Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1942 - “Nightmare (10)”

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Chapter 1942 “Nightmare (10)”

h.e.l.l Realm.

In a large expanse of a forest stood an ancient manor. It’s airtight and difficult to spot from a distance unless one knew its location beforehand. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean there are no people around. Right at this very moment, a certain young girl wearing a tight yellow dress was acting all nervous before the stone door.

“Milady, the master said no one is allowed to enter the stone chamber here, we should go back, okay?” The maid accompanying the milady was antsy and cowardly because their actions were already breaking the rules.

“The world says the man hidden inside this stone chamber is someone brought back by my s.h.i.+fu, that’s why I want to confirm it for myself. He must be exceptional to cause my s.h.i.+fu to be so infatuated with him.” The girl took in a deep breath before gently pressing down at a switch.

With a squeak, the doors swung opened and out came a breath of cold stale air, causing both lady and maid to s.h.i.+ver due to the low temp. But curiosity always wins out when it matches against a maidens fear. Lifting her feet, both of them stepped through to find a man lying on a bed.

At just one glance, she now understood why her s.h.i.+fu would go through such lengths for a man.

As the young miss of the h.e.l.l Domain, the only disciple of her s.h.i.+fu, she’s seen countless men in her times. However, there’s not a single male existence that could compare to this individual.

His skin was smoother and more delicate than a woman’s, and his red lips were crimson red like blood, and his shape was seductively demonic. There’s no way she wouldn’t be enamored by a G.o.dly specimen of this caliber.

“Xiao Ying, I finally understand why s.h.i.+fu hid this man inside the chamber. There’s no comparison at all, none at all. But why is he unconscious?” The girl pursed her lips as she obsessively eyed the unconscious man.

Such a glorious man, if only I could have him for myself. Too bad he’s s.h.i.+fu’s target, I won’t have a chance.

“Miss, let’s get out of here already. If your s.h.i.+fu the monarch finds us, we…” The maid’s expression grew more anxious as she kept glancing back to the entrance behind themselves.

“No need to hurry, I just want another glance, just another glance and I will leave.”

Despite her words, the girl’s gaze never left the man’s. In fact, her hand had started to move against the guy’s face.

Shocked, the maid stomped her feet and cried: “Miss, you must not touch this man, otherwise the monarch….”

But that plea was falling on deaf ears by this point. Right as the girl’s fingertip was about to make contact, a blast of heavy pressure blew out and shook the naughty lady’s soul. Out of reflex, she jerked backward out of fear.

“This… what’s going on?” The girl made a stunned face, eyeing the unconscious man with disbelief and panic.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1942 - “Nightmare (10)” summary

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