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After dealing with the hidden dangers, Shen Yanxiao handed Shen Jiayi's body to Shen Jiawei for him to deal with it. There was one more thing that she found strange. At the beginning, when she and the young man met in the Forgotten Traces, he really seemed fixed on buying Yin Jiuchen. However, Su He and Yin Jiuchen appeared to be afraid of him. They were unwilling to follow him no matter what, and even fled at the risk of being killed.

Su He and Yin Jiuchen were slaves, and it was normal for them to be sold to any owner. However, their fear towards the young man was by no means fake. At that time, they also did not know her ident.i.ty, yet they were more willing to follow her.

The only explanation for this was that they must have known something, and therefore they did not want to follow that man.

Could it be that…

Su He and Yin Jiuchen knew the Warlocks’ matter?

Shen Yanxiao frowned a little. After Yin Jiuchen and Su He came to The Rising Sun City, they had been doing their best. She really did not want to suspect them of anything.

However, this matter was rather very important. Hence, Shen Yanxiao still asked Vermillion Bird to find them.

“City Lord!” As soon as Yin Jiuchen saw Shen Yanxiao, she immediately revealed a bright smile. Shen Yanxiao did not like to let Yin Jiuchen follow her around all day, so Yin Jiuchen could only follow Su He, and occasionally attend to Shen Yanxiao’s daily needs.

"City Lord." Su He displayed a courteous manner.

Yin Jiuchen had now become more and more pleasing to the eyes. Her face that was beaming with smiles was not full of panic and despondency. And Su He was becoming increasingly handsome and bright. The two people had undergone tremendous changes during their days in The Rising Sun City.

"Take a seat." Shen Yanxiao said.

Yin Jiuchen and Su He sat accordingly.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the two people who had changed a lot and said slowly, "I called you today because I have a matter to ask you about."

"City Lord, please say," Su He responded immediately.

“Su He, why did you escape from the hands of that slave owner in the Forgotten Traces at that time? The man who wanted to buy Jiu’er before, did you know him?” Shen Yanxiao did not beat around the bush and asked the main point directly.

However, Shen Yanxiao’s question made the faces of Su He and Yin Jiuchen become pale in an instant.

"City Lord...why would you ask this?" Su He appeared to be calm on the surface, but his eyes could be seen with a little panic.

"I saw the man on that day today, so I wanted to ask you." Shen Yanxiao evaded serious matters and took up trifles instead.

“What?!” Su He stood up from his chair, full of shocked. At this moment, the panic on his face could no longer be concealed.

Shen Yanxiao noticed the abnormality of Su He, but she did not open her mouth to speak.

Su He’s complexion was ugly, and Yin Jiuchen’s face was also deathly pale.

"City Lord!" Su He suddenly went down on his knees before Shen Yanxiao.

“There is something we have not said to the City Lord, but we did not intentionally conceal it. It’s just that Jiu’er and I want to live an ordinary life. I ask the City Lord to forgive us. The reason why that man would appear in The Rising Sun City, I’m afraid it’s related to Jiu’er. Although I know this is presumptuous of me, I still want to appeal to the City Lord to save Jiu’er; please don’t let her fall into those people's hands again." Su He heavily knocked his head on the floor and his tone was unprecedentedly dignified.

"Big Brother Su..." Yin Jiuchen’s two eyes were now suffused with tears; she bit her lip, not knowing what to do.

Shen Yanxiao sighed and helped Su He up.

"Even if you beg for forgiveness, you still have to tell me what is the matter. Since I am the one who brought the two of you back to The Rising Sun City, you are my people. I will naturally take responsibility for both of you."

Su He looked at Shen Yanxiao and he was moved emotionally.

"City Lord, to tell the truth, that man is not a good person. He... he is a member of a mysterious organization."

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