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Chapter 2717: Young White’s Little Worry

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After flying at a high speed for a certain distance, Fairy Skylark’s primordial spirit flying sword drew a circle in the void of the Tribulation Transcender

Realm, then flew to the edge of the void nodes of Seventh Cultivator of True

Virtue, Spirit b.u.t.terfly, and Five Sword Sovereign, and lightly pierced a node.

The entire process was so casual and full of an immortal aura.

Song Shuhang, the drill that broke through the sky, couldn’t calm down for a long time after seeing this scene.

He transformed into a drill and drilled through the Tribulation Transcender Void, sprinkling the Saber Nurturing Technique, and releasing the power of pseudo-immortality. It was not easy for him to create a Tribulation Transcender node.

However, Fairy Skylark’s disposable flying sword No. 001 was like a real sword immortal’s attack. It drew a circle in a cool manner and then lightly stabbed, opening a node in the void of the Tribulation Transcender.

Without comparison, there would be no harm.

“Shuhang, don’t just stand there.” Young White’s clear voice rang in Song Shuhangs ears.

Song Shuhang quickly followed and stretched out his hand to release the power of his ‘pseudo-eternal smoke’, supporting the void node that Fairy Skylark had stabbed out and quickly stabilizing it.

In the next moment, Fairy Skylarks primordial spirit was also sucked into the Tribulation Transcender’s void node, just like Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue and Senior Spirit b.u.t.terfly.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand again and pinched a small dot on his primordial spirit, turning it into a ‘primordial spirit pillar’, and placed it into

Skylark’s Tribulation Transcender void node.

Although Fairy Skylark wasn’t afraid of death, even if she was trapped by the Tribulation Transcender’s void node, she could still be resurrected through the ‘bone of eternity’ after she died naturally.

However, death wasn’t a good thing. Therefore, Song Shuhang decided to leave Fairy Skylark with the coordinates to open the door to her home.

In addition, he was very curious about the ‘Tribulation Transcender Void Node; which Fairy Skylark had opened up.

Could the Scholarly Sage have left behind a backup plan in this Tribulation Transcender void node?

Or perhaps, he might encounter some relics of the Scholarly Sage, such as the Sage’s other eye?

Song Shuhangs primordial spirit pillar followed Fairy Skylark’s primordial spirit and entered the node.

The situation in the void node of the Tribulation Transcender was exactly the same as what he had seen with Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue and Senior Spirit b.u.t.terfly.

Without any saint methods, Fairy Skylark’s primordial spirit could only enter the ‘resting void’ at a normal pace.

This made Song Shuhang a little disappointed.

If he was the Scholarly Sage, he would definitely leave something in the

Tribulation Transcender void. After Skylark became a Tribulation

Transcender, he would open the Tribulation Transcender void node and send their primordial spirits to the same node?

“Eh, wait, wait. Could it be that the Scholarly Sage left a Tribulation Transcender-level backup plan for Cloud Sparrow, but because Fairy Skylark overtook the Tribulation Transcender with us this time and used brute force to open the Tribulation Transcender void node, the backup plan left behind by the Sage couldn’t be activated?” Song Shuhang guessed.

If that was the case, it would be a pity.

“It’s a good thing to have a big imagination, but your head will be gone in the next moment,” the virtuous lamia replied to Song Shuhang with a cla.s.sic line.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Since Fairy Skylarks Tribulation Transcender void node was fine, Song Shuhang’s consciousness began to retreat, leaving only the primordial spirit pillar as the coordinate.

But at this moment, an abnormal state suddenly appeared in Fairy Skylark’s primordial spirit.

A burst of immortal power came from the sky. The ‘immortal power’ that possessed the highest level of power in the myriad worlds easily pa.s.sed through the Tribulation Transcender’s void node and landed on Skylarks

primordial spirit.

“Is it the power of the Bone of Immortality?” Song Shuhang said.

The power of the bone of eternity enveloped Fairy Skylarks origin soul, and then an image began to form with her origin soul as the center.

It was similar to the power of ‘illusory reality, and it condensed into an illusory building beside Fairy Skylark.

This illusory building wasn’t restricted by the one-dimensional world of the Tribulation Transcender’s void node at all, and it firmly protected Fairy Skylark’s primordial spirit.

“The power of this projection is extremely similar to the power of an illusion.

Then… Can the Dog Songs Nest’ that I created in the Tribulation Transcender’s void also be brought into the Tribulation Transcender’s void node?” Seeing this, Song Shuhangs heart skipped a beat.

Previously, he was still thinking about how to deal with his Dog Songs Nest after his primordial spirit was placed in the void. Should he let it float in the void of the Tribulation Transcender Realm and become a floating ‘home’?

Now that he saw the changes in Fairy Skylarks primordial spirit, his thoughts became active.


After the power of the Bone of Immortality transformed into a building to protect Fairy Skylark, a portion of the excess power of the Bone of

Immortality circled around the Tribulation Transcender node. In the end, they were projected onto Song Shuhangs primordial spirit pillar!

The power of the Bone of Immortality didn’t repel Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang had come into contact with the Bone of Immortality many times, and he had many inheritances that were vaguely related to the Bone of Immortality. For example, the resurrection technique he had brought back from the Black Dragon world, the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation, was vaguely related to the inheritance of the Bone of Immortality.

Although the chance to revive the dragon talisman was used up, the talisman didn’t disappear. Instead, it fused with Song Shuhangs Nascent Soul.

After the power of the bone of eternity was projected onto Song Shuhangs primordial spirit pillar, it began to wrap around it, forming a nest beside it.

The nest was very small. After all, this portion of immortal energy was the leftover energy from Fairy Skylarks construction.

“This is the real Song Doghouse,” Song Shuhang couldn’t help but say.

The one beside Fairy Skylark was ‘home’, and the one beside his primordial spirit pillar was’ doghouse.’

After the undying energy finished building the home and nest, it ended its projection.

Song Shuhangs consciousness left Fairy Skylark’s projection.

After leaving, he happily returned to Dog Songs palace and called out to Young White,” Senior White, are you going to create a Tribulation Transcender void node for my body next? I have a good idea now.”

“Hmm?” Young White raised his head in confusion.

“Let’s move the entire Dog Songs Nest into the Tribulation Transcender’s void node!” Song Shuhang sent a voice transmission,” Let’s build a nice nest in the void node of the Tribulation Transcender Realm and become a nail house. In the future, even if my body and soul are destroyed, my Tribulation

Transcender node will still be occupied by Dog Songs nest. Delightful.”

“Don’t talk nonsense about things like the destruction of your soul and body,” Young White scolded in a coy voice. Once your body and soul are destroyed, there’s no other way to resurrect you other than Fellow Daoist Skylark’s bone of immortality. Don’t make such jokes so easily.”

“Yes, Senior White. I’ll remember that.” Song Shuhang stood up straight and replied seriously.

“In addition, we are actually facing a problem.” Young White said with some annoyance,”Next, if I create another node for you first and send your physical body in…” Without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to consolidate the Tribulation Transcender’s void node. However, if you create a Tribulation Transcender Void node for me first, your body won’t be able to break through the Tribulation Transcender Void with its own strength..”

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