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PMG Chapter 1446

Chapter 1446: Meeting in Asoka

After everybody left, things became calm again. Lin Feng, Xin Ye and Liu Fei were alone together again.

Lin Feng raised his head and smiled looking at the moon, "Yan Di, that guy is mysterious. From outside we can't see the small worlds, but from inside we still can see the moon and the sun!"

"It's beautiful!" said Xin Ye who was leaning against him.

"The moon is beautiful, just like you." said Lin Feng. Xin Ye smiled thinly, "You're even more glib-tongued! Liu Fei is more beautiful than me!"

"It depends from which perspective." said Lin Feng laughing. Xin Ye and Liu Fei turned red and nudged his shoulder.

"Haha, you're both beautiful. You look sophisticated and elegant whereas Fei Fei is extremely s.e.xy." said Lin Feng smiling and hugging his girls.

"You're just lucky to have us." said Xin Ye.

"Should we all sleep together tonight?" said Lin Feng.

"You can stay with Fei Fei."

"Nah, he stayed with me already. He should stay with you." said Liu Fei. Lin Feng laughed and said, "You're so complicated, let's just sleep together!"

"Stop it!"

"Lin Feng, you're so perverted!" said the two girls.

"I can take care of both of you!" said Lin Feng laughing. He looked at Liu Fei and said, "Fei Fei, tomorrow evening, I'll stay with you. Of course, if you want to, you can also join us tonight."

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" shouted Liu Fei furiously. Liu Fei then left with Xin Ye.

In a small cabin, Xin Ye took off her clothes and lied down on the bed next to Lin Feng. He put his hands around her and kissed her lips.

What a perfect night for Lin Feng and Xin Ye. However, for Liu Fei, it was a bit different, she felt uncomfortable. She kept recalling that moment when they were making love before. She was wondering what Lin Feng and Xin Ye were doing, she was wondering if they were making love too. When she realized what she was thinking about, she blushed shyly.

Lin Feng spent some days in the small world, and they were all amazing days. He didn't practice cultivation, he just focused on his friends and family members. He hadn't come back for three years, so he played a lot with Wu Shang. Han Man and Po Jun ate and drank with him everyday. They also talked about cultivation. Lin Feng even taught them some things. Sometimes, they also talked about the Yun Hai Sect.

Lin Feng spent his nights either with Xin Ye or with Liu Fei. He enjoyed himself a lot, making love with them every night.

What a wonderful life. He felt grateful and the girls also enjoyed his company too. They knew he was going to leave soon and they didn't know when he would come back. Yi Xue and Yun Xi even chatted with Lin Feng sometimes. Xiao Ya also teased him a lot, no wonder that Wu Shang feared her.

Lin Feng was happy to see Xiao Ya growing up. She slowly forgot about her brother's death and missed her grandfather even less than before. The imperial palace was like her home.

Finally, Lin Feng had to leave for Gan Yu. At that moment, Jian Ling Kong came back from Black Feather. He had destroyed the Tian Sha Sect.


In the Asoka Valley, the fire had gradually disappeared after Lin Feng used a spell to cheat them and steal their fire. He had also killed many strong cultivators. Then, he disappeared and powerful people had wanted to destroy Tian Chi, but it was protected by a powerful spell.

After that battle, Tian Chi had risen and become stronger. Lin Feng had attacked the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect who then left Gan Yu and chased him to Ba Huang. In the end, he came back with some strong cultivators and recreated the Xiao Yao Sect.

Shen Gong had been destroyed because the strong cultivators from Tian Chi had killed them. They had recreated Shen Gong afterwards, but it was less powerful than the Xiao Yao Sect.

The East Sea Dragon Palace and Jade Heaven were still there, and they were still powerful but less than Tian Chi. Since two extremely strong cultivators had left Tian Chi, the other leaders of Gan Yu had started taking cultivation seriously again.

Now, Tian Chi wanted to organize the great sect meeting where the all young disciples of Gan Yu were going to compete. Tian Chi had organized the meeting in Asoka. The previous great sect meeting had also taken place there.

Asoka's soil was arid after everything had burnt from the void fire. The battle stage was still there, so it'd make a perfect spot to host the compet.i.tion.

There were many people from different groups around the battle stage. Tian Chi, the Xiao Yao Sect, Jade Heaven, the East Sea Dragon Palace, Shen Gong, the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, the Necropolis Sect and so on.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect had lost an arm and still hadn't recovered it. Spells imbued with holy marks should not be taken lightly.

"All the leaders are here." thought the crowd glancing around. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, Duan Mu from Jade Heaven, Mie Qing, the King Dragon and so on, Tian Xuan's leader was there too. Those days, Tian Xuan was the leading peak of Tian Chi. After Tian Ji Zi and Mister Bai had left, Tian Xuan had been chosen to lead the seven peaks since they had risen thanks to them and since Lin Feng had studied there.

"Why did you decide to organize the meeting here!" said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect in a cold way. They still wanted to destroy Tian Chi, so Tian Chi was insane to organize that meeting!

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, the King Dragon and the others glanced at each other. Tian Chi wanted to bring about its own destruction this time.

"Mister, is there a problem?" asked an old man to the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect using telepathy.

"There's only one trivial cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer here, we'll gain control over Gan Yu this time." said the old man. He was a strong cultivator from the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect, one of the more powerful groups from the Ba Huang Province. He wanted to help the Xiao Yao Sect become the rulers of Gan Yu.

"Just wait. Don't be impatient." said the leader of Tian Xuan to Jian Ling Xiao.

"The Xiao Yao Sect has cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, three of them, and one of them has broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer. Just wait until our Young Master comes!" said Jian Ling Xiao using telepathy. The G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect was helping, otherwise, the Xiao Yao Sect couldn't possibly have cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

PMG Chapter 1447

Chapter 1447: Beginning of a Ma.s.sacre

The leader of Tian Xuan frowned. Three cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer were on the side of the Xiao Yao Sect? He had never seen such strong cultivators in his life. He was worried about how he could fight against them.

"Let's start." said someone at that moment. The leader of Tian Xuan turned around and saw someone in the middle of the group from Tian Chi. It was Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded and glanced around, "We'll see who the strongest young cultivators of Gan Yu are. Those who want to try need to hop onto the battle stage."

"Hmph!" the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect groaned coldly. A young man behind him immediately ran towards the battle stage and jumped on it. He had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, so he was already quite strong in Gan Yu.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was surprised and looked at the cultivators from Tian Xuan.

A young man from Jade Heaven also jumped onto the battle stage and released his Qi.

The young man of the East Sea Dragon Palace also released dragon Qi.

Then, Shen Gong, the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, Jade Heaven, and so on all had disciples who jumped onto the battle stage. Some disciples from other groups also joined in, but not many. Why had Tian Chi organized the great sect meeting and why in Asoka?

"What about Tian Chi?" asked the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect coldly.

"Here!" said a silhouette who rising in the air. It was again Lin Feng. He had asked Jian Ling Xiao to organize the meeting so that all his enemies would gather together and now they couldn't escape him. Dealing with all those people at once was less troublesome.

"East Sea Dragon Palace, Jade Heaven, you're here!" thought Lin Feng. He had to approach this slowly. The East Sea Dragon Palace and Jade Heaven had made him suffer a lot in the past, even Meng Qing had turned back into an animal because of them. He had turned into a demon, they had killed his teacher Yan Yu, Liu Cang Lan had also died because of those things. Lin Feng wanted to avenge those people he loved and respected.

King Dragon, Duan Mu from Jade Heaven, Mie Qing from Shen Gong and the others were all greatly upset after they saw Lin Feng, especially the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. Mie Qing and the others had almost fallen because of Lin Feng.

"Die!" Terrifying energies moved towards Lin Feng. They have wanted to kill Lin Feng for a long time now, and surprisingly, he had come.

"How dare you show your face!" even though the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was strong, after chasing Lin Feng to Ba Huang, he went to the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect who then sent him back with some cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. The G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect wanted the Xiao Yao Sect to rise again in Gan Yu.

Lin Feng glanced at the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect indifferently. He looked calm and serene. Then, he also looked at the leaders from the East Sea Dragon Palace and Jade Heaven. He was trying to see if there were any others he recognized. Quickly, he noticed two silhouettes. One was from Jade Heaven, the one who had saved Duan Wu Dao. The other one was from the East Sea Dragon Palace, he had also taken Duan Wu Ya. Those people looked quite weak, but back in the day, they were extremely strong for Lin Feng.

"Do you recognize me?" asked Lin Feng to those two people. They were surprised, of course they recognized him.

"Do you all want to die?" said Lin Feng, looking over them in a cold way.

"You should think carefully first!" said King Dragon aggressively. Lin Feng was being ridiculous, without the deployment spell in Tian Chi, they would have died long ago.

"Is that so? Come and kill me then!" said Lin Feng smiling.

"You think hiding your cultivation level is enough? You may be strong, but after a few years, you can't be that strong either!" said Duan Mu.

"Kill him!" shouted Duan Mu.

"Kill him!"

"Kill him!"

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, Mie Qing and the King Dragon's silhouettes flickered.

"Who is he?" asked some people who didn't know Lin Feng.

"It's Lin Feng, he used to be a genius disciple in Tian Chi in the past and now he's back." Even though years had pa.s.sed, many people still remembered Lin Feng.

"That's Lin Feng! No wonder!" some younger people had already heard about Lin Feng but had never seen him.

"The Necropolis Sect and the Nine Cloud Swords Sect are not showing any emotion. Do they want to kill Lin Feng too?" thought some people.

"Patriarch, the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect is involved. What should we do now?" asked a strong cultivator from the Nine Cloud Swords Sect to the patriarch using telepathy.

The patriarch's eyes twinkled, then he looked at Lin Feng and said, "Lacerate him!"

After a short time, they joined the others. Lin Feng maybe had precious treasures. If they helped kill him, they'd get a share of his treasures. Then, they could let the Xiao Yao Sect deal with Tian Chi. If they both suffered heavy losses, that'd be more than okay with them. That was what the patriarch of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect was thinking.

"You shouldn't have come back!" the patriarch of the Necropolis Sect had also made his decision. He knew that everybody wanted to kill Lin Feng, which also came down to fighting against Tian Chi.

Lin Feng looked at the patriarchs of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect and the Necropolis Sect, then he smiled indifferently and said, "Your decision is not the best one I think."

At that moment, millions of threads of Qi moved towards Lin Feng. Even the patriarchs of the weakest sects were partic.i.p.ating.

"Come, all of you!" said Lin Feng turning around. He also looked at the disciples on the battle stage, a bunch of insects compared to Lin Feng!


"Die!" all the disciples on the battle stage also decided to attack.

"Die!" said Lin Feng. He released a terrifying death Qi and all the cultivators who were attacking Lin Feng suddenly stopped. Their Qi became grey and they looked desperate.

"Boom!" a silhouette collapsed, and then another. A large majority of them had died. Their vitality was nothing compared to Lin Feng's death Qi.

"How weak. Next batch, but send stronger people this time!" said Lin Feng glancing at the crowd.

The ma.s.sacre could start!

PMG Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448: Who Is Not Going To Die?

"How weak!" the crowd was awestruck. They looked at all the corpses and their hearts started pounding.

He had killed a bunch of people in the blink of an eye.

"Abstruse energy, it's a rare kind, death abstruse energy!" thought a few Zun cultivators. They understood that Lin Feng was using abstruse energies, but that kind of abstruse energy was incredibly rare.

"Cursing strength!" thought the old man next to the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. He was even more horrified. Surprisingly, that young man knew cursing energy. Unfortunately, the old man didn't know Lin Feng would be there, otherwise, he wouldn't have come.

"What about the patriarchs? Are you all cowards and weaklings?" said Lin Feng glancing at the patriarchs. Then, they all released Qi at him. This time, Zun cultivators were attacking. They were only cultivators of the second or third Zun Qi layer though.

"You will die!" yelled a strong cultivator from the East Sea Dragon Palace. His hand turned into golden claws which moved aimed for Lin Feng's viscera. Lin Feng didn't move again. Some metallic ringing sounded, and Lin Feng's clothes were torn apart, but the claws didn't affect him at all.

"Eh?" that cultivator frowned. He continued bombarding Lin Feng's body, but his golden abstruse energy didn't work on Lin Feng. That attack could destroy a mountain, but they didn't even leave a papercut on Lin Feng.

"How's that possible!" he thought. Finally, some fire energies surrounded him. Then, he gave a horrible shriek and he burnt to death.

"The cultivators of the East Sea Dragon Palace are all tras.h.!.+" said Lin Feng, glancing at the patriarch of the East Sea Dragon Palace. Then, he looked at the other Zun cultivators who were middle-aged men, the strongest of which was a cultivator of the third Zun Qi layer.

"What are you looking at? Why don't you attack?" said Lin Feng rather calmly. Those people then released their spirits and attacked at the same time.

At that moment, Qi rolled in waves towards Lin Feng, distorting the s.p.a.ce around him.

"Life Drain!" said Lin Feng, releasing more death Qi. No matter how strong their spirits were, Lin Feng's death energies were terrifying. Those people stopped moving at the same time and collapsed. Their corpses fell from the sky and crashed onto the ground.

Lin Feng hadn't even moved yet.

"They're all dead, just like before!" thought the crowd.

"What is his cultivation level?" asked the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect while clenching his fists. Lin Feng's Qi was unfathomable. Surprisingly, he managed to kill so many Zun cultivators already.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect looked at the old man who frowned, then he said to Lin Feng, "I'm not sure, but he is using death-cursing energies to kill people. That alone makes him a difficult opponent."

"We must kill him anyways!" said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"A bunch of trash, everybody come and attack me at once!" said Lin Feng. He then pointed his finger at the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect and the others and added, "The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, King Dragon from the East Sea Dragon Palace, Mie Qing, Duan Mu, the patriarch of the Nine Clouds Sword, the Necropolis Sect, all of you, come and attack. I don't mind!"

"Who's going to kill him!" the Xiao Yao Sect was being humiliated by a young man, so the patriarch was even more furious.

"Boom!" a silhouette jumped onto the stage. He moved very quickly using the Xiao Yao Agility Technique.

"Die!" shouted that cultivator. He punched the air in Lin Feng's direction, but then he realized Lin Feng wasn't there anymore.

"Is that the Xiao Yao Agility Technique you're trying to use?" asked Lin Feng. He was already far away in the distance and was glancing at that cultivator indifferently.

"Should I teach you how to use it properly?" Lin Feng continued to mock him. Then, he disappeared and illusions of him appeared everywhere. He looked confident and at ease, that was the real Xiao Yao Agility Technique!

That person's face turned deathly pale, he couldn't even see Lin Feng anymore.

"You should give me a try too!" said Lin Feng. At that moment, he had already killed the one who just tried to attack him, and kicked his corpse towards the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect who caught it. He looked furious. How come Lin Feng was so strong?

"Boom, boom, boom!" many strong cultivators threw themselves at Lin Feng, and all of them belonged to different groups. The majority of those people were elders now. The elder of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect was particularly strong.

Terrifying energies rolled in waves towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was still standing there, looking at those people. Then he said, "Die!"

"Slash, slash…" his death Qi flooded out and drained those people's lives out.

"No!" shouted the strong cultivator from the Nine Cloud Swords Sect. He was still flying towards Lin Feng and holding his sword when the Death Qi overcame him.

"Collapse!" said Lin Feng. Death lights emerged from his eyes and that cultivator suddenly looked petrified. His body turned grey, his life was draining out, then he collapsed and died.

"Die!" said Lin Feng when he saw that some people were still standing. His voice contained death energies, enough of them to kill the few who were still standing.

This time, the elders of all the sects were dead and had crashed onto the battle stage.

"Impossible." thought the crowd. How was that possible? Lin Feng could kill people just by saying "Die"?

"Brother Lin Feng is so strong! No wonder he's a genius from Tian Chi!" thought some people from Tian Chi.

"Are you going to come or not?" asked Lin Feng to the patriarchs. They were afraid now. He had killed the elders of the their groups which meant he was probably as strong as them. A young man from Tian Chi had become so strong, but how strong would he become in the future?

"The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, King Dragon from the East Sea, Mie Qing, Duan Mu, if you're not coming to me, I'll come to you." said Lin Feng, slowly walking towards them.

The people from the East Sea Dragon Palace released Qi to oppress Lin Feng, but without much of an effect.

"Kill him!" shouted many senior officials of the East Sea Dragon Palace. Then they threw themselves at Lin Feng.

"You're being too reckless!" said Lin Feng, still walking normally and indifferently. The strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace looked like dragons as they lunged forwards. But Lin Feng didn't even need to move, he just had to walk and people around him died from of his death Qi. He was terrifying!

PMG Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449: You Can Shake!

When Lin Feng reached the edge of the battle stage, all the senior officials of the East Sea Dragon Palace were already dead and lying around.

The crowd was wondering how could that young man be so strong? The crowd noticed that King Dragon from the East Sea Dragon Palace was looking terrified. What was Lin Feng's cultivation level?

"Back then, the East Sea Dragon Palace came to Xue Yue to kill my people? Who sent you to Xue Yue?" said Lin Feng to King Dragon.

"Does it matter now?" asked King Dragon. Lin Feng was maybe going to die, or he was going to die, so it didn't matter any longer.

"You're right, but I can't forgive people who partic.i.p.ated in the ma.s.sacre, therefore…" Lin Feng's eyes were filled with ice-cold energies, scaring King Dragon. He looked at the corpses and realized that Lin Feng alone posed a real threat to the East Sea Dragon Palace.

"Jian Ling Xiao!" shouted Lin Feng.

"Young Master!" said Jian Ling Xiao, bowing before Lin Feng respectfully.

"Go to the East Sea Dragon Palace and kill everybody, none of them should remain." said Lin Feng indifferently. Everybody heard him clearly.

"No…" shouted the King Dragon furiously.

"Patriarch!" said King Dragon to the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, he was begging for help. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect looked indifferent though, he wanted to see Lin Feng and King Dragon fight to see how strong Lin Feng was.

"Roger, Young Master." said Jian Ling Xiao. Then he left with incredible speed.

"When you're done with them, go to Jade Heaven and kill everybody there as well." said Lin Feng. Jian Ling Xiao nodded in the distance. People heard a sonic boom as he left. The crowd, especially people from Jade Heaven, were s.h.i.+vering.

"Kill him!" shouted Duan Mu to the King Dragon. However, at that moment, Lin Feng took a step forwards and the ground quaked beneath him. King Dragon looked at Lin Feng, he had the feeling that he was going to die.

He looked desperate now that he realized that Jian Ling Xiao wasn't the strongest cultivator.

The crowd watched as Lin Feng raised his fist and the s.p.a.ce around King Dragon became distorted.

"No!" shouted the King Dragon furiously. He wanted to fight back but he couldn't. Explosions sounded, and King Dragon's head blew up in countless pieces.

"Was that actually King Dragon?" thought the crowd. They couldn't believe their eyes. Had Lin Feng destroyed him in one punch?

The body of the King Dragon fell; his body was convulsing on ground without a head.

"It's an illusion! That's impossible!" many people closed their eyes and reopened them, and they still couldn't believe it.

Tian Chi's people were astonished too, they were shaking even. Lin Feng had made the King Dragon's head explode in one punch? How strong was he?

"Lin Feng has become so strong!" thought many people.

Was the King Dragon very strong? He hadn't withstood a single attack.

"Who should I kill now?" said Lin Feng smiling at Duan Mu. Duan Mu was aghast.

Lin Feng disappeared and reappeared in front of the East Sea Dragon Palace's cultivator who had killed people in Xue Yue in the past. He then grabbed the guy by the neck and lifted him into the air.

"You should know that if the East Sea Dragon Palace is going to be wiped off the map today, it's because of you." said Lin Feng, staring coldly into his eyes. Lin Feng was releasing small threads of death Qi which was draining out his life.

Then, Lin Feng threw that cultivator high up in the air, rose up and released sword Qi. He shouted furiously, "Die, die!"

Sword Qi whistled, and that person's body was suddenly dangling from the end of Lin Feng's sword, dead.

Lin Feng turned around and looked down at the crowd from the East Sea Dragon Palace. His sword Qi whistled even louder.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. Then, a light shot towards them and horrible shrieks wailed. They all died.

After slaughtering them, he looked at Jade Heaven's people. They looked back at Lin Feng, watching him descend from the sky and land in front of them. Jade Heaven's people were shaking, they were terrified to death.

"How do you want to die?" asked Lin Feng to the one who had partic.i.p.ated in the ma.s.sacre of Xue Yue. Lin Feng sounded indifferent at that moment.

That person was horrified as he said, "If I die, will you forgive Jade Heaven?"

"You're going to die anyways, do you think you can impose conditions?" said Lin Feng, smiling in a cold way. They had almost killed his family members, the girl he loved the most, his friends. He couldn't forgive them. Forgive them? That was the biggest joke in the world!

That person's face turned deathly pale, he looked hopeless. How tragic, Jade Heaven was going to be annihilated because he had killed some people in a tiny country so long ago?

n.o.body could have imagined such an outcome.

"Patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, why are you not attacking yet?" said Duan Mu to the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

The old man next to the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect wasn't sure, he was still trying to grasp Lin Feng's strength.

"Everybody, if we don't join hands to kill him, we'll all die!" said Duan Mu to Mie Qing to the others hysterically.

"There's no need to shout! You're all going to die anyways, even if you join hands!" said Lin Feng. Then he took a deep breathe and released death abstruse energy which surrounded all the members of Jade Heaven.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. Many people who were weaker died instantly. It was even more astonis.h.i.+ng than when Lin Feng had killed people from the East Sea Dragon Palace.

Everybody died but Duan Mu.
Lin Feng looked at Duan Mu which, making him shudder in fear even more violently.

"You're a demon! Don't do it!" shouted Duan Mu releasing Qi. He wanted to kill Lin Feng but Lin Feng looked calm and serene as he said, "Die!"

Lin Feng's silhouette flickered.

"Bei Ming and Lei Mang, you killed Shen Gong, all of this is on your hands!" thought Mie Qing when he knew he was going to die. Why had they let Bei Ming organize the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu back then?

PMG Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450: Done

"That's the third group!" thought the crowd when they saw Mie Qing's corpse on the ground. They almost felt paralyzed. Lin Feng, alone, had destroyed three terrifying groups from Gan Yu: the East Sea Dragon Palace, Jade Heaven and Shen Gong. He had punched the King Dragon to death and had killed Duan Mu and Mie Qing with death Qi.

He had killed them easily, alone. Who would have thought that?

Lin Feng looked at the people from the Xiao Yao Sect, glancing at the old man, the tree cultivators who were at the top of the Zun Qi layer, and the two cultivators of the seventh and eighth Zun Qi layer.

"Do you want to see my cultivation level?" said Lin Feng to the old men. He laughed and said, "I'll show you!"

"Sixth Zun Qi layer!" the strong cultivators saw Lin Feng's cultivation level. Sixth Zun Qi layer! He was as strong as the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, but he had easily killed the King Dragon and the others. It meant that Lin Feng was able to kill cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

"You're so confident but do you know who we are?" said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect smiling coldly. He was referring to the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect.

Lin Feng didn't say anything. He looked at the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect while thinking he was pathetic and miserable.

"Those people are from the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect, from Ba Huang. They're incredible cultivators. The strongest one has broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer even." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect pointing at those people.

"The G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect owns the Xiao Yao Sect. No wonder they're not afraid."

"I wonder if Lin Feng can do anything, he'll probably escape." thought the crowd.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was smiling in a resplendent way. He was sure that Lin Feng couldn't do anything to them. Lin Feng looked at the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect as if he had been looking at a buffoon.

"Those?" said Lin Feng mockingly. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was stupefied. The old man on his side said, "You should leave. You should know when to stop, and if you leave, we won't challenge you further." said the old man indifferently. He didn't sound that confident though. If he had been sure he could kill Lin Feng, he would have attacked already.

"I don't want to leave. Challenge me, please." said Lin Feng mockingly. Those people were ridiculous.

The old man looked annoyed after he heard Lin Feng. "You're strong but you can't compete with an influential imperial group."

"You're ridiculous. I've killed a few emperors' sons already, but you're probably too old to understand what I am saying!" said Lin Feng while releasing death Qi. The old man s.h.i.+vered. Killed emperors' sons? And several of them?

"Boom!" Lin Feng took a step and instantly those people were surrounded by death Qi. It was a cage of death Qi.

"Since you partic.i.p.ated, you'll die too!" said Lin Feng at the cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer, making him turn grey from the death energies.

"Your Excellency, you're also from Ba Huang. Please forgive the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect!" said the old man terrified.

"You're nothing!" said Lin Feng. "Die!"

Then, those people's eyes became grey as their lives were being drained out.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect looked stupefied when he sensed how quickly his life was being drained out. Even Cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer couldn't stop Lin Feng?

"Kill him!" shouted the cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer, rising up in the air and lunging towards Lin Feng.

"Slash…" a dazzling sword streaked across the sky. Then the ground quaked as the cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer was cut in two and died instantly.

The cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer hadn't withstood a single attack!

The two other cultivators of the seventh Zun Qi layer turned deathly pale. They already looked grey and were hopeless. Their friend had been killed in one attack?

"Die, all of you." said Lin Feng while releasing death and cursing strength. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was glaring staring at Lin Feng. People's lives were being drained out and it was too late to. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was dying too. Just like the others, he collapsed. The last ones to die were the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

Lin Feng had killed all of them in one strike.

When Lin Feng turned around and looked at the members of the Necropolis Sect and the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, he was glad to see that they looked terrified. Their patriarchs had thought it'd be smarter to follow the, but now they had to suffer the consequences.

"In such a short time!" thought the two patriarchs. They couldn't believe it. A cultivator of the Tian Qi layer had become so strong in such a short time.

Lin Feng rose up in the air, looking down at them all.

"Will you let us off?" asked the patriarch of the Necropolis Sect. He had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, so he was considered an amazing cultivator in Gan Yu.

"You wanted to kill me a moment ago? What about now?" said Lin Feng in a calm and serene way. The cultivation world was cruel!

The two patriarchs looked desperate. They had made their choice and now they were going to regret it.

"Kill yourselves." said Lin Feng indifferently. Those two people were insects before him, so he didn't really care about them.

The patriarch of the Necropolis Sect smiled tragically and released demon Qi. He raised both his hands and said, "I was a bad patriarch, Lin Feng, I beg you, raising my disciples wasn't easy, please be merciful." said the patriarch. The ground shook and then his body exploded.

After the patriarch of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect watched the patriarch of the Necropolis Sect smile and commit suicide, he felt like crying. He rose up in the air, released sword Qi and killed himself as well.

Lin Feng had annihilated so many groups.

Lin Feng looked at the two patriarchs, how sad. However, they had brought about their own destruction, so they could only blame themselves. That was the world of cultivation.

Lin Feng glanced at the disciples from the Necropolis Sect and the Nine Cloud Swords Sect.

However, Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at the people from Tian Chi, "You can decide how you want to deal with Gan Yu's affairs. If people from the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect come to avenge their people, tell them that they must go to Tiantai to deal with Lin Feng first. They will understand."

Lin Feng then waved and then said, "Uncles, brothers, I'm off. See you soon!"

Then, a gigantic sword appeared, and Lin Feng jumped on it. The crowd heard a sonic boom and then Lin Feng disappeared.

PMG Chapter 1451

Chapter 1451: Back to Ba Huang

Lin Feng's heart was as calm as still water as he rode his sword in the sky above Xue Yue. The Tian Sha Sect had been destroyed. At the same time, he had also given the Tian Xuan stone back to Tian Xuan. That stone was an incredible gift and Lin Feng didn't need it anymore anyways.

Lin Feng had finally finished what he has wanted to do for a long time here in Gan Yu, He felt so relieved.
This time, Lin Feng didn't go to Yangzhou City, he was going to the former imperial city instead. He had already said goodbye to his friends and family members, so he didn't need to go through that again, it would be too sad. Then again, he couldn't stay in Yangzhou City forever. This time, it was better to leave and next time, he might be able to create a small world to take his friends and family members with him.
The former imperial city of Xue Yue didn't look as magnificent as before, but the Celestial Academy still existed. However, it was slowly falling apart. Only some of the former teachers had continued working there.
Back then, the second prince led the Celestial Academy behind the scenes. After Duan Wu Ya left, it had no imperial support anymore. Then Yan Yu Ping Sheng had died too and the academy started losing its influence.
Lin Feng walked through the desolate Celestial Academy. Some disciples pa.s.sed by, but they looked extremely ordinary. There were only two stronger young disciples who stood out at the central tower. Of course, with Lin Feng's cultivation level, it wasn't possible to compare them with him.
Lin Feng stopped in front of the central tower for a few minutes and then continued walking.
The two disciples turned around and looked at Lin Feng. They frowned, "It's so strange. It seems like he's walking slowly, but in a few seconds, he's already so far."
Lin Feng then walked through an orchard. It smelt like peaches and there were petals lying on the ground and floating around in the wind. It was extremely pleasant to rest there.
Lin Feng opened his eyes and slowly walked towards the pavilion. Back then, Yan Yu Ping Sheng liked to spend time there, play some music, meditate.
He looked at the place where his teacher used to sit. There was someone else sitting there, they were wearing white clothes, long hair, and they were playing the zither.
That person stopped playing the zither and smiled at Lin Feng.
"The teacher liked Xin Ye back then, even though she wasn't very strong, she was still outstanding. He thought I wasn't as good as her at playing the zither but actually, I knew all of his songs."
Lin Feng knew it was Wen Ao Xue. Indeed. Lin Feng knew all of that.
"Of course, later, he preferred you!" said Wen Ao Xue smiling wryly.
"Do you know what I'm thinking?" said Lin Feng, looking at Wen Ao Xue in a strange way.
Wen Ao Xue nodded and smiled, "You are wondering whether I'm a girl or a boy."
"Indeed." Lin Feng looked at Wen Ao Xue, he was as beautiful as a woman. When he was playing the zither a moment before, Lin Feng had thought it was a woman. He had long slender hands, his long hair was beautiful.
"You guess." said Wen Ao Xue, slowly walking towards the orchard. Lin Feng looked at Wen Ao Xue's b.u.t.t. Wen Ao Xue had told Lin Feng the Wen Clan had a teleportation portal in Xue Yue which led to Ba Huang Province. Was it there?
Lin Feng followed Wen Ao Xue for a little while before they arrived in a place with illusion Qi.
"Is that an illusion?" whispered Lin Feng.
"It's also a deployment spell." said Wen Ao Xue smiling. Then, he entered it. Lin Feng realized that Wen Ao Xue's steps looked extremely strange as if there was a mysterious strength. Some holy marks appeared and the s.p.a.ce in front of a tree became distorted.
Lin Feng followed Wen Ao Xue. The s.p.a.ce around them was changing. An altar appeared in front of him, it was the teleportation portal.
"Even high-level Zun cultivators can't even create that spell, right?" Lin Feng was surprised to see that advanced of a deployment spell there.
"In fact, cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer can't even go through it on their own, let alone see it. Even if they walk here, they'll only see an ordinary orchard." replied Wen Ao Xue smiling. Lin Feng had started studying deployment spells but later he had stopped because he had too much to study.
"Let's go back!" said Wen Ao Xue smiling. Then they continued walking forwards, jumped onto the altar, placed many abstruse crystals inside, and activated it. A terrifying strength rose up in the air and lights surrounded them.
"Teleporting to such a far away place requires so many abstruse crystals!" whispered Lin Feng.
"With cosmic energies, which use the strength of the Earth and sky, teleportation would require even less energies." explained Wen Ao Xue. Lin Feng could sense the strength of the holy marks, but all in all, he still found the whole process very mysterious.
The lights were more and more dazzling, and then, they disappeared.
They immediately landed in the Wen Clan's territory. In the blink of an eye, they had traveled over an incredible distance.
"Isn't it very expensive to travel using the altar?" asked Lin Feng to Wen Ao Xue.
Wen Ao Xue laughed and said, "Indeed, it's very expensive and requires special items. Besides, the holy marks the altar contains are also incredible. My clan initially created the altar because it was convenient. It was worth it though, but of course it had a price. If you want to go home sometimes you can come and ask me to use it."
Lin Feng shrugged and smiled, "Thank you!"
"I just hope you don't have any prejudices." said Wen Ao Xue. He could see that Lin Feng had some doubts when it came to him. Now, Lin Feng knew about Wen Ao Xue's social status in the Wen Clan and so on.
"You're back!" Some silhouettes appeared. Wen Tian Ge was there and was smiling at Lin Feng.
"Mister Wen!" said Lin Feng nodding and smiling at the old man next to Wen Tian Ge. Lin Feng had been to his birthday before.
"Lin Feng, let's have a few drinks. Last time, we didn't have any time to." said Mister Wen smiling in a friendly way.
"Alright." said Lin Feng nodding. Lin Feng had used their teleportation portal, so even though he didn't want to stop, he had to out of politeness.
"Let's go then." said Mister Wen, smiling happily. They arrived in a courtyard of a pavilion.
"Lin Feng, you're a real hero. Last time, I saw how talented you were, and in two years from now, apart from emperors, n.o.body will be able to compete with you. You're already as strong as me." said Mister Wen smiling. Wen Tian Ge poured some alcohol in Lin Feng's gla.s.s naturally, as if Lin Feng was friends with the Wen Clan.
"You're flattering me. I still have a long way to go." said Lin Feng smiling. Mister Wen was a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, he had even killed many cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer himself. The old man was being polite, but that didn't mean he was lying. Last time when Lin Feng had been to the Wen Clan, he wasn't as strong, but now he was almost as strong as the old man. That was absolutely fact.
"I'm not flattering you. I wish Tian Ge and Ao Xue were as strong as you. Maybe then they would be able to defeat Xia Tian Fan." said the old man smiling. Lin Feng remembered Xia Tian Fan, he had challenged some of the strongest young cultivators of the province. Seven days had pa.s.sed now, so what was Xia Tian Fan doing now?
"Mister, how strong is Xia Tian Fan in your opinion?" asked Lin Feng.
"He's enigmatic. He defeated Si Kong Xiao from the Si Kong Clan and a strong cultivator from the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect. He left central Ba Huang after that and now I don't know where he went."
"Do you know where he's from, mister?" asked Lin Feng. The Wen Clan knew a lot, so perhaps they knew this. Xia Tian Fan was suddenly rising, he had to be from somewhere important.

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