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Chapter 4557: Pilfering Phantoms

Yang Cemetery became resplendent with colorful lights and phenomena. The type of corpses also varied greatly.

One corpse was a skeleton but this didn’t affect his agility in the slightest. Another was exactly the same compared to when he was alive. He still wore a regal outfit with no yin energy staining him. The only thing different was that instead of life, only death existed in his empty eyes.

Not all the dead had a grave. Some directly lay down on the ground and let nature take over.

For example, loud splashes could be heard and a ma.s.sive alligator climbed out of a mud plain. This was a fully-matured demon with bright golden scales. Its eyes were the same as all the walking corpses.

Another corpse sat in the meditative position on top of a pile of rocks at the base of a cliff. Once he stood up with a sword in his hand, he released a terrible divinity. Sword energies engulfed ten thousand miles. Its dao could cut open a new world.

The dead seemed to be answering a summoning. Many started walking out of their graves.

Of course, not all of them did it. Some got out and took a look, realizing that the time was not ripe and returning to their grave.

Some graves didn’t react at all as if the corpses inside weren’t interested in the summoning or didn’t notice it.

“Boom!” The first to arrive at the bridge was none other than Fromheaven Stone G.o.d. His large frame didn’t affect the bridge in the slightest.

He stopped afterward, seemingly waiting for the emissary. However, the latter didn’t react. The time didn’t seem to be right.

Some living cultivators lost patience and decided to climb the bridge.

“They’re elders from Spirited Peak.” A spectator recognized the group.

These elders surrounded the stone G.o.d and exchanged glances.

“Why isn’t the stone G.o.d attacking?” A young spectator became curious. Everyone could tell that these elders coveted the stone sword.

“He’s dead and won’t attack without provocation.” A big shot who has seen this event before said.

Sure enough, the elders immediately took action. Two of them took out a treasure rope and tied the stone G.o.d up. One more elder summoned a divine chain that coil around the golem; the two ends of the chain drilled deep into the ground. The rest of the elders immediately went for the stone sword.

“Clank!” One of them unsheathed their saber, wanting to sever the golem’s hand.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye since they had a concrete plan. Unfortunately, the golem moved ever so slightly and the rope and chain crumbled.

“Boom!” He then swung the sword and crushed the spatial fabrics along the way.

“Ah!” The fleeing elders were all struck by the sword. Instead of severing, it struck them like a hammer and reduced them to b.l.o.o.d.y mists.

“So strong!” Spectators couldn’t believe it. These elders couldn’t stop a single swing.

“He’s an invincible golem, the disciple of Skystone Dao Lord. These fools had no chance in the first place.” An ancestor didn’t find this surprising.

Those who came with unsavory intentions became frightened after seeing this. These corpses were far stronger than their expectations. Death didn’t slow them down at all. This might be a unique phenomenon due to the graves in the Yang Cemetery.

“Buzz.” A small grave opened and out came four identical corpses.

They were tiny and wore the same clothes. The bottom of their robe nearly touched the ground due to their humble height. They wore a round hat with veils covering their faces. Even their movement seemed sneaky.

They were inconspicuous but the thing that attracted everyone’s attention was the treasure chest they were carrying.

It exuded a rainbow stretching across the entire cemetery. The material was unknown but this chest seemed capable of storing all the treasures in the world. Eventually, it released more and more rainbows of different shades.

Next came a variety of divine auras. Some rushed to the sky like beams, others pulsed through the ground. These seemed to be coming from different treasures or artifacts.

“What is that?” Even a fool knew how valuable the chest was.

“Pilfering Phantoms!” A spectator shuddered.

“Are they famous?” One youth asked.

A big shot had heard of this t.i.tle before and explained: “They are notorious, vile thieves. Stealing, robbing, murdering, they did it all. They stole the heirlooms of numerous sects and clans, going as far as killing their victims to keep it a secret. This included several great powers. They even stole from the behemoths like True Immortal, Three Thousand Dao, Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom, you name it…”

“The audacity…” The youth gasped.

“These behemoths couldn’t capture them?” Another became curious.

“They sent parties to hunt these four but unfortunately, nothing came of it. Later on, all of them worked together and managed to surround the four. I thought they were killed since they disappeared afterward. Seems like they got away and buried themselves here.” The big shot said.

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