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This event when the demon beasts came out from their nests and attacked everyone was known as the ‘Beast Tide’. 

The demon beasts that were now on this continent could destroy everything in an instant. 

The four countries were afraid of the demon beasts. The only one that had the capability to do something about the beast tide was the G.o.d’s Domain. Every time a beast tide occurred, the four countries would have a tacit understanding to request help from the G.o.d’s Domain and fight with them together. 

However, even though there was the help of the G.o.d’s Domain, it only reduced the loss; they could not completely curb the harm of the beast tide. 

Every time they confronted a beast tide, the four countries would treat them as their greatest enemies. But whenever they saw the beast tide, they all felt like dying. The demon beasts inherited the powerful strength of the Devil Race; as long as a small number of the demon beasts fled back to the Dark Demon Forest, then after a hundred years, they could still create a frightening beast tide. 

These million demon beasts, how could they be easily wiped out? 

The beast tide had already become a legacy of the Barren Land. And although the four cities had now built their respective Barren Land cities, only the Blizzard City owned by the Divine Wind Alliance that had been established more than a hundred years ago had experienced the last beast tide. Originally, not long afterward the Blizzard City was built, it had already encountered a beast tide. After ten years of hard construction, the city was destroyed by the demon beasts and there were countless casualties. Today's Blizzard City was rebuilt after the beast tide. The first generation of Blizzard City had already been stepped on by the iron hooves of the previous beast tide. 

This time, when Shen Yanxiao rebuilt The Rising Sun City, it happened to be near the onset of the beast tide. This news was not very good for her. 

Although she had never seen a demon beast, knowing that these creatures could cause the higher demons’ faces to all change color, she could guess that they were not easy to deal with. 

The Holy Sage’s words were reasonable. Since the G.o.d’s Domain was responsible for resisting the beast tide for a long time now, it was only rational for them to come and check the Barren Land when the beast tide was about to come. 


Did checking the situation require the Holy Sage to personally take action? 

Obviously, there were other reasons for the appearance of the Holy Sage, but at the end of the day, Shen Yanxiao did not dare ask too much. The att.i.tude of the Holy Sage could be considered amiable to her. She was relieved for a moment. The Holy Sage’s intentions might actually not be to make trouble for her.

"The beast tide is very dangerous and frightening. I wonder if the Holy Sage can infer the beast tide this time?" Shen Yanxiao’s heart was beating fast. She hadn't noticed the movement of the demon beasts at all. When she heard about it from the Holy Sage for the first time today, she was a little nervous. 

Although the city walls of The Rising Sun City were extremely st.u.r.dy, the beast tide was so horrible. Who knew what the consequences of this encounter would be? 

Besides, she had already prepared to reclaim the cities in the south, north, east and west of The Rising Sun City. If a beast tide occurred during this period of time, she would cry until she was tearless. 

The Holy Sage understood Shen Yanxiao’s worries. The Rising Sun City had just been built in the Barren Land, and it turned to be a special period. No one dared to guarantee that it would not follow the footsteps of the Blizzard City. 

“According to my calculations, there is still more than one year before the arrival of the beast tide.” 

More than a year; she could say that it was neither a long nor a short time. But based on the speed Shen Yanxiao built The Rising Sun City, it was enough for her to open up the small four cities in the four directions. 

However, it was a difficult problem to withstand the attacks of the beast tide.

The city walls of The Rising Sun City were built with obsidian. It was extremely hard and it was reinforced by the magic array. It could be said that the st.u.r.diness of the city walls of The Rising Sun City could look down upon all the siege weapons of the modern day. 


But what about the other four cities she would soon open up? 

Although Shen Yanxiao could continue to use the obsidian to create the walls of the four cities, without the additional protection of the magic array, no one would dare to guarantee that the city walls made with obsidian could withstand the attacks of the demon beasts.

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