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Chapter 847 - Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon

“Congratulations, Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao, on becoming a King.”

The other geniuses and elites of Sky Suspension Palace had complex emotions as they squeezed out a smile and came over to congratulate him.

Although the weakest of the elites were already half-step Kings, no one would have thought that Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao, who was the weakest of the weak, the least experienced, and had the lowest status, would be able to break through at this critical moment.

“Hahaha, this is a great chance. Now that I'm a King, we should charge forward!”

Deng Chao gave a long laugh as he quickly consolidated his foundation and moved forward.

“Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao!” The other geniuses and elites from Sky Suspension Palace were surprised as they watched the silver-armored Deng Chao charge into the Building of Refinement.

“Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao, you just broke through and still need to consolidate your foundation!”

No one would have thought that Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao would be so impatient to enter the Building of Refinement.

Only Void G.o.d Realm Kings could stand their ground in the Building of Refinement right now. The three peerless weapons – the rusty bronze sword, the curved blade, and the notched axe – released a terrifying aura that could create phantom sceneries.

A green sword glow rippled from the rusty bronze sword and gave off an immortal and desolate aura. Every time it hummed, s.p.a.ce seemed to twist and turn. Even though these images in the air were created by the mere remnant Intents of the three peerless weapons, even Xuanyuan Wen didn't dare to clash against them head-on.

“What terrifying auras and sceneries…!” Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao felt his breathing become suppressed after entering the Building of Refinement. He found a safe spot and watched quietly with wariness. He was in a relatively faraway spot where he would “help” the others.

The Kings of Sky Suspension Palace understood and accepted what Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao did. After all, he had only just broken through to the Void G.o.d Realm.

“Apart from the Ancient G.o.d weapon, there's also two substandard G.o.d weapons. Let's see what else is in the depths of the Building of Refinement….” a voice sounded in Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao's mind.

“Understood, Master.” Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao replied respectfully as he inspected the depths of the Building of Refinement.

At this moment, a faint purple glow flickered in his eyes.

“Hmm?” Deng Chao felt that his sight became more than ten times better, and he managed to faintly see a tattered weapon-stand made of a black metal. It was located past the eye-catching hot furnace.

There were several slumbering auras on the tattered weapon-stand, which had several items that weren't very eye-catching sitting on it.

“An arm guard… s.h.i.+eld… three arrows… and a spade?”

Zhao Feng revealed a weird look.

The items on the weapon-stand were relatively complete, but they seemed to be very normal.

Since he was using Deng Chao's senses, Zhao Feng didn't need to use his Eye of Heaven, which required a lot of energy. He could spy on Sky Suspension Palace as well as see what was happening in the Building of Refinement anytime he wanted.

Being a four-star power, the strength of Sky Suspension Palace was amongst the top, especially after Xuanyuan Wen became an Emperor. It could be said that every action and movement Sky Suspension Palace made would affect the entire balance in Xie Yang Palace. One could understand this from the fact that the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo ran away before the Sky Suspension Palace group even arrived.

Even Zhao Feng was wary of Sky Suspension Palace, which is why he put a spy in the group from the Sky Suspension Palace.

Deng Chao was the last to enter the dark book room, and Zhao Feng's Eye of Heaven used that chance to put a Dark Heart Seal on him. Deng Chao was only a half-step King back then, so he had no chance at all against Zhao Feng's Eye of Heaven.

Zhao Feng's Dark Heart Seal was even better than before. In the past, the Dark Heart Seal would limit the target's potential when he used it, but after the Pursuit of Death and his re-cultivation, Zhao Feng started to perfect the Dark Heart Seal. The restriction on potential wasn't as strong as before; Zhao Feng even helped Deng Chao break through to the Void G.o.d Realm, resulting in the current situation.

At this moment, Zhao Feng could share Deng Chao's sight within the Building of Refinement. Using his now-perfected version of the Dark Heart Seal, Zhao Feng could even send some of his eye-bloodline power over and use part of the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye's abilities.

Of course, this transfer of energy meant that some of the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye's abilities would be lost in the process, but it would be enough to handle most situations. Zhao Feng was able to interfere in the fight directly even though he wasn't in the Building of Refinement.

“Zhao Feng, when will we take action?” Nan Gongsheng was somewhat impatient.

He had been cultivating the Holy Wicked Technique for a while and could now use the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal much better than before. His cultivation was at the late stages of the Void G.o.d Realm, but his True Yuan was stronger than others of the same cultivation due to the Evil G.o.d Crystal merging with his True Yuan.

“It's about time….” Zhao Feng closed his eyes and looked through Deng Chao's.

The underground cellar that the duo was in wasn't very far away from the Building of Refinement.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly threw some old bronze coins, causing them to clatter.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded his head.


With a flash of silver and gray, the little thieving cat disappeared from the underground cellar.

On a big tree near the Building of Refinement:

“Why hasn't the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo taken action yet?”

Two purple-haired figures were getting impatient. They had successfully managed to offend all the humans in the guise of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, so, as long as the real Purple-Haired Demonic Duo appeared, chaos would break out amongst the humans. However, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo hadn't appeared even after such a long time.

“The true Purple-Haired Demonic Duo has managed to get rid of my Marks of Destruction, but there's a person that the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo is controlling who is within my senses,” the cold voice of the Black Serpent Dragon sounded out of nowhere.

“What!? Those two brats managed to get rid of their Marks of Destruction!?”

The expressions of the two purple-haired figures changed dramatically, and they couldn't help but start to think in shock, If the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo has a way to get rid of the Mark of Destruction, then can we also do it?

There was a way out, and if they had to, they would even team up with the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo.

“Hmph, the Marks of Destruction on you two have been especially strengthened. Even a DemiG.o.d would find it hard to resolve them.”

The words of the Black Serpent Dragon shattered their thoughts, and their hearts went cold. It looked like they had no way out.

“The two of you both have True Dragon bloodlines, so I won't treat you badly if you successfully complete the plan. Becoming a slave of the Destruction Dragon Race and making the world tremble is a glory for countless puny and weak races.” The Black Serpent Dragon gave a smile.

“Those two brats are very patient. Do we need to enter the Building of Refinement under a new ident.i.ty?” The purple-haired youth who looked like Zhao Feng suggested.

“That's right. Through the senses of this 'Deng Chao,' I found a very useful and complete substandard G.o.d weapon – the Misty Spatial World,” the Black Serpent Dragon said in a deep tone.

Substandard G.o.d weapon, Misty Spatial World?

The two purple-haired figures' hearts shook when they heard this. They had heard of the legendary item known as a substandard G.o.d weapon.

“The Misty Spatial World is a support-type weapon, and the important part is that it doesn't have a high requirement of the user. You can use it as long as you get it.” The Black Serpent Dragon paused for a moment. “Illusionist Dragon, quickly!”

The expression of the other purple-haired youth became serious.


The youth who looked like Nan Gongsheng waved his hand.


With a flash, the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo turned into two non-human males. One was a tall male with blue scales – the Blue Serpent King, Wei Jing. The other non-human male had a pair of horns and beady green eyes. His skin was dark green.

“Switch!” With a flash, Wei Jing and Beady Green Eyes turned into a youth in blue robes and a female in a green dress.

The aura of the girl wearing the green dress was extremely pleasant and elegant, and they were both at the Void G.o.d Realm.

“Zeze, as expected of the genius ranked 10th on the Imperial Genius rankings… your Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon bloodline is so powerful.” The youth in blue robes nodded his head in satisfaction.

Beady Green Eyes had the bloodline of a Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon, which could imitate and change according to the environment. The Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon could imitate anything it saw, including animate and inanimate objects, such as rocks, gra.s.s, and insect corpses.

Of course, the imitation was just an image; they didn't actually become that thing and gain its abilities. However, this was a bloodline technique that could even hide from Divine Senses.

Because the Blue Serpent King was always together with Beady Green Eyes, the latter's bloodline power covered him as well.

“Let's go!” The Blue Serpent King and Beady Green Eyes quickly flew into the Building of Refinement.

“Hmm? Those two humans look unfamiliar.”

Some of the experts resting outside the Building of Refinement revealed weird expressions, but too many forces had entered the Divine Illusion Dimension. It wasn't rare to see Kings that had come from other places in the lord dynasty since it was so big.

Just like that, the Blue Serpent King and Beady Green Eyes walked straight into the Building of Refinement.

The addition of these two “human” Kings didn't attract the attention of any other Kings in the Building of Refinement.

Ceng! Ceng!

The blue-robed King and the girl in green robes duo went around the three peerless weapons in the air and tried to go past them. However, on this path, the duo had to face the extreme heat of the furnace. Normal Kings would be roasted if they approached the furnace.

“Do those two people want to die?”

Some of the Kings present revealed mocking or sympathetic expressions while the other Kings put their sights on the scattered weapons and materials on the ground. Any one of these ores or weapons were immeasurably value. The three-star or four-star forces behind them could use them well.

“I see the weapon-stand.” The Blue Serpent King duo resisted the extreme heat and looked toward the other side of the furnace.


An icy blue mist surrounded the duo and helped resist the heat.

“What's that weird bloodline?”

“Even an Emperor's resistance would only be at that level.”

Xuanyuan Wen and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge of Sky Suspension Palace looked over.


What was even more incredible was that the ice-blue mist allowed the duo to hover over the ground. It wasn't quite flying, but one had to know that Xie Yang Palace heavily restricted flying; normal Kings could only fly for a brief moment. This meant that the duo didn't need to face as much heat because at least half of the heat came from the ground.

“Look at it closely. The arm guard on the weapon-stand is a substandard G.o.d weapon – the Misty Spatial World. The arrows are G.o.d Slaying Arrows, and the s.h.i.+eld is the Golden Pond s.h.i.+eld….” The Black Serpent Dragon's voice, which seemed to rule over the world, appeared in the minds of the Blue Serpent King duo.

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