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"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d! In this era, the people who have the money are the genius."

Hearing the reason of Yang Huaiyuan, Yuan Chen did not agree at all, but angrily shouted.

"Get out of here. No common goal, no common cause to cooperate. I have nothing to say to you!"

Yang Huaiyuan had known Yuan Chen was a downright businessman, and a real martial artist thought money meant nothing to him.

These two kinds of people, like two parallel lines, could never intersect.

Yang Huaiyuan closed his eyes, took a sip of a teacup, and pointed to the door.

"Sorry, my master is tired, he needs to rest, please you go back."

A middle-aged man stood out, he was Yang Huaiyuan's disciple, and his words were also very decent.

Unexpectedly, now Yuan Chen was already furious, he immediately pointed to his nose and shouted, "Who do you think you are, you dare to talk to me like that! Believe it or not, tomorrow your broken martial arts club will be closed!"

"Close my martial art club, you can have a try!"

After Yang Huaiyuan suddenly pressed the table, the whole person already flew out, reached behind Yuan Chen.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what do you want to do?"

Yuan Chen was surrounded by several bodyguards, when these bodyguards saw Yang Huaiyuan was aggressive, knew something bad might happen, so they stopped in front of Yang Huaiyuan.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you think you are really powerful? Double boxing difficult enemy's four hands, don't you know that?"

Yuan Chen was about to sneer, but this time, he saw his bodyguards were hit to fly out by Yang Huaiyuan.

One of the bodyguards saw the situation was not good, hurriedly wanted to touch his pistol, but Yang Huaiyuan saw this man's movement, he suddenly stretched out his hands to grab the hand of the bodyguard, with a sound, this bodyguard's hand was snapped.

Just in a short time, these bodyguards even had no time to take out the pistol, and they were beat to the ground.

Yuan Chen was stunned.

At this moment, the strength of Yang Huaiyuan was even a bit more severe than he was in the ring.

"What... What do you want?"

Yuan Chen couldn't help putting out his tongue and licking his lips to cover up his panic in his heart.

Yang Huaiyuan patted the chest of Yuan Chen, coldly said, "Young man, I advise you, although you have the right, the money and status, you have only one life. If you annoy the martial artists, they will beat you without mercy. Now you can leave here, right now."

Yang Huaiyuan waved his hands, and his expression on the face was still smiling, but his words had made Yuan Chen scared, hurriedly ran out with his bodyguards.

After Yuan Chen went out of the door, he lit a cigarette, and his heart was beating violently, just now he had a kind of feeling of dying. This smiling old man, was really terrible.

"Boss, give him a lesson?"

The bodyguards around him came up with bad ideas.

"Boss, just now Yang Huaiyuan patted your chest, I am a little concerned, do you have any discomfort now?" The middle-aged man frowned and said.

His name was Duan Yanxuan, was one of the leaders of the Martial Arts a.s.sociation, meanwhile, he was also a martial artist, so, Yuan Chen these laymen saw nothing, but he saw something bad.

"Nothing, I don't feel uncomfortable."

Yuan Chen said in amazement, "What do you mean?"

"There's a real thing going around in martial arts. In the republic of China, a traitor became the director of the local security department, and he was very arrogant and unreasonable. After a few days, he met an old man in the street, and the old man walked over to pat his shoulder. The traitor did not feel anything wrong at that time, but three days later, he felt very painful, then a few days later, he died."

Duan Yanxuan frowned and said, "Maye you think this thing is incredible, but in fact, it can be explained. That old man was the grand master, when he patted the traitor's shoulder, he had broken the traitor's internal organs. I am afraid Yang Huaiyuan also did the same thing."

Yuan Chen was startled, so he hurriedly unb.u.t.toned his suit, and suddenly found the green powder fell from the hem of the clothes.

"What is this?"

Duan Yanxuan squat on the ground to observe it, like a stone powder.

Yuan Chen suddenly thought of something, so took out the thin black rope on his neck, originally there was a jade on the black rope, but now, there was nothing but green powder.

That jade incredibly changed into the powder.

"Oh s.h.i.+t, his strength is really amazing."

Duan Yanxuan was shocked, so he loudly shouted.

"I guess this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d tried to kill me, but my luck was good, this jade protected me."


Duan Yanxuan shook his head and said, "With his Kung Fu, of course he had seen this jade. I think he deliberately crushed the jade to warn you. We should not provoke master Yang..."

Yuan Chen nodded, full of fear.

Now he just realized how horrible Yang Huaiyuan this kind of the grand master was.

Moreover, if Yang Huaiyuan really killed someone, then the police could not find evidence, the law also could not sanction.

After this day, the group stage was over, and the top ten players in the five ring were chosen for the next match.

And in the tournament, the most popular people were not those masters, but the Swallow Club Ye Fei.

Now, there were even some legends, with his strength, Ye Fei could enter the top three in this tournament.

After all, Ye Fei defeated the grand master Yang Huaiyuan.

However, now Ye Fei did not know he had been famous in the martial arts, because he had been sent to the hospital.

After the doctor's diagnosis, Ye Fei's physical condition was not good.

Ye Fei entered the top 50, but the doctor suggested that he'd better abstain from the rest of the matches.

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