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Weak... She couldn't excite his fighting spirit... 

So this was the reason he was so sure! 

Shen Yanxiao immediately felt a mouthful of blood in her throat that she could not vomit. 

She finally realized what a real poisonous tongue was like. Just like Xiu’s earnest words that could make one wish to just die. This was the true ability of a poisonous tongue.

Great Master Xiu, do you really want to train me, not kill me?! 

It felt like it was just some time ago that Shen Yanxiao was still jumping in joy from being promoted to an Advanced Professional, yet who would have thought that, in the next second, her body would be covered in numerous cuts and bruises from Xiu’s verbal attack.

She had always been the one who attacked people verbally, but before Xiu, she could not remember how many times she had been hit. 

Confidence or whatnot, it had been broken into slag!

"Are you really sure, certain, and positive about this?" Silently swallowing the blood in her throat, Shen Yanxiao asked in grief. 

'Yes.' Xiu was very firm. 

"All right," Shen Yanxiao, who was very aware of her own incompetence, could only silently comply with Xiu’s decision, but her heart was already devastated by her forthcoming h.e.l.lish life. 

She could really not hold his thighs randomly now, could she? Or else, this fellow would seriously beat her to death ah! 

In fact, Shen Yanxiao had already thought about it. Although Xiu could now appear with a semi-real body, the time was very limited. Therefore, even if she were really beaten up, it would only be for a short time... 

On the next night, Shen Yanxiao’s mood was heavy. She watched a cloud of black mist emerge from her body and gradually form a figure in front of her eyes. 

It was dark when the night king of the deserted land came. In the dark mountain forest, Shen Yanxiao saw Xiu, whom she had not seen for a long time, through the glow of the light-congealing crystals placed around them.

He was still as handsome as in her memory. His impeccable features were extraordinarily fascinating against the light, his pair of golden eyes carried a hint of indifference, and his black long hair was casually spread on his shoulders. It was silent all around; only a gentle breeze blowing over could be heard, which fluttered his long and smooth black hair and brushed his flawless white cheeks. 

Obviously, it wasn’t the first time she had seen Xiu in person, but Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.


Under the faint light of the night, such a perfect man stood so quietly that everything around him became insignificant. His appearance was like a beautiful painting. Wherever he was would become beautiful scenery. 

"Cough... should we start now?" Shen Yanxiao uncomfortably looked away. This handsome man in front of her obviously came out to bully her, what was she being shy about? 

This was ridiculous! 

She was not a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t okay! 

"Ok." Xiu slightly crooked his head, his black long hair spread over his shoulders with his movements, reaching down to his waist, and his half-squinted golden eyes were calm as water without the slightest emotion. 

Shen Yanxiao secretly glanced at him, but it was that brief moment that made her heart skip a beat. 

After her rebirth, she had seen countless handsome men. Qi Xia and others were definitely rare handsome youths. She thought that after being around so many handsome beings all this time, she could already calmly face all the beautiful scenery in the world. 

However, she did not think that every time she saw Xiu, she would keep being surprised by his extraordinary appearance. 

If Qi Xia and others were like the dazzling stars above the midnight sky, then Xiu’s existence was like the bright sun on the day; even if one did not look directly at it, they would still be able to sense its sunlight.

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