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Shen Yanxiao was sitting in the study and pondering how she would handle Nangong Mengmeng. After all, she really left this young lady aside these days, and really had not planned to deal with her. But now, she was interested in using her to maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with the G.o.d’s Domain, so she must make good excuses for her disregard.

However, when Shen Yanxiao saw Nangong Mengmeng, she immediately felt how idiotic her thoughts were just now.

" finally remembered me! This humble disciple missed you so much!" Nangong Mengmeng’s figure had not yet appeared, but her clamoring came already. It sounded like the shout of a spoiled child, which made Shen Yanxiao freeze in place.

In the next second, an energetic figure rapidly arrived in front of Shen Yanxiao.

From entering the door to lifting up her skirts and kneeling, Nangong Mengmeng had done it all in less than three seconds, leaving no time for Shen Yanxiao to respond; she bowed straight before Shen Yanxiao, and her hand was still holding a cup… of tea.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Nangong Mengmeng in panic, and looked at Nangong Mengmeng's hand which unexpectedly did not spill a single drop of tea.

This person of the G.o.d’s Domain was surely not just a talented person, but a marvel.

"You get up first." Shen Yanxiao recovered from her inner shock and sighed.

Nangong Mengmeng did not move.

"Master, you must drink this cup of tea first for us to formally become master and disciple, only then will I get up." Nangong Mengmeng had already thought it over on the way. Regardless of the reason why Shen Yanxiao called her over, she was already determined to let Shen Yanxiao accept her today no matter what.

What nonsense manner? What nonsense image? It had long been grinded into slag by her excited tiny heart.

Before, Shen Yanxiao was also thinking of reasons for taking in Nangong Mengmeng as her disciple, but Nangong Mengmeng already took the initiative to come and let herself get fooled. Shen Yanxiao's mood was very complicated.

The people rus.h.i.+ng to her on their own accord to get fooled… were very rare.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the sincere Nangong Mengmeng before her and raised her eyebrows slightly, "Do you really want me to be your master?"

All right. Since you were so active, then I will go along.

"Really! More genuine than a pearl!" Nangong Mengmeng was very firm.

Shen Yanxiao's face showed a slight awkwardness.

“I am very moved and pleased with your sincerity. But, you are a person of the G.o.d’s Domain after all. How honorable is the position of G.o.d’s Domain in the Radiance Continent? I have been reluctant to accept you before because I feel that I am not worthy to be your master. There are so many people who are better than me in the G.o.d’s Domain. Why settle for the second best?"

"I’m not settling for the second best at all! Master, I really admire you, and about me wanting you to be my master, his high... Cough, the Holy Sage has already agreed. He only asked me to be honest and not give you trouble. The Holy Sage also appreciates you, and you are no worse than the miserable group of old men in the G.o.d’s Domain! I truly want you to be my master. The Holy Sage also thinks you have such qualifications. Please, do accept me!" Seeing Shen Yanxiao had a hint of wavering, Nangong Mengmeng redoubled her efforts—  efforts to shake Shen Yanxiao to accept herself as her disciple.

In her mind, Shen Yanxiao was the first person in the Radiance Continent to achieve such accomplishments only at the age of fourteen. Whether it were her boldness or courage, each could make countless powerhouses ashamed.

There was no lack of experts in the G.o.d’s Domain. What was lacking were such guts and temperament. For her, it was admirable to dare take risks from the world and adhere to one’s own choices.

On Shen Yanxiao’s heart hung a gloomy cloud; she looked at Nangong Mengmeng and let out a sigh.

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