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Above the calm lake, a gentle breeze was blowing, making Duan Xin Ye’s hair look even more enchanting as it floated on the wind.


Duan Xin Ye was born in the Imperial City and possessed a blood spirit, but her cultivation level wasn’t high at all because her family didn’t allow her to practice. Instead, they had taught her four arts: how to play the zither, how to play Go, calligraphy and painting. They wanted her to understand the basic affairs of human life, which had made her become the person she was at that moment. She had a detached temperament.


Her father was also the ruler of the Xue Yue Country and the head of the Imperial Clan. He had always told her that, in the future, her husband would be a great and heroic commander which is why she didn’t need to be powerful. She just needed to have the adequate personality. Therefore, her cultivation skills were fairly low.


In the past, she had already met almost all the wealthy and n.o.ble young men from large clans except for a few people. These people were all the same to her. They met for the first time and immediately feigned feelings for her. She was sick and tired of those types of people. How was it possible to have feelings for someone when meeting them for the first time?


The more people who courted her, the more sick and tired she felt. She just didn’t show it, that’s all.


The same happened when Duan Xin Ye saw Lin Feng for the first time and saw his tattered clothes, she didn’t like him much either. After all, he didn’t need to wear magnificent clothes, but he should at least wear clean clothes.


After that, she had noticed that Lin Feng was different. His facial expression was much different from the others’. He just looked satisfied yet cold and indifferent. Besides, even though Lin Feng was wearing tattered clothes, he looked proud while in the middle of all these n.o.ble young men. He looked like he thought that he was on the same level or above many of them.


Of course, the princess’ impression after meeting Lin Feng for the first time wasn’t the same as when she met others. She still had quite a good impression.


But what Duan Xin Ye didn’t understand was why Duan Wu Ya, her brother, who was very proud as well, had introduced Lin Feng to her. Could it be that Duan Wu Ya thought that Lin Feng would become someone with an incredible status?


What Duan Xin Ye didn’t understand, Lin Feng understood even less. He was uncertainly looking at Duan Wu Ya. After remaining silent for an instant, he said: “Your Highness, may I ask you a question?”


Duan Wu Ya smiled and shook his head while saying: “You don’t need to ask. You will know when the right time comes. You will clearly understand. Lin Feng, don’t worry, if I made you come here, it’s only to help you. At the moment, what you need is a high social status.”


“High social status?” said Lin Feng in a low voice, stupefied.


“Indeed, a high social status. In the Imperial City, many people want to kill you. Even though you have a friend at the Xuan Qi layer, if these people really want kill you, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer will not be able to protect you anymore. Therefore, what you need now is a social status.”


“As these people see it, a high social status is not enough to prevent them from harming me. Of course, if that social status is granted by Your Highness, it is different.” said Lin Feng with a sharp expression in his eyes.


If the second prince provided Lin Feng with a high social status, that would prove that he was one of the prince’s people. Those who wanted to harm Lin Feng first had to think about how Duan Wu Ya would react.


“It’s precisely how it is.” said Duan Wu Ya while nodding and smiling yet not admitting it clearly.


“Thank you very much, Your Highness.” said Lin Feng while slightly smiling. He didn’t refuse the offer. Duan Wu Ya wanted to protect him, why would he refuse? At least, until that moment, Duan Wu Ya had never done anything harmful to Lin Feng. He had always been helping him. Lin Feng didn’t refuse his goodwill for that reason.


When Duan Wu Ya saw that Lin Feng was smiling, he understood that he was accepting his help.


“Lin Feng, there is something else for which I need to consult you regarding.”


“Your Highness, how may I help?” asked Lin Feng very politely. Duan Wu Ya had used the word “consult” but Lin Feng couldn’t allow himself to look proud.


“Recently, in the Imperial City, we learnt that the Mo Yue Country has been attacking us in Duan Ren City. The Celestial Academy intends to send some of its best students there to gain experience. This is a tradition in the Celestial Academy, especially for the military students. They have to spend time on a battlefield. This is the only way to acquire practical experience. Only those who have been on a battlefield can say that they are real military cultivators. Besides, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue will also dispatch many of its students to Duan Ren City in order to put pressure on the Celestial Academy. Lin Feng, I hope that, this time, you will also be able to go to Duan Ren City and come back having accomplished outstanding military exploits.”


Duan Wu Ya was speaking slowly. A realization flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes.


Military exploits.


Duan Wu Ya was a strict person. If Lin Feng could come back after having accomplished outstanding military exploits, he would provide Lin Feng with a high social status. With the right reputation, words carry weight. He was thus making sure to not harm his own reputation.


Besides, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was going there along with the Celestial Academy, which meant that it was almost a compet.i.tion between these two big schools.


“Lin Feng, only triumphant heroes who can proudly look at the from above can marry my sister.” said Duan Wu Ya while smiling yet expressing a profound and meaningful message.


“I will go to Duan Ren City.” said Lin Feng while nodding. Even if Duan Wu Ya hadn’t told him, Lin Feng would have still gone to Duan Ren City. He needed to fight on a real battlefield. Besides, there were disciples of the Yun Hai Sect which had saved from the slave exchange. They also needed to gain experience on the battlefield. Lin Feng didn’t want the disciples of the Yun Hai Sect to be considered as trash.


There was also Han Man and Po Jun who were on the battlefield. Lin Feng was wondering how things were there for them. Liu Fei also went back and visit her father, Liu Cang Lan.


No matter what the reasons were, Lin Feng had to go to Duan Ren City.


“Alright.” said Duan Wu Ya while intensely nodding. He then smiled and said: “Lin Feng, if you accomplish great military exploits, I will grant you the grade of Officer. I will also give you the fief of Yangzhou City and you will be able to go back to your hometown as a triumphant hero.”


“The fief of Yangzhou City… A city…” Lin Feng was stupefied. Even though Yangzhou City was a small city and was just a small territory in the Xue Yue Country, owning even a small city would be enough to become extremely famous.


Lin Feng was excited and was already impatient. If he became an officer and then returned to Yangzhou City with it under his control, it would be splendid to see the reactions of the Na Lan Clan as well as the Lin Clan. That would be truly splendid.


If a former member of the Lin Clan, who had been expelled, became the owner of Yangzhou City, the Lin Clan would be ridiculed. That would the biggest joke in the entire history of the city.


“Thank you very much, Your Highness.” said Lin Feng while smile indifferently. “Your Highness, if you have nothing else to say, I will take my leave.”


“Alright, you can go.” said Duan Wu Ya while nodding and smiling.


Lin Feng slightly bowed. He slightly nodded at Duan Xin Ye, turned around and then immediately left in a natural and unrestrained fas.h.i.+on.


Duan Wu Ya and Duan Xin Ye looked at Lin Feng’s back. Immediately after, his silhouette vanished. Duan Wu Ya turned around, looked at Duan Xin Ye and asked her: “Xin Ye, what do you think of Lin Feng?”


“He is bright and courteous.” replied Duan Xin Ye which made Duan Wu Ya smile. He then said: “Since when does my little sister try to change the subject? You should know that was not my question to you.”


Duan Xin Ye looked at Duan Wu Ya and replied: “He is strong and has high natural talent. He definitely stands out from all others. He is also stronger than these so-called n.o.bles. Besides, he is courteous, wild and not conceited. His heart resembles that of a fierce tiger and he is extremely hot-blooded.”


Duan Wu Ya was stupefied by her answer. He then immediately smiled and said: “It is the first time that I hear my little sister say such positive things about someone, but you’re right, he has the potential to become a man of great talent. You would fit quite well with each other.”


“Brother, don’t tease me.” said Duan Xin Ye sounding shy and embarra.s.sed. She then added: “Besides, brother, if these are his only qualities, it will still not be enough for me to be with him.”


“I know that you are never satisfied.” replied Duan Wu Ya not surprised. He smiled and said: “Of course, the one who will marry my sister will have to have an extraordinary social status. Even though Lin Feng, at birth, wasn’t born with the same status, it didn’t differ much from your own.”


“At birth?” replied Duan Xin Ye surprised and asked: “I thought he had no social status at all?”


“He does, but it’s just that n.o.body knows.” replied Duan Wu Ya while laughing. “Do you know why I invited him to come my banquet in the Lovesick Forest?”


“Why?” asked Duan Xin Ye sounding curious.


“Because Lin Feng is her son.” replied Duan Wu Ya.


When Duan Xin Ye heard Duan Wu Ya, she was astonished… Her son…


The legendary woman of Xue Yue.


The Lovesick Forest… only those who had a high social status and were extremely talented could go there. But who would have guessed that the creator of Lovesick Forest was a woman?

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