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PMG Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584: The Great Emperor in Cyan Clothes

It was at that moment that Lin Feng finally opened his eyes. He moved his hands with incredible precision, causing the s.p.a.ce around him to distort more and more.

"Break!" Lin Feng shook his hand and a terrifying strength crashed onto the light curtain. The cave shook as energies bounced back and crashed onto Lin Feng's body, making him strike the back of the cave again.

"My deployment spell is not explosive enough. I can't break the door with just that strength." thought Lin Feng, shaking his head. He was a bit disappointed. If a powerful deployment spell caster had been there with him, they would have been extremely p.i.s.sed off if they heard him. In just three years, Lin Feng could already start casting powerful deployment spells.

"I wonder if I will ever get out." Lin Feng slowly walked towards the light curtain again. He put his hands on it and marks appeared once more. The marks flashed as he infused strength into them. Lin Feng didn't stop as he released abstruse strength into the light curtain. He also released immortal Qi, making the marks became even more distinct.

Lin Feng performed a million movements, filling the marks with a million "shattering" words.

Lin Feng moved back and performed one last hand seal. Dazzling lights illuminated the cave and then a terrifying strength surfaced. The light curtain broke apart and the door slowly opened itself. The lights from outside slowly filled the cave, s.h.i.+ning upon Lin Feng.

"Three years!" Lin Feng came out and glanced around. Even though he didn't know if the sky there was fake or real, seeing sunlight again felt extremely pleasant. He had never practiced something for that long before!

During those three years, the outside world had changed. Maybe those who used to be cultivators at the very top of the Zun Qi layer had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer.

Lin Feng left the cave. He considered that that cave was was the "shattering" deployment spell cave. What did the 299 others look like?

Lin Feng glanced around and looked for another empty cave. He wanted to try another one.

"Boom boom!" at that moment, a terrifying strength launched towards him. He thought he was going to suffocate under that strength. He frowned and glanced around. What was going on?

"Kaboom!" the strength became even more terrifying. It was as if the s.p.a.ce around him was going to collapse. Was someone attacking the great emperor's palace? If that was the case, they must be extremely strong.

Lin Feng wasn't the only one who felt that, everybody there did, even those who were practicing inside the caves.

However, after the palace shook twice, the atmosphere became calm again.

The calm was misleading as a terrifying strength moved around the palace, causing even the mountains to break apart. The peak on which the Everlasting Celestial Emperor was sitting also broke apart. Lin Feng heard some sounds coming from the sky, making him wonder if it was going to collapse?

Gigantic craters and canyons appeared. Fissures appeared in the sky and finally, the sky broke apart. The outside world appeared in Lin Feng's field of vision. There was someone standing above them, they looked both proud and arrogant. That person was wearing a cyan robe and his gaze was sharp. He was fixedly staring at the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's physical body.

That person seemed to be thirty years old, but looks could be deceiving.

"A great emperor!" Lin Feng was astonished. That cultivator in the cyan robe was a great emperor, otherwise, he couldn't possibly have destroyed the great emperor's palace!

At that moment, whistling sounds appeared as the Earth and the sky shook violently. It was the elephant who had appeared above them!

"You stupid animal! You think you can throw me inside!?" said the young man. He shook his hand and golden lights flashed. Then a gigantic ball of light appeared, seemingly containing an infinite number of marks in the form of a deployment spell.

"p.i.s.s off!" the golden lights streaked across the sky and a.s.saulted the elephant, crus.h.i.+ng him. Right after, everything around them became chaotic. It was as if the Earth and sky were going to fall apart.

The gigantic elephant was propelled away. The young man jumped forwards and landed before the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's physical body. He said in a cold way, "You didn't go too far to hide. Surprisingly, you were hiding in a small world. What a pity for you! Did you think that the forbidden area of Si Xiang could stop me? Your most outstanding disciple!"

That young man's hand moved towards the physical body as he released a terrifying strength which seemed like it could destroy anything. But as that strength swept forward, some lights appeared around the great emperor's physical body. The great emperor in cyan robe frowned, but then smiled coldly, "Your deployment spells are still quite strong, I wonder when you carved them? But don't forget that in terms of deployment spells, I'm even stronger than you. You probably understand that in front of me, you have no chance to escape."

"Sense the power of my shattering deployment spell! Is it stronger than yours?" said the young man. He took a step backwards and condensed golden strength. It wasn't Earth strength like Lin Feng would have thought. After seeing that the great-emperor was going to unleash an incredible attack, Lin Feng ran away.

Lin Feng made it far off in the distance before that great emperor in the cyan robes finished condensing his strength into a deployment spell. It wasn't finished quite yet, but it still looked terrifying.

"Break!" said the great emperor in the cyan robe. He looked arrogant, proud, and confident in his strength. His shattering deployment spell crashed onto the emperor's physical body. Although his attack looked tiny, he purposely used as little s.p.a.ce as possible to create an attack which was as powerful as possible. He wasted neither time nor energy this way.

"Kaboom!" a loud bang sounded. The physical body cracked apart, making the great emperor in the cyan robe smile coldly.

"Oh no." However, at that moment, the great emperor's facial expression changed drastically. Surprisingly, his great deployment spell bounced back at him. Energies evolved and rose to the skies before they attacked the great emperor in the cyan robe. He tried to escape, but it was already too late, he was imprisoned, and the energies crashed against his body.

The great emperor in cyan clothes was propelled into the ground, his face turned deathly pale. He knew that even if he used a powerful defensive spell, the energies would still lacerate him.

"Evolution! How is that possible! Surprisingly, your deployment spell can evolve!" the great emperor in the cyan clothes was stupefied. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor's physical body hadn't moved this whole time; however, he suddenly opened his eyes. He wasn't breathing, his heart wasn't beating, but his eyes resembled those of a living being!

PMG Chapter 1585

Chapter 1585: Everlasting Transmission

"Why couldn't it be possible? Don't forget that I'm your teacher, and I'm the one who transmitted those deployment spells to you." said the Everlasting Celestial Emperor calmly.

"Hmph! Everybody thinks that you are an extremely talented deployment spell caster, but what people don't know is that you stole the Holy Emperor's deployment spells! That's how you became the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Don't think that I don't know about that. If you transmitted all your knowledge to me, with my natural abilities, I should be stronger than you." said the great emperor in the cyan clothes.

The gigantic elephant had returned and landed next to the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. It was looking at the great emperor in the cyan clothes in a cold way.

The Everlasting Celestial Great Emperor raised his hand, causing marks to appear. All the caves suddenly opened, and their prisoners came out. However, they were shocked to see the Everlasting Celestial Emperor fighting someone!

"Do you regret having ever called me teacher? As a teacher, maybe I could forgive you and transmit you my final knowledge." said the Everlasting Celestial Emperor calmly. Surprisingly, the great emperor in cyan clothes looked at him in a disdainful way and said, "You are not even complete, do you actually believe that you can defeat me?"

"Since it's that way, just forget it!" said the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Then he released his G.o.dly awareness which turned into a million beams of light. They moved towards the third eyes of everyone who had just appeared. The great emperor in cyan clothes frowned after he witnessed this. He then asked, "What are you doing?"

"Maybe some of these people will receive everything I know, maybe it will only be one person, maybe two… Of course, maybe none of them have received anything. Will you chase them or myself?" asked the Everlasting Celestial Emperor smiling. Suddenly, from under his feet, a terrifying light mark appeared. Buzzing sounds vibrated before the Everlasting Celestial Emperor suddenly disappeared.

"What a schemer!" the great emperor in cyan clothes looked furious. He quickly raised his hand and grabbed the two people closest to him. He released his G.o.dly awareness and dived into their memories.

"Nothing!" He shook his hand and their bodies exploded. He then threw the rest of their flesh and bones away. After that, he ran towards the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Although he wanted to inspect everybody's memories, he figured that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor hadn't actually sent anything to anyone. Therefore, he could only attack the Everlasting Celestial Emperor.

"Come here!" said the gigantic elephant. The crowd was startled to see that incredible elephant talking to them, but they all jumped onto the elephant's back. The elephant wanted to take them back now.

Lin Feng's silhouette flickered, and he jumped onto the elephant, but he was frowning. Ruo Xie had also come to that small world and now that elephant was leaving. How could Ruo Xie make it back without the elephant?

The Earth and sky shook as the gigantic elephant then rose up in the air.

"Emperor!" Lin Feng saw Yan Di's silhouette flicker before he disappeared. Surprisingly, he wasn't going back with the elephant.

"I have things to do. Take care of yourself!" said Yan Di loudly. Then, he disappeared. Those who were outside of the palace had watched as the elephant rose up in the air, still trying to comprehend everything that had happened. A moment before, someone had attacked the Great Emperor of the Universe's palace and now the elephant was leaving with so many people on its back. When had so many people entered the palace?

"Master Elephant, can you wait a second?" shouted Lin Feng. He finally saw Ruo Xie, who was currently releasing acceleration abstruse energy to madly catch up, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't catch up with the elephant.

The gigantic elephant suddenly moved back down, and the remaining people from the outside world jumped onto the elephant's back, including Ruo Xie and the girl.

Xi Yao saw Lin Feng on the elephant's back. Lin Feng had been looking for the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's palace for a long time, but was it really the Great Emperor of the Universe's palace? Just where was Lin Feng from?

She had to hide for the past three years because those people from the Palace of Tyranny had chased her. They were looking for her and Lin Feng to get their revenge. She had come back just a year before and had waited there for Lin Feng. And now he was leaving on this elephant's back?

"Xi Yao!" said Lin Feng, throwing a ring at her from the elephant's back.

"He's leaving." Xi Yao caught the ring as he disappeared. The elephant pierced through the sky, but just where was that gigantic elephant going?

"Is there something in the sky?" thought Xi Yao. She was starting to have doubts about her own world.

Even though Lin Feng had pierced through the sky, the situation was still dangerous. Back in Si Xiang, they were brought back to the forbidden area, an area filled with destructive energies. The gigantic elephant rose up in the air, but the destructive energies continuously a.s.saulted the protective layer around it. Many holes started to form, and many people died from the energies which snuck through.

But the elephant used its full strength to get through the most dangerous part. Even though the worst was over, the remaining crowd on the elephant's back were still scared s.h.i.+tless.

"Lin Feng, did you go into the palace?" asked Ruo Xie to Lin Feng using telepathy. If Lin Feng hadn't told the elephant to wait, it would have left without him. Even though it wasn't a great effort for the elephant, for those on the ground, it was a life-saving feat.
"I did. It really was the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's palace. There were eighty-one traps inside and many people died. After those eighty-one tests, I got to the center of the palace where there were three-thousand caves from which you could learn the three-thousand great deployment spells of the emperor."

"The Everlasting Celestial Emperor, and his three-thousand great deployment spells…" Ruo Xie's eyes twinkled as he thought about it.

"If you obtained any deployment spells, then that's great! I didn't get any." said Ruo Xie laughing. He didn't mind, he couldn't have gotten in anyways.

Ruo Xie didn't know that so many people had regretted entering those caves because they had been stuck inside for such a long time.

"It's good for those who survived. During those three years, you've already reached the very top of the Zun Qi layer, you'll soon break through to the Huang Qi layer! Look at me, I'm still stuck at the same level as when I entered this small world." said Lin Feng, still using telepathy. He didn't mind though, he was excited rather. Not only had he obtained a deployment spell, but in the thread of G.o.dly awareness that the great emperor and sent everyone, he had also obtained three thousand great deployment spells!

Lin Feng had already practiced for three years, but that was nothing, especially after breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. But the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's skills were priceless!

PMG Chapter 1586

Chapter 1586: Going Back To The Great World

At that moment, Lu Yao arrived next to Lin Feng and Ruo Xie. He looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently, "Lin Feng, after three years you're still a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer! You must have made great progress in terms of deployment spells, I suppose?"

Lin Feng glanced at Lu Yao and smiled coldly, "I'm alright."

"I'm alright?" thought Lu Yao groaning coldly. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor's great deployment spells were incredible, and yet Lin Feng dared say "I'm alright"? That must have meant that he had wasted the last three years trying to understand them, even though it was impossible to understand them in such a short time! Lin Feng was ridiculous.

Lu Yao had spent half a year trying to understand deployment spells before he realized that it was too difficult. At that time, he stopped and decided to practice cultivation, he wasn't far from breaking through to the Huang Qi layer anymore. He was confident that with his level of sword cultivation, he could now easily kill the person he used to be three years before. On the other hand, Lin Feng hadn't progressed at all, he just wasted time trying to understand deployment spells which were impossible to understand in such a short time.

For Lu Yao, those deployment spell memories were priceless treasures which had nothing to do with cultivation.

Lu Yao sat down next to Lin Feng as if they were friends. Seemingly forgetting that they had wanted to fight in the past.

"Lin Feng, your sword cultivation is incredible. Back then, you could have easily defeated me, but now you've wasted so much time trying to understand deployment spells. It's a pity because most emperors can't necessarily understand deployment spells, let alone us Zun level cultivators." said Lu Yao calmly.

Lin Feng looked amuse. He smiled at Lu Yao and said, "Are you done talking?"

Lu Yao was angry on the inside, but he didn't show it on the outside. How could Lin Feng remain so calm, and even make fun of him? There's no way he'd progressed these last three years.

"Yes, I am." said Lu Yao nodding.

"Alright, if you're done talking s.h.i.+t, p.i.s.s off! Get away from me!" said Lin Feng.

Lu Yao stood up and groaned coldly, "When we go back to the great world, we'll have to exchange views on sword cultivation, Brother Lin."

After Lu Yao said that he walked away. Lin Feng didn't even glance at him as he left. Lin Feng didn't care about him at all.

The girl next to Ruo Xie, Lu Yao's fellow disciple, looked at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes, amazed.

"Little friend!" said an emperor coming to Lin Feng at that moment. That was the emperor he had met in the palace where they were going through all the traps. Lin Feng remembered that guy was rather nice, unlike the emperor in green clothes whom Lin Feng had killed.

"Master!" said Lin Feng nodding. The emperor smiled and said, "Little friend, don't call me Master, it makes it sound like we didn't know each other. Call me Muyi."

"I must show respect because you're older than me. I'll call you Master Muyi then." said Lin Feng smiling politely.

"Alright. Little friend, you haven't leveled up during the last three years, so you must have been studying deployment spells?" Muyi asked Lin Feng. Unlike Lu Yao, he knew that Lin Feng was smart. He even watched him kill an emperor with his sword. Because he knew that Lin Feng was smart, he knew that Lin Feng couldn't have possibly wasted his time in the palace. This led him to believe that Lin Feng had dedicated the whole time to deployment spells.

"The results were insignificant, but I now have a deeper appreciation of deployment spells." said Lin Feng modestly. The results hadn't been insignificant at all, apart from Yan Di, he was the only one who had managed to learn one full deployment spell. That was why the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had transmitted all the deployment spells to him.

"What a show off!" thought Lu Yao after he heard Lin Feng. He must have learnt something while he was there. Muyi was pleasantly surprised. Lin Feng had understood one of the thousand great deployment spells, that by itself was amazing and could qualify him as a real genius.

"Little friend, I also learnt some things. When we get out, can we exchange views on deployment spells? We can even spend some time together. What do you think?" asked Muyi while smiling at Lin Feng. He thought Lin Feng was extraordinary, so befriending him before he became stronger could only benefit him.

Lin Feng noticed that Muyi's eyes were twinkling. It was always good to have an emperor as a friend, but Lin Feng didn't know what that guy had in mind. Even though Lin Feng thought Muyi was respectful and nice so far, traveling with him might be a risk. If Muyi became aggressive, Lin Feng wouldn't stand a chance. Besides, Lin Feng didn't know how strong Muyi really was, just that he was interested in deployment spells.

"Muyi doesn't know that I received all of the deployment spells from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Apart from that, I know nothing which could be interesting to an emperor." thought Lin Feng. He smiled and nodded, "That would be a pleasure, Master Muyi."

"Haha, great, I also learnt some stuff. This way we can both learn from each other." said Muyi. He was very happy that Lin Feng had accepted.
Lu Yao grew even more upset after he heard Lin Feng and Muyi talking. He wanted to fight Lin Feng when they got back, but now an emperor might interfere.

While this was happening, everyone was still surrounded by destructive energies. The elephant was inhaling and exhaling them as they neared the entrance to the forbidden zone.

After a while, they arrived at the periphery of the forbidden area and the gigantic elephant stopped.

"Let's go, after you get out, leave Si Xiang City as fast as possible!" said the gigantic elephant. Then, people's silhouettes flickered out.

A lot of people were eyeballing Lin Feng and the others after they left the forbidden area. During those three years, many more people had heard about the forbidden area, and they came, but because they hadn't heard about the elephant, they were at a loss as to what to do.

"They came out!" thought the crowd! Surprisingly, people had made it out alive from the forbidden area. On top of that, there wasn't just a few of them, but a crowd.

"Fwoos.h.!.+" people moved like the wind and landed in front of those who had just come out of the forbidden area. Some emperors in the sky looked down at them and asked indifferently, "Where did you go? Did you find the emperor's palace?"

"The emperor's palace is in the forbidden area, but it's been destroyed. A great emperor came and destroyed it." said Muyi calmly.

"The palace was destroyed?" the crowd was shocked.

"Lu Yao, Ruo Xie, Lin Xue!" said an emperor at that moment. He was probably a strong cultivator from Sword Mountain because he had an ancient-looking sword resting on his back. Then he said to them, "Come with me."

"Alright." Lu Yao said while nodding. Then, he followed. He was safe with that elder, which was important right now because some people wanted to know more about the emperor's palace, so everyone who just escaped were probably in danger.

Ruo Xie nodded at Lin Feng and then left with Lin Xue. Sword Mountain had some powerful emperors, so n.o.body tried to prevent them from leaving.

"Let's go as well." said Muyi to Lin Feng. He was strong enough as well, so n.o.body would try to stop them. The crowd glanced over the remaining people, especially those who were weaker or didn't belong to a powerful group.

At that moment, in the distance, gigantic waves of Qi rolled in waves. Muyi looked surprised and frowned and accelerated.

Many people in the surroundings did the same and accelerated.

"Those who just left the forbidden area can't leave, that's an order from the Everlasting Palace." said an extremely loud voice. Muyi and everybody else were startled. However, Muyi and the other emperors accelerated away, only stupid people would have stopped.

"An order from the Everlasting Palace?" asked Lin Feng. Did it have to do anything with the Everlasting Celestial Emperor?

"After the Everlasting Celestial Emperor fell, his disciple rebuilt the Everlasting Palace, but he rebuilt in another territory in Si Xiang City. The one who had attacked the palace probably informed people from the outside world, so this would be them. Unfortunately for them, they were slower than us."

PMG Chapter 1587

Chapter 1587: Shopping

Muyi's speed was terrifying. They flew over countless mountain ranges, but they didn't stop once. If they did, them those people from the Everlasting palace might catch up with them.

"Lin Feng, you haven't leveled up yet. We can find a place for you to rest and level up if you want. I don't have any ideas, so you can simply tell me where you want to go and I'll follow you." said Muyi as he smiled at Lin Feng.

"I want to go to Qing Di Mountain, where the nine great celestial castles are. You must know about that place, right Master Muyi?" asked Lin Feng. The nine great celestial castles were very far, so it wouldn't surprise Lin Feng if Muyi didn't know where they were.

"I do. You can access the small worlds from there. The place is alright, but there are so many people trying to rule over the small worlds there. The nine great celestial castles have existed for a long time and are quite influential. I've never been there, but I know about it." said Muyi laughing. "I'd be happy to go there. It's probably a good place to exchange views on deployment spells."

"I think so too." said Lin Feng smiling happily.

The reason why he didn't ask to go back to Yao Ye Island was because most of the people from there had left to look for the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace. If he practiced deployment spells there, then they'd know he had received the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's transmissions. Lin Feng still didn't know who the leaders of Yao Ye Island were, so he didn't want to risk it.

Muyi and Lin Feng eventually arrived in the territory of the nine great celestial castles. Lin Feng had already changed his face to one that n.o.body in the great world had ever seen. He hadn't been to the nine great celestial castles for three years now, so he didn't expect to find too much trouble. His new ident.i.ty was: Mu En from the Everlasting Palace.

The Everlasting Palace was in Si Xiang City, which is extremely far from the nine great celestial castles, so n.o.body in the nine great celestial castles should know about all their cultivators.

Of course, Lin Feng had already told Muyi about all this, so Muyi was now also from the Everlasting Palace. Muyi was Mu En's uncle and they were traveling to become stronger.

Lin Feng and Muyi didn't go to any of the castles, they stayed inside the buffer zone instead.

Lin Feng and Muyi had found a courtyard and were seated on some stone chairs. They were chatting about the deployment spells they'd learned. Muyi had obtained the illusion deployment spell in his cave. Using illusion cosmic energy to carve its deployment marks was the most powerful way to cast the illusion deployment spell. Lin Feng didn't hide the fact that he had studied the shattering deployment spell. He had actually received all the deployment spells, but he hadn't told Muyi about that. They exchanged views about their respective deployment spells and even exchanged them. Lin Feng didn't mind giving his shattering deployment spell to Muyi.

"The Everlasting Celestial Emperor's deployment spells const.i.tute an extensive knowledge and profound scholars.h.i.+p. After three years, I still have this feeling that I know very little about them. You're even more talented than me, Lin Feng." said Muyi sighing. Then he smiled and said, "I wonder who he transmitted his knowledge to in the end when he released his G.o.dly awareness to everyone."

"Maybe he didn't give anything to anyone, trying to lure away the great emperor who was attacking him." said Lin Feng.

"No, in my opinion, he must have chosen two people. He couldn't risk letting his deployment spells disappear. Besides, he probably chose the most talented people, that way, when those people become strong and mastered his deployment spells, they'd attract the attention of the Everlasting Palace. His descendent will then fight against his disciple, avenging him."

Muyi explained all this while smiling cheerfully. Lin Feng hadn't thought about it that much. When they left the forbidden area, strong cultivators were already waiting for them. That meant that the descendants of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, who had received his transmissions, were already enemies of the great emperor in the cyan clothes. The great emperor wasn't going to let the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's descendants off. All the descendants could do now was to remain discreet as they continued to grow stronger.

"The Everlasting Celestial Emperor is cruel then, leaving his descendants in such danger!" said Lin Feng laughing and shaking his head.

"If anyone had the choice, they'd still choose to receive his transmissions though." said Muyi smiling. He didn't know that Lin Feng had come out of a cave on his own, otherwise, he would have thought that Lin Feng had received the emperor's transmissions.

Lin Feng had also thought about that. He was wondering what the great emperor in cyan clothes thought when he saw him outside the cultivation caves. Did he know that it meant that Lin Feng had come out on his own?

"Master Muyi, you're right, n.o.body could refuse the emperor's transmissions." said Lin Feng smiling. "In the cave, apart from learning the shattering deployment spell, I also received some instructions concerning deployment spells. I need to study those memories some, and when I'm done, I'll show you too. That way we can progress together."

"Alright, practice well. I'm going to try practicing the illusion deployment spell while you're busy." said Muyi happily. Lin Feng nodded and went to his room. In the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's transmissions, there were methods to creating deployment weapons, which was different from creating regular weapons. To create these weapons, cultivators needed to carve holy marks in their deployment spells, they also needed some materials, soul strength, and fire.

Lin Feng went back to his room and started studying the transmissions. Back in Tian Chi, one of the leaders had given him a talisman in which he had carved holy marks into. Crus.h.i.+ng that talisman had increased Lin Feng's speed by incredible amounts. If he could carve holy marks with wind and empty s.p.a.ce strength, and then put them in a talisman, his speed would increase by a lot! It could be life-saving tool in the great world.

Lin Feng practiced for a month before he left his room and went to the market. There, he got some animal furs which he could use to carve holy marks into, creating talismans. Then, he went back to his room and spent even more time in there: two months.

When Lin Feng came out the next time, he found that the courtyard was enveloped by mist. Lin Feng released his G.o.dly awareness but found that something was blocking him.

"How is that illusion deployment spell Lin Feng?" asked Muyi smiling.

"Not bad at all! I really could get stuck inside!" said Lin Feng laughing.

"It's not that powerful, but it's okay. I've been practicing for a while now, but that's the best I can do. Illusion deployment spells are really difficult to understand." said Muyi smiling.

Cosmic energy was better than abstruse energy to carve deployment marks with, and deployment marks carved using illusion cosmic energy were more powerful than other types of marks when casting illusion deployment spells. That was the reason why the spells was that powerful even though Muyi hadn't understood much.

"Master Muyi, you're doing great already." said Lin Feng encouragingly. Muyi looked at Lin Feng and smiled, "Do you want to go out again?"

"Yes, I need more materials to create a talisman, and to cast more powerful deployment spells with." replied Lin Feng. Muyi nodded and said, "Alright, you can go."

Muyi waved and the illusion faded. A small path appeared and Lin Feng walked through it to go to the market in the buffer zone.

PMG Chapter 1588

Chapter 1588: The Power of the Deployment Talisman

Lin Feng walked through the market in the buffer zone, observing the many priceless treasures. Lin Feng bought some materials for his talisman first and then he went to a place to get furs.

"I need a high-quality fur to carve holy marks with, Sir." said Lin Feng to an old man in a shop. He needed high-level items because ordinary items couldn't stand holy marks' strength.

"What animal level?" asked the old man.

"As high as possible." replied Lin Feng.

"I have a fur from an animal at the top of the Zun Qi layer: a cyan thunder lion. But it's expensive…" said the old man. High-level Zun beasts were difficult to kill, so their products were naturally extremely expensive.

"A few holy weapons should be enough, right?" asked Lin Feng. He had many holy weapons to bargain with after he had gathered them during previous battles.

The old man looked at the holy weapons and smiled, "That's fine."

Then, Lin Feng exchanged the lion fur for the holy weapons. The fur was cyan and purple in color and looked to be in great quality. He didn't care about the holy weapons that much. With that fur, he could make a great talisman. If he managed to make a talisman, it would be priceless, even more valuable than all those holy weapons.

Lin Feng took the fur and left the shop. He walked short distance and stopped again, this time because some people had appeared in front of him. The leader of the group looked like a n.o.ble.

"Your Excellency, we want to exchange something for that animal fur you bought." said the young man who was wearing golden clothes. Lin Feng recognized the clothes as those worn by cultivators from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness.

"What are you asking for it?" asked Lin Feng smiling.

"This holy weapon for your fur." said the young man, taking out a medium-level holy weapon. Lin Feng smiled again while saying indifferently, "Why don't you just steal it?"

The young man frowned after he heard Lin Feng, but tried to remain calm and smiled calmly back, "Your Excellency, I'm Zhou Tian Mu from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. If you give me that fur, you'll be able to say that you are my friend."

"Why would I need that?" asked Lin Feng. He wasn't in a hurry to leave. He was wondering who Zhou Tian Mu was relative to Zhou Tian Xiao and Zhou Tian Ruo. Zhou Tian Mu was at the top of the eighth Zun Qi layer and his Qi wasn't stable. Thus, Zhou Tian Mu didn't seem that strong.

Zhou Tian Mu looked at Lin Feng in a cold way and said, "Your Excellency, I am willing to exchange a holy weapon for your fur, don't be disrespectful now!"

Even though Zhou Tian Mu didn't look amazing, he knew all the strong younger people in the nine great celestial castles and Lin Feng wasn't one of them.

"Why are you even being polite with him! Just steal his item!" said someone next to Zhou Tian Mu in a rude way. He was probably one of Zhou Tian Mu's guards because he had broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer.

"Very good, I'll use you to see how powerful my talisman is!" said Lin Feng in a low voice. The guy in front of him took a large step towards him and a gigantic golden hand suddenly appeared above Lin Feng. But Lin Feng used his talisman against the golden hand.

"Boom!" Explosions sounded as that strong cultivator gave a horrible shriek. His hand was broken and it was on fire.

"Slash…" he released golden holy Qi from his other hand to heal himself. Quickly enough, he managed to put out the fire. His face was deathly pale, like a sheet of paper, as he stared at his hand. That deployment talisman was terrifying.

Zhou Tian Mu and the other guy were shocked. That person's Qi looked ordinary, but it was actually very strong. Since Lin Feng looked yellowish and sick, Zhou Tian Mu had first proposed an exchange. He didn't want to steal it directly, but then Lin Feng had been impolite, so he needed to be taught a lesson.

Lin Feng just wanted to try out his talisman, of which he had used demon and fire abstruse energies to carve the holy marks with. He had also used the shattering deployment spell, so defeating a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer was nothing exceptional. He couldn't wait to improve his talisman with better materials, then he could crush any cultivator of the Zun Qi layer.

"How dare you!" said Zhou Tian Mu. Lin Feng smiled in a strange way and said, "Did you think I was going to let him attack me without protecting myself?"

Lin Feng then took out two talismans and left. Zhou Tian Mu looked pale, "Who are you? How come you dare attack our people from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness?"

"The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness?" said Lin Feng, stopping in the air. He looked at Zhou Tian Mu in a cold way and said, "Give me your rings and break your connections to them."

"Kaboom!" Zhou Tian Mu immediately released Qi.

"Do you want me to take them myself?" asked Lin Feng, walking towards them with his deployment talisman in-hand.

Suddenly, Lin Feng disappeared as he turned into a shadow. The one whose hand had been injured a moment before looked terrified. He wanted to escape, but Lin Feng's deployment talisman immediately crashed onto his chest. Pieces of flesh exploded, and he started burning. He gave horrible shrieks before he was quickly reduced to ash.

"Isn't that Zhou Tian Mu? He likes to bully weaker people, but he didn't expect to run into a talisman expert!"

"People who fabricate deployment talismans are rare, and yet, he's a good one. He killed a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer effortlessly with that talisman. I wonder if he made it himself, because if he did, he's even more talented than I'm giving him credit for!" somebody in surrounding crowd said.

Lin Feng didn't care about them. He walked to the one who was burning, knelt a bit, and took his ring. Then he said indifferently, "You're very disrespectful."

Then, Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Zhou Tian Mu and the other guy. He could easily kill them with his strength, but he had changed his face, so he couldn't use his real powers. He was Mu En from the Everlasting Palace now and he was a deployment spell caster.

"Give them to me or I'll take them myself." said Lin Feng cruelly. He looked like a freak with his sickly-yellow face.

"Anyone can make mistakes, but you must forgive them when possible. The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness wants friends like you." said Zhou Tian Mu, trying to scare Lin Feng using the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness' reputation.

"I don't care about that." said Lin Feng as he stepped towards Zhou Tian Mu. But Lin Feng's intimidation worked as he immediately took out his ring and threw it at Lin Feng.

"If you guys hide anything from me, I'll do the same to you." said Lin Feng indifferently. Zhou Tian Mu glanced at his friend, and they both took out more rings and threw them at Lin Feng. They didn't want to take any risks now that they knew Lin Feng could easily kill them.

"p.i.s.s off now." said Lin Feng. Zhou Tian Mu and his guard then left.

Lin Feng ignored them and continued walking ahead, not concealing himself as he moved.

"People who make talismans are interesting. Surprisingly, that guy doesn't fear the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness." thought the crowd in the distance. The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness will definitely look for him at some point, after all, Zhou Tian Mu was part of their direct lineage.

PMG Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589: Chaos

Lin Feng walked back calmly. Muyi was still trying his illusion deployment spells when he made it back. He took Lin Feng inside aside and said, "Lin Feng, is there anything you'd improve here?"

Lin Feng glanced around at the mist, and then he released his G.o.dly awareness and inspected the illusion. He couldn't find any exits.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng suddenly jumped and moved around quickly. He realized that he really was stuck inside. He kept moving about but he always ended up in the same place.

Muyi smiled and said, "My illusion isn't big, but it works. I can't wait to learn how to make larger ones someday!"

"You will." said Lin Feng smiling.

"Master Muyi, I'm going to practice my shattering deployment spell in the courtyard, and I don't want to be disturbed." said Lin Feng smiling. Muyi nodded, "Alright, I won't be far."

Lin Feng put his hand on the ground and started carving marks, each stroke being clear and distinct.

"How strong!" thought Muyi. Lin Feng's deployment spells were far better than his, especially when it came to carving marks. His strokes were so precise and clear!

"Really strong deployment spell casters don't even need to use their hands, they can simply use their feet! I need to sense the ground better with my hands. I wish I was at the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's level though, he only used his mind to carve marks. That's the highest level." said Lin Feng smiling. Muyi nodded back in agreeance.

Four hours later, Lin Feng managed to cast a powerful shattering deployment spell. Muyi was astounded by his work. At that moment, he realized just how far he was from Lin Feng when it came to deployment spells. It seemed like following Lin Feng was the right choice.

After casting the shattering deployment spell, Lin Feng went back to his room to make great talismans with the materials he had purchased. Meanwhile, Muyi continued improving his illusion deployment spell.

At that moment, some people arrived outside of Lin Feng's house and surrounded it. The leader of the group was an old man who looked very strong. Zhou Tian Mu was standing next to him.

They had brought many cultivators of the eighth and ninth Zun Qi layer with them.

"Young Master!" shouted some people outside. They moved aside to let Zhou Tian Mu pa.s.s. Zhou Tian Mu looked furious as he said, "Where is he?"

"In his room, but we can't see clearly because there's an illusion in the way." explained someone as he pointed at Lin Feng's house. Zhou Tian Mu nodded. The old man next to him was a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, but he wasn't talented enough to break through to the Huang Qi layer without fate seeds. The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness didn't care about him too much because of that. Zhou Tian Mu wasn't that talented either, so he couldn't ask for help from their emperors, but this guy was at the top of the Zun Qi layer and had a force which was multiplied by a thousand. That should be enough to kill Lin Feng.

"Let's go." said Zhou Tian Mu. They arrived in front of the illusion, but the old man raised his hand and said, "Tian Mu, you said he knew that you were from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness but still dared attack you. Let's see who he is first."

"I'm Di Xiu from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, I came to greet you, Your Excellency!" said the cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer extremely loudly. Muyi frowned, who?

Lin Feng came out of his room after he heard that guy. Lin Feng and Muyi could clearly see outside from inside the illusion with their G.o.dly awareness.

So many people came to greet them?

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng extremely loudly, leaving Di Xiu, Zhou Tian Mu and the others upset. Just how arrogant could you get?!

"Di Xiu, that person is extremely arrogant, so don't be polite to him. Just go in and kill him!" said Zhou Tian Mu to Di Xiu.

"Your Excellency, if you don't come out, don't blame me for coming in." said Di Xiu loudly. n.o.body replied this time, making him feel even more humiliated.

He groaned coldly and entered the illusion while releasing golden holy Qi. But as soon as he entered the mist, he was moved somewhere else.

"Deployment spell?" Di Xiu said, distressed. Suddenly, he rose up in the air, trying to escape the spell.

Zhou Tian Mu and the others followed him, but their G.o.dly awareness were blocked.

"A deployment talisman and now this. Is he a deployment spell caster?" asked Di Xiu. Zhou Tian Mu had said that that sick looking young man probably hadn't made the talisman himself because they had never heard of such a strong deployment spell caster in the region.

"If you're not a coward, come out and fight!" said Zhou Tian Mu, he was getting impatient.

"You're acting recklessly!" said a voice. Then suddenly, the ground shook and marks appeared under his feet. A terrifying strength emanated from those marks.

"Be careful!" Di Xiu sensed something was coming. Zhou Tian Mu released more golden holy Qi, but a light rose up in the air and enveloped his foot. The light took his leg, but if he hadn't moved so quickly, his entire body would have been enveloped by that light.

"Deployment spells again!" Di Xiu was getting concerned, especially now that Zhou Tian Mu was trapped. He had only lost his leg, but it would still be extremely difficult for him to heal. Barring that, they still had to get out first.

"Let's get out!" said Zhou Tian Mu furiously. He started running, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get out.

Di Xiu was petrified as he shouted, "Your Excellency! Forgive us, please let us leave, I beg you!"

"I told you to p.i.s.s off but you came in, now you're not going anywhere!" said Lin Feng calmly. There was a subtle sound, like someone closing a door. Di Xiu's face turned deathly pale.

"You must want to die!" shouted Zhou Tian Mu furiously. Then, he took out a talisman and broke it. He could only use that talisman if he was in imminent danger. After breaking it, some strong emperors would come and save him.

Outside the deployment spell, more people were gathering, "Let's go and inform Jin Chen Jun." Then they disappeared.

At the same time, some other people started running away to inform their respective groups that a powerful deployment spell master was in their territory.

Not long after, some golden holy Qi rose to the skies and a silhouette in a golden robe appeared, "Someone dared threaten young people from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness?!"

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