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Chapter 740 - Pursuit of Death (3)

"Not good!" the couple yelled as the Scythe of Death slashed through their spatial domains and defensive barriers. The two were pushed back several hundred yards, and they both spat out mouthfuls of blood as their faces went white.

This was still under the fact that the child DemiG.o.d had used his Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms and weakened the attack by 30%. If it weren't for this, both of them would have died already.


As the cold scythe hit the shattered the defensive barrier, the expressions of the couple were full of despair. At least one of them would die.

"Die Lian, let's meet again in the afterlife!" the scholarly male roared and used his body to block the scythe. With his King-level body, he might be able to save the Palace Master by blocking this blow. As he did this, he had already closed his eyes.

"Brother Xin~~~!" the Palace Master yelled in agony, but she couldn't do anything. At this moment, the child DemiG.o.d and Zhao Feng were still quite a distance away.

He was dead for sure. Mockery appeared on the Emperor of Death's face, but the next instant, the unexpected happened.

"Spatial Movement!"

A whirlpool appeared in front of the male.


The portion of the scythe's blade that was about to hit the scholarly male suddenly disappeared. It was as if the middle of the weapon suddenly disappeared, and the scythe split into pieces as it sc.r.a.ped by the scholarly male's head and feet.

"I didn't die…?" the scholarly male paused. He was drenched in cold sweat as he almost entered the doors of death.

"Spatial Movement? This kind of usage of s.p.a.ce…." the Emperor of Death paused, and his expression changed dramatically as he suddenly sensed something.


The disappeared part of the scythe pa.s.sed through the Emperor of Death's head and caused blood to leak.

"Utterly ridiculous," the Emperor of Death murmured. Although the scythe couldn't really damage his Immortal Death Body, it was humiliating to be attacked by his own techniques. This was something that hadn't happened in the past thousand years.

"Frost of Death!" the Emperor of Death's expression became grim.

As he took the hit head-on, he also sent out a dark beam of cold light that froze everything in its way, including s.p.a.ce.

"Watch out!" the couple had just escaped the dangers of death, and now they felt a critically cold Intent of Death heading toward them.


The scholarly male charged toward the front, and a cold beam of Death instantly froze his body. A black-colored ice started to spread across his body.


Not only was the scholarly male sealed in ice and unable to move, the power of Death was also quickly eroding his lifeforce.

"Brother Xin!" the Palace Master managed to dissolve the remains of the attack as a white flame appeared on her hand and was placed on the scholarly male's back, trying to dissolve the coldness.

A playful smile appeared on the Emperor of Death's face, and Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically when his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye scanned over the scholarly male.


"Arghhh!" the scholarly male screamed as the Frost of Death within his body started to boil and cover his body. It was like poison that just entered the body. Although it might feel cold to be frozen, if one tried to dissolve the frost, the poison would spread. The Emperor of Death's Frost of Death contained a potent poison, and in the blink of an eye, the scholarly male's body rotted and turned into a puddle of black blood.

"Brother Xin, I killed you~~~!" the Palace Master was extremely sad and bled from the heart.

The hearts of Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d both dropped. The Frost of Death could freeze the target, and if one used flames to dissolve it, it would instead ignite the strength within. However, if they didn't dissolve it, the power of Death would erode the target's lifeforce. In reality, the scholarly male would've died anyway; it was just a matter of time.

"There's no need to be sad. I'll send you to see him," the Emperor of Death smiled and sent a second cold beam of Death toward the Palace Master.

"Master~~~~!" Li Xueyi within the protective array screamed. If nothing unexpected happened, the Palace Master would die. She couldn't block the attacks of the Emperor of Death even when the child DemiG.o.d weakened them.

In this critical moment:

Lightning Wings Flying Technique!

A flash of scarlet-colored Wind Lightning blocked in front of the Palace Master.

"You…!" the Palace Master revealed shock and unwillingness. She felt a purple-haired youth use his body to block the blow, just like her husband did. This youth was obviously Zhao Feng.

An extremely cold power radiated from Zhao Feng as his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline was released. The Palace Master felt great pressure just by standing near him.


A delicate and perfect layer of ice-blue scales appeared around Zhao Feng's body, and the coldness from the Frost of Death immediately started to disappear.


The remaining power landed on Zhao Feng, but it had been weakened by 40-50%, so it obviously wasn't able to threaten him, who had the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline.

"Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline…." the Emperor of Death murmured as his eyes twinkled.

The top hundred and even the top thousand of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines were legendary bloodlines in the Fan Universe. Zhao Feng's bloodline was ranked 89th. His defensive Ice bloodline perfectly countered the Emperor of Death's Frost of Death and other Ice-related techniques.

"Palace Master, you go and protect the sect. I will distract the Emperor of Death," Zhao Feng's voice sounded in the Palace Master's mind, and he felt guilty. He was the one that had brought the Emperor of Death here. It could be said that he was responsible for the death of the Palace Master's husband.

As soon as he finished speaking, a source of Magnificent Power comparable to the level of an Emperor sent the Palace Master into the protective array.

"You need to be careful!" the Palace Master knew that she would probably just drag Zhao Feng down.

"Looks like it'll be very hard to stop Zhao Feng from forming Imperial Intent…." the Emperor of Death murmured, and he didn't immediately attack. His main focus was Zhao Feng - the Palace Master was just a slightly big ant in his eyes.

"Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame!" Zhao Feng's left eye sparkled with a scarlet-gold.


A half-transparent scarlet-colored Lightning flame thundered into the Emperor of Death and raged throughout the mental and physical dimensions.

Even the Emperor of Death's heart jumped, and he felt uneasy. Looking closely at it, there was a faint golden color on the surface - it was actually the higher-ranked Scarlet-Gold Destruction Eye Flame. This eye-bloodline flame contained the essence of Zhao Feng's Scarlet Destruction, which was comparable to the Wind Lightning Emperor's Golden Destruction Wind Lightning after it had merged with the power of the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.

Now that Zhao Feng's soul contained more than a dozen times the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning than when he was at the Pirate Sacred Land, the power of his soul was obviously much greater. With Zhao Feng's Emperor-level soul-strength using this technique, it was enough to make the expressions of normal Emperors change.


The Emperor of Death's body faintly shook. It was as if lightning had struck him, and the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning and its undying Intent harmed even his Immortal Death Body to a certain degree. Even his Eye of Death was slightly injured. If it were a normal Emperor instead, they would be at a great disadvantage at this point.

"Scarlet-colored Wind Lightning, and it contains the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning on top of that aura of Destruction. Could it be…!?" the Emperor of Death's heart shook.

The Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame was indeed worthy of being Zhao Feng's most powerful eye-bloodline technique. Merging the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning into it was like adding wings to a tiger.

"Attack together!" the wings behind Zhao Feng seemed to burn and glitter with a faint golden color as he charged toward the Emperor of Death. The child DemiG.o.d also seemed to become a golden bomb - his Sacred Body seemed to materialize and form a bright golden fist that contained a dominating and supreme Intent.

"Scarlet Destruction Exploding Fist!"

The attacks of Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d reached at the same time, and the former was the main offensive force. The Scarlet Destruction Exploding Fist released the power of Destruction and the chaos of Fire and Lightning to the maximum. On top of that, his three domains were fused into this attack. The Illusion Maze Domain, the Mystic Ice Domain, and the Wind Lightning Domain all gathered into this punch.

On the other hand, the child DemiG.o.d used his Fist Intent and his Sacred Body's strength to suppress the Emperor of Death's physical body and Intent. In reality, his existence had always been limiting the Emperor of Death's strength, making him unable to attack Zhao Feng head-on.

Three spatial domains? What…!? And the Golden Kun Sacred Body! What is the relations.h.i.+p between this kid and the DemiG.o.d Kun Yun? the Emperor of Death was stunned.


The combined attacks of Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d both landed on the Emperor of Death. The Emperor of Death's body became heavy, but he didn't panic even though the combined force of Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d were able to threaten many Void G.o.d Realm Emperors.

"Death Forcefield!" the air around the Emperor of Death became shrouded in darkness and started to twist and turn, destroying everything within, including Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.


The forcefield absorbed the powerful attack and transformed into a powerful recoiling force.

"Retreat!" Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d both felt a sense of danger. This Death Forcefield could absorb attacks and reflect a certain amount back at the attacker.

Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically as his heartrate sped up, and he circulated his mental energy to the maximum while his Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning quickly fluttered.


A strong surge of Intent pushed Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d to escape faster, and they dodged most of the counterattack from the Death Forcefield.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng's heart thudded. The moment just now was far too dangerous.

"Hmm?" he suddenly felt that something was wrong. His Intent felt pure and whole. The various Intents in the s.p.a.ce around him seemed to flow around him.


A surge of Emperor Intent formed in the sky and caused lightning and thunder to boom.

"Emperor Intent!"

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