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Chapter 2387 Have I Lost My Appeal to the Fat Ball?

Following that, just as the Illusory Reality willingly connected with the data package, Song Shuhang's Core World also actively engaged with this fragment of the artificial small world.

In this entire small world, there was nothing that Song Shuhang couldn't establish a connection with.

Satisfied, Song Shuhang nodded in approval. He then once again sat cross-legged and a.s.sumed a meditative posture.

"Seniors, Black Skin Soft Feather, Lady Onion, Hamster, if you find yourselves getting bored, feel free to return to the Core World and take a break for a while. This time, my seclusion will be a bit longer," Song Shuhang addressed his pendants before closing his eyes.

The Core World had already been opened and allowed everyone to return at their convenience.

"No need to rush. The entrance to the Core World is right above us. We can go back whenever we want," the sword remarked. It suspected that Song Shuhang's 'extended closed-door cultivation' would likely last no more than three days and two nights.

"Would you at least remember my real name?" Black-skinned Soft Feather weakly retorted. Her name wasn't 'Black-skinned Soft Feather,' but lately, all the seniors seemed to have forgotten her real name.

"I'll join you in seclusion. I could use some alone time," the hamster chimed in. "Watching Tyrannical Song's potentially explosive show here is far more interesting than returning to the Core World."

"Then please, everyone, do as you wish," Song Shuhang said while exhaling a sigh of relief before entering closed-door cultivation once more.

The Illusory Reality unfolded once again, but this time, it only enveloped a one-meter radius around Song Shuhang.

Moments later...

The statue labeled Unknown White No. 31 on the track suddenly cracked open. With a graceful stride and flowing hair, Unknown White emerged from the statue and approached Song Shuhang.

Pavilion Master Chu, the sword, and Stone Tablet Fellow Daoist watched Unknown White with cautious eyes.

"As expected of my master's template. He's so beautiful," the hamster praised.

"I wouldn't mind having long hair like that," Lady Onion said earnestly.

'Would Lady Onion with long hair make the green onion sprouts taste better?' This thought crossed Black-skinned Soft Feather's mind, but she refrained from vocalizing it, as it could potentially hurt Lady Onion's feelings.

Arriving at Song Shuhang's side, Unknown White No. 31 reached out and lifted Song Shuhang, who was in a cross-legged position. Pa.s.sing through the Illusory Reality, Unknown White's body and hands made contact with Song Shuhang's body and mandhandled him like a puppet.

Under the control of Unknown White No. 31, Song Shuhang was made to a.s.sume the horse-riding posture once again.

"..." The sword was left speechless.

Unknown White No. 31 circled around the elevated Song Shuhang while nodding with satisfaction. Then, with a light clap of its hands, numerous points of light appeared in the air and entered Song Shuhang's Illusory Reality.

These points of light were the beings of the artificial small world. One of them were the sentient giants.

Taking away these points of light and the complete data package from Song Shuhang's mind, the entire civilization of the small world now rested in Song Shuhang's hands.

"I leave the past of this world to you," Unknown White said with a smile.

From this point on, the artificial small world would gradually fade away and ultimately cease to exist. The only remnant it left behind in the world was that vast data package, which Unknown White entrusted to Song Shuhang—the complete 'history.'

In reality, all the giants in the artificial small world that had fallen into 'infinite reincarnation' had long been reduced to mere data and no longer existed in the ancient times.

Afterward, Unknown White No. 31 turned around and returned to his pedestal, once again becoming a statue.


The following day, the sword broke the silence with a sigh.

"I don't know why. But seeing Song Shuhang seriously enter closed-door cultivation for an entire day left me feeling somewhat emotional."

"It seems he can stay in closed-door cultivation a bit longer... Typically, after obtaining a tremendous opportunity in an entire artificial world, it's quite common for cultivators to enter closed-door cultivation for several years or even decades to digest their gains," Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet remarked.

"I bet Shuhang won't be in closed-door cultivation for more than two days this time. He won't exceed three days at most," the sword predicted.

"Why is everything limited to three days?"

Three seemed to be a magical number.

"I bet I can remain in seclusion for a month this time," Song Shuhang's voice suddenly resounded.

The sword was left speechless.

It rotated its hilt and glanced back, only to see Song Shuhang's primordial spirit leaving his body and talking in his sleep.

"Shuhang, save the sleep-talking for when you're actually asleep," the sword sighed. "I thought you could last at least three days and two nights, but you've only lasted a day and you're already cheating?"

"What's the plan this time?" Pavilion Master Chu asked in bewilderment.

"Yes, I need to make a trip to the main world before completely a.s.similating the fragment of the artificial small world," Song Shuhang replied.

Pavilion Master Chu was left dumbfounded.

"We'll be dealing with the Fat Ball's clone. Senior White Two's divination mentioned a method to deal with the Fat Ball's clone, and it lies right beneath us," Song Shuhang's primordial spirit pointed at the seal under his feet.

This seal harnessed the power of 33 Unknown Whites and had the capability to directly imprison the Fat Ball's boss's clone within an egg!

Thus, he had to contact the Fat Ball's clone before the fragment of the artificial small world was fully integrated.

"My physical body must remain here, so I can only dispatch my primordial spirit to attract the Fat Ball's boss's attention," Song Shuhang explained, extending his hand. Two sets of life-bound magical treasures took flight to safeguard Song Shuhang's primordial spirit.

"Isn't it risky for your primordial spirit to confront a Netherworld Ruler?" Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet leaped up with concern.

"I've charged my body with electricity. I can a.s.sist you," Pavilion Master Chu offered while transferring herself to Song Shuhang's primordial spirit. This 'transfer' technique was certainly advantageous for those experiencing hair loss.



Using the Inner World as a launching point, Song Shuhang's primordial spirit employed the Sage Sealed Wooden Saber as a reference and appeared directly in outer s.p.a.ce within the main world.

Now, all he had to do was wait for the appearance of the Fat Ball's boss's clone.

Song Shuhang believed that, given the Fat Ball's patience, its clone would endure the solitude.

During the few days he spent in the artificial small world, the Fat Ball boss's alternate account must have been divining his location.

Song Shuhang had confidence in his appeal to the Fat Ball.

Pavilion Master Chu and Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet were also ready to confront the Fat Ball's clone.

Time ticked away.

Ten minutes, half an hour, one hour, two hours...

But the Fat Ball didn't make an appearance.

Song Shuhang was confused.

'Could it be that I'm no longer attractive to the Fat Ball?'

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