So far, he had only used one move in all of his battles, one move that would beat his opponents in a matter of seconds, which simply could not let people grasp his real strength.

Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes. At this moment, Qi Xia was not her companion but her opponent.

Qi Xia did not need to chant to release a magical attack. Just by waving his wand and he could shoot a skill towards his opponent. This was what made all his opponents cough up blood.

In the face of such an instantaneous attack, for Shen Yanxiao to attack Qi Xia at a close distance was basically impossible.

Magicians had a lot of skills, and among those skills, there was a lot of deceleration skills.

A single ice and snow magic could turn Shen Yanxiao into an ice lump.

Almost no one believed Shen Yanxiao could win. Because the feeling that Qi Xia brought to the people was just too strong. No need to mention the students who were still studying in school, even those strong people whose name could shake one part of the world would probably not dare to fight this young and green youth.

"The match starts!" The referee's announcement landed on the ground.

All eyes were locked on the ring.

They were waiting to see if the rumored super genius Magician could stop the little Warlock from advancing.

However, at the very start of the match, when the voice had just landed, Shen Yanxiao had already been moving. Her hands fluttered and performed various hand seals at a speed which was extremely dazzling.

People got curious. There was still a long distance between Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia. If she used a curse technique now, it could not reach Qi Xia at all. What exactly was she doing?

But Yun Qi who was sitting amongst the crowd could actually tell what Shen Yanxiao was doing.

"Engraved! When did she learn Engraved?!" Yun Qi's expression had become very stunned as his mouth murmured some words.

Yang Xi and Yan Yu who were sitting at Yun Qi's side asked curiously, "Senior, what is Engraved?"

Yun Qi's eyes kept on staring at Shen Yanxiao, he replied with a little excitement in his voice, "Engraved is a sixth-level combination curse technique, it's one of the most advanced curse technique a Senior Warlock can learn!"

Yang Xi and Yan Yu were in a daze after listening.

Yun Qi was very clear, Shen Yanxiao using Engraved was an incredible thing!

Although Engraved was only a Senior-level combination curse technique, its difficulty was far more than all the combination curse techniques, and the power of this curse was unimaginable.

Qi Xia just stood in the ring, watching as Shen Yanxiao performed constant hand seals. His eyes flashed a trace of doubt.

But he did not intend to continue to be in a daze. He raised his wand to prepare shooting a powerful blow toward Shen Yanxiao.

However, the moment Qi Xia made some action, Shen Yanxiao also stopped her hand seals.

She slowly raised her right hand, as if she was holding a wand in her hand. Her action was exactly the same as Qi Xia’s!

"What's going on here? What's up with Little Xiao?" Yang Xi was surprised to see Shen Yanxiao's actions. What Shen Yanxiao was doing right now was like an imitation of Qi Xia's move. She was like a reflection in the mirror. Hers and Qi Xia's movement was in sync!

"Engraved is a curse technique that can forcefully imitate an opponent's attacks. As long as the opponent does not exceed her two levels, she can imitate her opponent's skills." Yun Qi explained.

"Isn't that defying the heaven?" Yang Xi and Yan Yu were truly shocked with Yun Qi's explanation. This ability to completely copy the opponent's attacks was basically a thing that goes against heaven's will!

However, they had no idea how hard it was to use such curse like Engraved for the Warlock. First of all, Shen Yanxiao must make sure that she and Qi Xia were within two levels, or else the Engraved could not be started!

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