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Chapter 5780: Ultimate Slash

“Boom!” A primordial tree appeared and floated upward with numerous dao fruits on its branches.

Demon and her allies used their true blood to draw out the mysteries of the epoch, changing the inferno into a tree. It took root within the epoch, allowing them to borrow its power.

Thus, the apocalyptic force from the cauldron couldn’t delay their path, unable to take down the tree.

The growing tree seemed capable of shattering the heavens, crus.h.i.+ng the combined might of t.i.tanic Conqueror and Light-dragon’s armies. The flood of steel was repelled while the twelve avatars staggered, on the verge of collapsing.

“Retreat!” t.i.tanic gave the order for them to fall back through the gates.

“Onward!” Demon rode the momentum forward.

“Trample them!” Her allies were filled with high spirits and boiling blood. It had been a long time since they felt this way, seemingly returning to their youthful days when they roamed and battled the world.

They were pa.s.sionate once before becoming emperors, having a clear goal in mind and preparing to fight to the death for it. Now, they could accomplish what had been impossible for eras due to newfound primordial enlightenment.

The People had always been at a disadvantage since Immemorial Epoch. Although the duck egg buyer led them to victories during Skysplitter, they only reached the celestial river.

Thus, making it inside Celestial Court itself was an unprecedented feat - the highest achievement of their lives.

Meanwhile, the battles between the apex cultivators reached their climax. Hao Hai versus Ren Xian, Nightmoon versus Sword Emperor - these two battles seemed relatively even.

However, Fan Chen had the upper hand against Nether Emperor. His Crystalline Crab Bulwark of Indestructibility nullified Trinity Origination Disk regardless of Nether’s effort. The incomplete paragon artifact couldn’t break a s.h.i.+eld personally crafted by Li Qiye.

At the same time, Fan Chen’s Reversion pierced through everything in an invisible manner. All dao mysteries were instantly cut through.

Nether reacted quickly and relied on the dazzling light of Celestial Palace but blood still splattered. Without the blessing, it would have pierced through him.

“Enough!” He became furious after nearly losing his life. His pride didn’t allow defeat.

“Trinity Sever!” The disk became dazzling as he roared and unleashed an arc capable of untold destruction.

Fan Chen worried not and merely raised his radiant s.h.i.+eld. Within the radiance were countless stars coming together to form a heavenly crab. It roared and swung its pincers at the incoming disk.

“Break!” Back at the gates, Demon’s forces have made it to Celestial Palace.

If they could make it inside, Celestial Court would have a new master. Light-dragon and the others would lose their protective blessings. Hao Hai, Nether, and Sword were preoccupied, unable to help.

“Just a bit more!” Demon commanded. She and her allies were willing to burn their true blood to obtain Celestial Palace.

“Enough of this!” A thunderous voice erupted and scared listeners to the core. It came from the distant past and could obliterate anything.

Demon and her strongest allies became startled despite their cultivation.

“An ancestor...” They immediately understood who they were about to face.

“Clank!” A saber swept across the sky after a resounding clang, cutting through the countless stars and reaching Demon’s forces.

Emperors and G.o.ds turned pale before its infinite span, realizing their inferiority.

“Bam!” A s.h.i.+eld manifested into reality and blocked the slash. Fiery sparks splashed outward and destroyed stars.

The man who intercepted the ultimate slash floated in the air and shouldered the heaven, looking unbeatable through the ages.

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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5780: Ultimate Slash summary

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