The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 58- A Loose Tongue May Cause A Lot Of Troubles Part 1

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Chapter 58-A Loose Tongue May Cause A Lot Of Troubles Part 1

No one called into question whether or not Shen Jiawei would be vetoed by the Vermillion Bird, because according to the Vermillion Bird's principle, regardless of whether there was or wasn't someone that he'd taken a fancy to amongst this batch of disciples from the Vermillion Bird Clan, he had to pick a disciple of the Vermillion Bird Clan as the target of his loyalty and devotion as long as he was roused from the lying dormant state of his.

This was what he'd agreed to with the Vermillion Bird Clan's first generation.

In everyone's eyes, Shen Jiawei was already considered to have possessed half of the Vermillion Bird.

Even Shen Jiawei firmly believed it. As he approached the Vermillion Bird, he constantly fantasized that after he'd become the Vermillion Bird Clan's clan head's successor, he'd definitely have Shen Yifeng a.s.signed to the branch family, for he'd long ago not seen eye to eye with this unbound, well-regarded older cousin of his, because he himself was definitely Shen Feng's grandson—yet his position hadn't been able to compare with Shen Yifeng all along? As for this sister of his? Since she was the one that wasn't benevolent to him first, then she couldn't blame him for his injustice later!

Then, there was also this idiot, Shen Yanxiao. The moment he'd obtained the Vermillion Bird he'd certainly have his grandfather drive this trash out of the Vermillion Bird Clan! He'd be on the eve of succeeding the Vermillion Bird Clan, he absolutely wouldn't allow a disgraceful existence like this!

With his heart fully full of plans, Shen Jiawei finally dragged his bruised body before arriving in front of the Vermillion Bird. Despite his pain, he put on a confident smile then kneeled on one of his knees on the ground. Before the Vermillion Bird, he smiled as he said, “Your excellency, the revered Vermillion Bird, I'm the last disciple of the Vermillion Bird clan within this batch, and am extremely honored to be able to obtain your good-”

Before Shen Jiawei even had the time to finish saying his words, the Vermillion Bird nevertheless abruptly made a snapping sound, and Shen Jiawei's body was immediately tossed into the air by a formless power.

At first, Shen Jiawei was alarmed, but he hadn't simply been thrown out like Shen Jiayi. It was evident that the Vermillion Bird's current actions signified that it was very probable that it was in the progress of signing a contract with him!

Shen Jiawei elatedly thought.

“The human race really won't change, even in death! You unexpectedly dare to lie before me!” The Vermillion Bird's voice was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with anger.

Shen Jiawei was indirectly thrown out by the Vermillion Bird the next second, and his beautiful dream subsequently shattered as well.

The confused Shen Jiawei whom was thrown down simply didn't understood, for in the end, just what words of his were a lie, to have unexpectedly provoked the Vermillion Bird's anger.

Confronting with Shen Jiawei's cruel treatment, Shen Yifeng and Shen Jiayi's facial expressions became incomparably complicated.

They were naturally very happy that Shen Jiawei didn't obtain the Vermillion Bird's acknowledgement, but after the Vermillion Bird had declined Shen Jiawei, it could be said that they, their party of people, had been completely wiped out. The Vermillion Bird simply hadn't picked anyone among them, and this simply didn't make any sense!

At the time where everyone was still perplexed despite many thoughts, the Vermillion Bird's figure unhurriedly floated towards the corner of the cave. Under everyone's astonished gazes, he then lightly landed on the ground and stood before Shen Yanxiao, the one whom had hidden in the corner and watched the good show from the start to finish.

Shen Yifeng, Shen Jiayi, and Shen Jiawei's complexions turned to an extremely dark shade at the same moment.

Your sister!! How could they have forgotten about this idiot!

Shen Yanxiao stood at her original spot, and looked at the arrogant little face that was almost within her reach.

The Vermillion Bird's appearance nevertheless had a very large disparity compared to the human race. That pair of pointy little ears in general could have made Shen Yanxiao a.s.sociate it to the elves that she'd previously seen in the movies. Those pair of scarlet red eyes definitely didn't have the proper naiveness of a child, and what was present in them were only a haughtiness—as if n.o.body in this world could be compared to him.

The facial features were so perfect that they couldn't be disputed.


She swore that if this self-important little bird dared to have her thrown out as well, she'd certainly have Xiu ruthlessly crush it to death!

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