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PMG Chapter 811

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Chapter 811: Stealing treasures

There were golden dazzling lights in the hall, each and every corner contained a magnificent imperial Qi as if the entire place was blessed.

There were cuneiform writings on the walls which resembled a peerless skill. A silhouette stood in the hallway, resembling both a statue and a real human being. That person looked majestic and dignified, there was a crown on his head and their entire body was surrounded by a dazzling imperial Qi.

“Jade Emperor!” said Huang Feng while s.h.i.+vering. He entered the palace and was now in the Jade Emperor’s hall, so he knew the silhouette in front of him was that of the Jade Emperor.

“I finally arrived.. finally…” said Huang Feng, clenching his fists. He felt like exploding with excitement, he was overjoyed. He was going to receive the Jade Emperor’s teachings and the future of the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan would follow his glory. They would conquer the Gan Yu Region and then join the Holy City and become a real imperial family.

Everything would be thanks to him, Huang Feng.

Huang Feng slowly walked forwards, his legs weighed heavy. The Jade Emperor’s radiance was dazzling to the eyes.

Huang Feng sighed and knelt down while releasing some imperial Qi to attract the Jade Emperor's attention and receive his teachings. Huang Feng suddenly shook from head to foot. Just as the legends said, he was going to receive the Jade Emperor’s teachings.

He joined his hands together as if he was praying and prostrated three times.

He stood up and lied down again prostrating himself.

He then knelt three times and kowtowed nine times, he really wanted to learn from the emperor..

After he knelt and kowtowed, Huang Feng couldn’t contain his excitement anymore. He was going to receive the instructions of an emperor!

One second, ten seconds, a hundred seconds, time pa.s.sed slowly but he still hadn’t received the instructions of the emperor. He felt perplexed and even scared. He was using a special skill to receive the emperor’s teachings that only Jade Heaven’s people knew about it. Even if other groups came in, they wouldn’t be able to receive the emperor’s instructions without his knowledge. But why then wasn’t the emperor reacting?

Huang Feng looked desperate but he still continued the ritual as before, he was now considering whether he angered the emperor somehow.

“Boom boom!” An extremely loud sound spread in the air. The hall started shaking violently, like it was going to collapse. Huang Feng became even more desperate. Why wasn’t the emperor reacting? Why?!

Finally, after a while, Huang Feng stood up and bowed respectfully again in front of the emperor while saying, “Honorable ancestor, I am convinced that you left some of your teachings here.”

After that, Huang Feng walked around to see if there were any teachings carved into the walls. There were those mysterious veins in the walls as well as scriptures but no trace of his teachings.

Huang Feng checked behind the golden Jade Emperor and noticed some scriptures, but he couldn’t understand them, it was as if they were mystical holy scriptures.

“What could these mysterious scriptures be saying?” Huang Feng looked perplex. He understood nothing, Huang Feng was going insane from the lack of treasures. The scriptures contained a mysterious strength and looked flamboyant, they seemed to contain all the strength and power of the heavens. But they didn’t look like the emperor’s writings, it was probably someone else who wrote them. 

“Kacha!” The rumbling sounds were becoming more intense while Huang Feng became more frantic. Finally, some cracks appeared everywhere in the hall and people rushed in as everything broke apart. People from Jade Heaven, from the East Sea Dragon Palace as well as Lin Feng and his friends finally arrived. This time, they were not fighting each other because the emperor’s treasures were on the line. Sooner or later, they would fight and kill each other. n.o.body was willing to let Huang Feng get away with all of the treasures.

Jade Heaven’s people saw the emperor’s silhouette inside the hall and became excited, even after a thousand years cultivators still respected him.

The East Sea Dragon Palace approached the emperor’s silhouette more cautiously, to them the emperor was a peerless cultivator who stood above all. They didn’t dare to look him straight in the eyes, but they still bowed respectfully.

Lin Feng entered and glanced at the Jade Emperor’s silhouette, excitement was twinkling in his eyes. Lin Feng had already seen the four Zun cutivators’ statues and greatly benefitted from them. 

Lin Feng considered himself as peerless, capable of facing the best cultivators in the world, even the most revered and respected ones just as the demoniac emperor had. Lin Feng wasn’t too scared of the great emperor before him.

“Huang Feng!” shouted Ao Jiao, “Take the items out.”

Huang Feng was furious, but he said honestly, “I didn’t get anything.” 

“Do you really think I believe you?” Ao Jiao remained cold. It was unlikely that there was nothing in the hall.

Huang Feng glanced at the crowd and realized n.o.body believe him. If he had obtained treasures he wouldn’t be standing here arguing with Jade Heaven’s, he would be murdering without resistance.

Huang Feng was perfectly aware that coming to the mysterious world was an incredible opportunity. Even though he was only the leader of a small group of Jade Heaven’s people, there were others who had already broken through to the Tian Qi layer. If he managed to obtain the Jade Emperor’s instructions he would gain an advantage against them.

Ao Jiao also faced similar circ.u.mstances against the four great dragon kings of the East Sea Dragon Palace offsprings. He needed these treasures to stand out!

“If you don’t hand over the treasures, we’ll kill you.” the crowd was closing in on Huang Feng. Jade Heaven’s people weren’t helping him even.

Lin Feng sat back and watched. To him, they were all dogs that he didn’t need to fight unless he could obtian their treasures.

“So you’re courting death, I will kill you and take all your treasures with force.” said Ao Jiao with an ice-cold smile on his face. A flood dragon appeared around him, its Qi was whistling as it shot at Huang Feng. At the same time, people from the East Sea Dragon Palace attacked at the same time.

Huang Feng was still wearing his jade crown, but looked pale facing Ao Jiao’s attack. The entire hall was shaking violently suddenly.

Lin Feng noticed Duan Wu Ya sneaking behind Huang Feng while they engaged, “What a sly guy, he’s always plotting something evil.”

Duan Wu Ya looked over at Lin Feng, he knew how much Lin Feng hated him and thought it was a good idea to keep an eye on him.

Huang Feng was being attacked from every direction, but his golden crown was twinkling. Lin Feng had previously attacked him with his sword and broke Huang Feng’s aura, but now it seemed to be recovering to normal.

“f.u.c.k off!” shouted Huang Feng furiously. His crown turned into gloves which he used to attack Ao Jiao. Duan Wu Ya took this chance to attack, the Qi contained in his gourd flooded out at Huang Feng.

“Ahhhhhh!” Huang Feng gave a horrible shriek as his arms became loose and the ring he was wearing flew away. 

“Eh?” everybody's attention focused on the ring. A terrifying Qi emerged and darted towards the ring. That person  wanted to steal it, no matter what or who was in there way.

Lin Feng moved as well but he didn’t care about the ring, instead, he targeted Huang Feng with a terrifying sword Qi.

“I don't care about the treasures in your ring, I'm going to make sure you die. You wanted to kill my friends and steal our treasures, now it’s my turn to return the favor.” Lin Feng was furious. Perhaps he could benefit from the crown anyways, so why not?

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