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“Surround it.” Said the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization. In a flash, the horses encircled the Celestial Mountain Restaurant. The vice leader was in the distance and was staring at the restaurant with murder in his face.


“Go inside and capture him, I want him alive.” Said the vice leader.


“Roger!” Said some cavalry in unison. They immediately pa.s.sed through the entrance of the restaurant. Immediately after, the few cavalry arrived in the middle of the restaurant.


However, immediately after having entering the restaurant, an incredibly heavy energy spread through the atmosphere which made their heartbeats accelerate.


A blade like wind suddenly appeared, it was surrounded by an incredible energy.


Horrible shrieks spread through the atmosphere. The few silhouettes at the back of the group were blown out of the restaurant. At the front of the group, some people wanted to leave but were blocked by the people behind, it was too chaotic, they were panicking, and suddenly, blood splashed everywhere.


Explosive sounds were unceasingly spreading through the atmosphere. Many people were collapsing onto the ground, including the first to enter the restaurant. They were dead!


That move astonished the crowd. Lin Feng had forced them enter the restaurant and when they did, he killed them.


The people of the Condor Castle Organization didn’t dare enter the restaurant anymore. Instead, they were irresolutely pacing back and forth in front of the entrance door of the restaurant.


The people inside were clearly dangerous.


If he had killed Tu Jiu, that definitely meant that he wasn’t weak. If he was alone, only the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization could defeat him.


“Get in formation and go inside to capture him, don’t move back!” Said the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization coldly when he saw that his group was completely chaotic. Weren’t they able to capture a single person with so many of them?


The members of the Condor Castle Organization were stupefied. They looked fierce and tough, immediately after, they came back in formation and started galloping towards the inside of the restaurant, at the same time, rumbling noises spread in the atmosphere.


There was no blade light and n.o.body had shown themselves, the entire unit of cavalry charged into the restaurant like a stampede.


The vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization smiled coldly. Those who dared kill the people of the Condor Castle Organization had to die!


“Ahhhhhhh…….” A horrible shriek spread in the air which made the vice leader’s smile become rigid. At the same time, people outside were also astonished.


A purple light burst forth from the restaurant, there was a bubbling and foaming sound. The light was getting more and more intense.


The crowd could see a purple light coming from the inside of the restaurant. All the cavalry who had entered the restaurant were drowned in the purple spirit of Lin Feng.


“Arghhh….” A gigantic purple spirit appeared in the restaurant. All the cavalry of the Condor Castle Organization had been swallowed by it. The purple lake that the crowd could see from outside looked like the gigantic mouth of a ferocious beast.


When the purple lake started to slowly disperse, the crowd looked at the restaurant, there was no longer any sounds of movement.


All those who had entered the restaurant had died!


Not a single person had survived.


“It seems that killing Lin Feng isn’t so easy either.” Thought people in the crowd. A moment before, dozens of cavalry had entered the restaurant and had died in a flash, the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization wasn’t attacking. He was afraid, Lin Feng was killing everyone who entered the restaurant.


Of course, there was another possibility which was to destroy the restaurant but if they did, Lin Feng would be covered by the dust and would have a chance to escape.


At that moment, Lin Feng appeared at the door of the restaurant. He glanced at the crowd, he looked frivolous and aggressive.


“If anyone enters the restaurant, I will kill them.” Said Lin Feng coldly. Many people remained silent. If they entered the restaurant, Lin Feng would kill them.


Lin Feng wasn’t a saint.


“You want to die.” Said the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization. A sharp sound emerged in the atmosphere, he jumped up into the air and he immediately threw himself at the restaurant with incredible speed. He was bursting through the atmosphere at an amazing speed.


Lin Feng was smiling coldly. When he saw the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization, his silhouette flickered, he went back into the restaurant and an incredible quant.i.ty of purple liquid appeared.


“Die!” In a flash, the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization rushed inside the restaurant. His loud shout resonated through the atmosphere. Three b.a.l.l.s of pure Qi appeared in the atmosphere and moved in the three directions, where Lin Feng, Meng Qing and Ba Dao were.


“Kacha!” The purple light filled the atmosphere and expanded into every direction. At the same time, a brilliant sword appeared and stopped the pure Qi which was approaching.




The vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization groaned. He released even more pure Qi, a dazzling light appeared around his body and he raised his hands. At the same time, the purple liquid was covering his whole body, unable to make his body melt. The vice leader’s claw like hands were moving towards Lin Feng at full speed.


But at that moment, the vice leader’s heart started to pound. An extremely brutal and cold energy penetrated into his chest, as if it wanted to freeze his inner organs.


He abruptly turned and was afraid because he noticed an extremely cold presence. His facial expression drastically changed, his body was shaking, he wanted to leave but it was already too late. Coldness had already invaded his body.




The endless ice energy and the pure Qi collided. At that moment, the pure Qi was frozen in place. At the same time, some bubbling sounds could be heard. The terrifying purple lake surrounded the vice leader’s body. An extremely brutal and violent purple energy started to corrode his body, his facial expression drastically changed.




Ice Qi crashed down from the sky. The vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization tried to struggle but the purple lake transformed into a huge dragon which tightly held him in place.




The ice was falling through the atmosphere. It then reached the vice leader’s hand, freezing it. Besides that, the ice started to spread all over his body. He looked hopeless and his body was covered by a layer of ice.




The vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization gave a horrible shriek when the ice enveloped his body. But it was of no use, he was surrounded by the purple lake. He had no strength to escape, besides he was freezing and being corroded, death was one step away.


The vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer but at that moment, his body was melting and freezing at the same time, he was just waiting to die. That was terrifying. His body started shaking insanely, he didn’t want to die.


He had come to avenge Tu Jiu, he wanted to kill Lin Feng but he never thought that he would be killed.


Cracking noises spread in the atmosphere. The ice kept invading his body at incredible speed and finally, he was completely frozen.


Outside, the crowd was fixedly staring at the Celestial Mountain Restaurant. Even though the door of the restaurant was already damaged, it could, as before, prevent the crowd from seeing inside.


What was happening inside? A moment before, the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization had entered, had he killed Lin Feng and his friends?




An explosive sound burst forth. The restaurant of the door was crushed into pieces. A silhouette was blown out of the restaurant.


The silhouette fell down onto the ground before the crowd. That person was dead. When the crowd saw that silhouette, they were wondering who it was. They were absolutely dumbstruck.


That silhouette was the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer!


The vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization had died!


He had entered the restaurant a short time before and his corpse had already been sent back out.


An incredible quant.i.ty of cold energy moved towards the remaining members of the Condor Castle Organization. The vice leader, just like the others a moment ago, had entered the restaurant and died. The door of the restaurant was a free path to h.e.l.l.


A silhouette moved out of the restaurant. That person looked handsome but infinite coldness and killing intent were also present in their eyes.


If that person wanted to kill, they killed.


A purple illusion appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was a huge purple dragon. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and he jumped into the air. Purple energy emerged from his hand and blocked two silhouettes that were escaping on their horses. A sword light fell from the sky like a meteor, these two silhouettes were immediately blown into the air from the impact and died before hitting the ground.


Behind Lin Feng’s back, a pure and holy white silhouette appeared. They looked like G.o.ds. Many people of the Condor Castle Organization had all been frozen and had died, their horses were not even spared.


Besides, at that moment, a silhouette as sharp as a blade appeared and emitted a resplendent light, any person who found themselves under that blade would die.


Three people had ma.s.sacred all the members from Condor Castle that had come to the restaurant. There was n.o.body left. They had no chance to fight back against such overwhelming power. They had all died miserably.

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