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Fang Qiu shuddered. He also knew that although the higher demons have high intelligence, they still rely on humans to feed themselves. If not because he had no other method, he would not make such an unwise move. 

“This... Blizzard City is located in the northern region of the Barren Land, and you are also the demons of the northern region. The City Lord has never interfered with you munching on humans, and he has also made a lot of deals with the demons of many cities. Most of the demons will give us a bit of face. If the two leaders can give us a way out, after we go back to the city, we will let the City Lord provide enough slaves for you to eat.” Fang Qiu was covered in cold sweat as he spoke. 

Above them, just behind the boulder, Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. She heard from Du Lang before that the other three forces in the Barren Land had certain rules when dealing with the demons. 

Because, even though they had completed the construction of the city, they still needed to ensure the safety along the road to their countries; they must think of a good way to deal with the demons. 

For this reason, the City Lords had reached a consensus that they would make a “tribute” to the higher demons of the several nearby cities. And this tribute consisted of slaves bought from the Forgotten Traces. The demons were not very demanding, and many slaves in the Forgotten Traces were sick and old, their prices very low. The physically strong slaves that Shen Yanxiao bought were only worth ten gold coins. With one gold coin, one could already buy two or three of those who were almost dying and didn’t have any working ability.


The other three cities would often purchase such cheap slaves to make a good relations.h.i.+p with the demons in their area. 

When you fed them ‘till they were full, you would not need to worry that they would easily attack your people. 

This dark transaction had always existed in the various cities of the Barren Land. Every month, there were tens of thousands of slaves that were sent to the cities where the demons were would eat them. 

When Shen Yanxiao first heard about this matter, she was utterly disgusted. 

It was said that if you do not look out for yourself, the heavens and earth will destroy you. But their own strength was not enough. So to reclaim the Barren Land territory that they wanted, they sacrificed those poor slaves. These people’s hearts were seriously ruthless. 

Shen Yanxiao herself was not a totally good person, but she could not do such a cruel thing.

Now it seemed that the leader of this group of mercenaries could say such things without the slightest hesitation. Obviously, they were accustomed to doing those kind of things in the Blizzard City. 

Shen Yanxiao subconsciously disliked the head of this mercenary corps. In comparison, Du Lang was more unyielding and more humane. 

After hearing the words of Fang Qiu, the two higher demons displayed a smile on their faces. 

“Oh? I’ve heard that Blizzard City has been very generous, sending a lot of food to our northern brothers. I don’t know how many slaves you plan to use in exchange for the lives of you and your people.” One of the higher demons grinned at Fang Qiu, who was in a cold sweat and seemed to be moved by his proposal. 

Fang Qiu breathed a sigh of relief. The other party was willing to talk. This was a good thing. 

"Five hundred, we will give you five hundred slaves in exchange!" Fang Qiu immediately said. 

"Five hundred? Not enough." The two higher demons was apparently not satisfied with the answer. 

"One thousand! We’ll give you one thousand slaves!" Fang Qiu quickly replied. 

"Not enough." 

"Two thousand! Two thousand slaves! In exchange for these hundred lives of ours!" Fang Qiu continued to increase the number with the refusal of the higher demons, as if the two thousand slaves were not humans at all, but only animals. 

"Two thousand ah." The other higher demon touched his chin and looked thoughtfully at Fang Qiu.

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