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Chapter 5140: Not Interested

Soaring Sword Monarch was both scared and furious. His disciple, Sword Monarch, had only become a dragon lord recently but this didn’t matter, he was still a dragon lord. This was enough to look down on the rest of the world.

Alas, his killer had no problem slaying him and his sacred fruit. This meant that the guy was far stronger.

“Who are you?” Soaring Sword filled the room with a murderous aura just like his disciple earlier.

“Someone trying to eat some noodles.” Li Qiye lazily said.

Meanwhile, the youth from the shop hurriedly dragged the corpse away and cleaned the blood off completely.

“You!” Soaring Sword nearly vomited blood. He didn’t have time to do anything before his disciple’s corpse was treated with such disrespect. This was akin to a waiter cleaning a dead c.o.c.kroach off the floor.

His sword intent surged as he thought about destroying everything here.

“Customer, are you here to eat or to rest?” The old man opened his eyes and asked.

His nonchalant words somehow crushed the aura like a gigantic palm, suppressing Soaring Sword completely and causing him to stagger backward.

Meanwhile, all disciples waiting outside dropped to the ground from the pressure.

“You must be the lord here.” Soaring Sword took a deep breath to calm down, forgetting about Li Qiye.

“Not a lord, just a chef trying to survive.” The old man said feebly.

Soaring Sword knew that he got the right person after hearing this. He bowed and said: “I am under the order of Supreme to invite you to Heaven Alliance.”

“Supreme.” The old man’s eyes narrowed after hearing this. The sword intent could slay several conquerors at the same time without any difficulty.

Soaring Sword became alarmed and realized why this old man could be an important guest. However, the sword intent only lasted for a split moment.

“I’m afraid you got the wrong person, I’m just trying to live out my last few years.” The old man said with a weak tone.

“I am here bearing a message from Supreme, please take a look.” Soaring Sword took out an envelope created by condensing the azure with the might of lightning. Despite being sealed, its dao power was still oozing outward.

He presented it with both hands to the old man. The act of respect was meant toward the letter, not the old man.

“Please accept.” He said with a solemn tone and lowered his head.

The old man glanced at it and shook his head: “I don’t know who this Supreme is, leave.”

This left Soaring Sword in a tough situation. How could he return without delivering the letter?

“I am only a messenger, please accept the letter and you can decide later.” Soaring Sword said.

“Please leave, you got the wrong person.” The old man insisted.

Soaring Sword came closer, wanting to deliver the letter no matter what.

Suddenly, someone grabbed the letter away from him.

“You!” He looked up and saw that it was Li Qiye who forcefully opened the letter.

“Boom!” A mighty power nearly flipped the shop over. Fortunately, the old man channeled power to protect it.

“Intimidating someone to join in this day and age? Heaven Alliance is getting worse and worse.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Who are you?” Soaring Sword was horrified because Li Qiye dared to open the envelope.

Li Qiye then pressed his palms together and crushed the mighty power in the blink of an eye.

“...” Soaring Sword staggered backward in horror.

The seal of the letter represented Supreme’s will. Thus, this was a direct challenge to both Supreme and Heaven Alliance. Few in the upper continents had the ability to do so.

“Sir, do you know what you have done?” Soaring Sword asked.

“No big deal at all. Now, scram before I kill you.” Li Qiye yawned.

Soaring Sword took a deep breath and quelled his anger. He bowed and said: “You are clearly an invincible master and so is our leader. If you meet Supreme, you will regret not having the meeting earlier and will join us. We welcome you with open hands.”

“I will take a trip to Heaven Alliance, but that is to destroy it if it gets in my way.” Li Qiye declared.

Soaring Sword hated being treated with contempt. Nonetheless, he couldn’t see through Li Qiye and believed that he was far weaker.

“Very well, we’ll meet again.” He left without any hesitation.

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